10 games like Candy Crush you should download right now

Like Candy Crush? Then You’ll Love These!

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you’ve surely heard of the Candy Crush game that took the world by storm. Something about sliding and swapping sugary snacks captured the hearts of millions, a thrill that we still chase today. Of course, it’s great to grow and change once in a while, which is why you should try a game like Candy Crush or two. In fact, we have set up an entire category of free games like Candy Crush for you to try out! Candy isn’t the only game in town, after all. There are plenty of ways to celebrate this genre online, and we’ve made sure to include something for everyone. Want a different way to match and pop pieces? You never know what you’ll find in this online games Candy Crush category, so take a look and experience something different!


16. Cruel Jewels

The difference between this and other matching games is that you can play it with your buddies in multiplayer mode, which allows for some inconceivable combos. Cruel Jewels tasks you with matching three or more jewels alone or with your friend. Although single player is fun, I would suggest you give multiplayer a shot too. It’s one of the best time-sucking games like Candy Crush—perfect for your daily commute.

Bejeweled Blitz

Developer: PopCap Platform: Android, iOS Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

There couldn’t be a list suggesting alternatives to Candy Crush without featuring the game’s original source material: Bejeweled. Created back in 2001 for browsers, it’s the game that inspired the entire match-three genre, with its colourful jewels, classic gameplay and sparkling graphics. There are a few lurking on the app stores in more recent years, but we’d suggest Bejeweled Blitz is the best for the modern match-three era.

Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania will have you matching all sorts of colourful candy on your mobile device across hundreds of levels and even competing against others in unique online tournament and challenge events. Available on both iOS devices for free you’ll find an impressive and colourful candy based experience awaits you that continues to innovate in the competitive match three puzzle space. Like other deliciously themed matching puzzle games Candy Blast Mania is ideal for the short play session with hu…[Read Review]


7 Wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover

Adding to the 7 Wonders franchise is 7 Wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover a game all about creating amazing wonders with new alien technology while retaining the core match three puzzle gameplay of the franchise. Just like the previous titles with similar mechanics and setting you’ll be challenged to match your way through building your own impressive landmarks on both PC and iOS devices. Marking the fifth title in the series of high value story driven match three titles players can expect a …[Read Review]


Is There A Game Like Candy Crush With Unlimited Lives?

There are many games like candy crush with unlimited lives.

  • Puzzle Quest 2
  • Dots
  • Juice Cubes

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During the development of the game, there was the need to test specific scenarios. E.g. can we test multiple collapses at the same time? Can we easily get a match of five to see the algorithm’s behavior? As you saw, the algorithm is pretty random so we couldn’t easily test such scenarios. This is the reason we developed a way to load custom levels. Take a look at the level.txt file, found in the Resources folder.

The pipe character (|) is used to separate the items in the same row, the new line character (n) acts as a row separator and blanks are ignored (trimmed). The candies that are created correspond to the defined color. If there is a “_B” at the end of the color, then the respective bonus candy is created.

In the DebugUtilities file there is a static metho

In the DebugUtilities file there is a static method to load this file into a two dimensional string array.

In the ShapesManager file, the GetSpecificCandyOrBonusForPremadeLevel loads the specific candy (or bonus candy) from a specified string.

The InitializeCandyAndSpawnPositionsFromPremadeLevel method uses the FillShapesArrayFromResourcesData utility method to fill the two dimensional string array. For each string there, the GetSpecificCandyOrBonusForPremadeLevel method is called, which in turn returns a new GameObject candy which is instantiated into our game scene.

We saw that there are two buttons on our scene. The “Restart” button calls the IntializeCandyAndSpawnPositions method whereas the “Premade level” calls the InitializeCandyAndSpawnPositionsFromPremadeLevel method.

Moreover, since we use Visual Studio for our devel

Moreover, since we use Visual Studio for our development, we saved invaluable time though the use of Visual Studio Tools for Unity that allow for easy integration of Unity and Visual Studio plus setting breakpoints and debugging. Highly recommended!

Futurama: Game of Drones

(Image credit: Wooga)

Developer: Wooga Platform: Android, iOS Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

If you’re looking for a Candy Crush alternatives with a TV tie-in, then Futurama: Game of Drones is a great option. Featuring characters, environments and scenarios plucked straight from the tentacles of the TV show, it manages to channel all the hilarity and high-jinx you’d expect despite the match-three constraints. Gameplay-wise, it’s as you’d expect, with a few small twists but essentially a fairly straightforward match-three experience. 

6. Juice Cubes

Coming from Rovio, the studio behind the popular Angry Birds franchise, Juice Cubes is another match-three game that’s hard to put down. It features more than 150 levels with witches, mermaids, and pirates. While it’s nowhere near the content games like Candy Crush can offer, I would always take quality over quantity.


The Shape class will be used to hold details for each individual candy. Each candy GameObject on the screen will have a Shape component, so each Shape instance is a MonoBehaviour. It contains info about potential bonus(es), the Type of the Shape (in our case, the candy color) the Column and Row that the candy is placed, a constructor that initializes the bonus enumeration and a method that compares the current Shape with another one, by comparing its Type. We use a Row and Column since we’ll have a two dimensional array host our candies.

Since Shape is a MonoBehaviour that is attached to our prefabs (as we’ll see later), we cannot use a constructor to initialize it. So, we’ve implemented an Assign method that sets the basic properties of the Shape. The SwapColumnRow method swaps the row and the column properties of two shape instances.

New Challenges

Free Candy Crush games online are also different from the original that we all know and love in the way that they set up the level requirements. Sometimes, you need to earn a certain amount of points to move on, no matter which pieces you match. In other cases, you have to play with specific combinations in mind, because the game will only move on once you have “x” number of combos with this piece and “y” number of combos with that piece, etc. Some of these free Candy Crush games online make it even tougher by adding a move counter to each level. This means you have to hunt for really big combos, because if you run out of moves and you don’t have enough points, sorry! Add a timer on top of all of this, and you’re seriously got your work cut out for you. 

Match Three In New Ways

There are other ways to make matches of three. You can connect lines, merge tiles, stack blocks, and more. All of these games are still match three, but go beyond swapping items to make matches.


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