12 Cool Things You Can Do with Your Smartphone…Computer…Tablet

Underwear Party

Tablets may lack the processing power of a desktop or the visual tools of a monitor, but to these creative people, that’s no obstacle. They made cool stuff on tablets. And they did it well. In 2011, an indie punk duo called The Ultramods released a full-length album titled Underwear Party that was recorded entirely on the iPad GarageBand app. Using the app’s multitrack recording feature, musicians Max Sparber and Coco Mault took advantage of many instruments, like virtual drums and guitar, to compose and record studio-quality tracks.

Have More Fun Driving

Photographer | Matt Clinch

Listening to the latest sounds in your car just got easier. Ford paraded its new EcoSport model at the World Mobile Congress. It offers a variety of functions, including streaming music via bluetooth to each mobile device in the vehicle and voice activation for picking that perfect song at the perfect time. And there’s more: General Motors, Audi and BMW are all set to roll out 4G entertainment systems with their new vehicles meaning streaming your favorite song or video becomes that much easier and quicker.


iPad Magician

Simon Pierro is probably the most tech-forward magician out there. By incorporating the iPad into all his illusions, the 37-year-old German magician has come to be known as the iPad Magician. Pierro’s routines typically consist of picking up digital objects from the iPad’s screen, bringing them into the real world, and then putting them back in, much to the amazement of his audience.

14. Remote lock or wipe your lost phone

There’s not much worse than losing your phon

There’s not much worse than losing your phone. Apart from losing your phone, knowing that someone might have access to your data is even worse and downright dangerous. But Google has an awesome feature called ‘Android Device Manager’ that lets you track and take control of your phone if you ever lose it.

As long as ADM is activated, you can ring your phone, remotely lock it or even factory reset it if you know you’re never getting it back. To enable Android Device Manager, go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and access the site on your computer if you ever lose your phone.

Dedicated music player or internet radio

Smartphones come with a radio app, but most of us can’t recall when we last used it. Stand-alone radios are great, but most of them aren’t built to tune on the internet radio. And you might not be a fan of dedicated radios. Things can be a whole lot different, even easier when you convert your unused tablet into a dedicated radio or music radio. As aforementioned, Google Assistant is one of the most valuable resources on your old tablet – you can use it to control the radio or music player from anywhere in your house as long as you maintain the line of sight.

Start by creating a special station where the tablet will be held permanently, then hook it permanently to your speakers or dock it via a 3.5mm audio jack. Download Spotify or any other music streaming app you like. TuneIn can be the best radio app to start with. Utilize the internal memory by filling it with your favorite music and begin blasting them from the corner of your family room as long as you want, even longer!

3. Display photos and videos on a TV

If you’re planning on upgrading your ‘dumb&#

If you’re planning on upgrading your ‘dumb’ telly to a Smart TV, but you own a tablet, hold on to your money or spend it otherwise, because you already have everything you need.

Through inbuilt services or third-party apps, any recently-released tablet can have its display projected on a big TV screen. If you have an iPad, for example, swipe up the screen, and you’ll see the Airplay icon in the Control Panel. Tap it to sync to a nearby Apple TV over Wi-Fi, and you can use your tablet to browse the web and stream media on the TV’s screen.

Some Android tablets have a Cast Screen option in Settings, but if yours doesn’t, download the Google Home app from the Play Store, which will allow you to cast video and audio onto your TV.

10. Invert colors

This setting will allow you to read at night witho

This setting will allow you to read at night without disturbance. Just go to Settings > Accessibility > Negative Colors and make your Android a little more readable at night and a lot more trippy.

Get Help in the Kitchen

Mount the old tablet in your kitchen and use apps such as AllRecipes to display recipes while you cook. If you’re busy cleaning up, use the old tablet to entertain yourself with movies while you load the dishwasher.

You could also stream radio from apps such as Pandora, or Slacker Radio. Radio apps work in the background, even on most older-model tablets, so you can look up that pecan pie recipe while dancing to your favorite tunes.

Download some games

Monument Valley’s pixel-perfect graphics suit its puzzling action on the iPad or Android tablet. Photograph: PR

Tablets are as fun as the games that are on them. Thankfully there are thousands of games to choose from. Whether you’re into card games, board games, adventure games or even first-person shooters, there are award-winning great apps littering both the App Store and Google Play.

Check out our list of the 25 best iPad or Android games for the year.

Keep the Kids Quiet


Tetherboard is developing a battery controller which enables you to connect to and control AA-battery-operated devices from your iOS or Android device. Users will be alerted when battery power is low and can set device schedules and timers. Too much noise from your kids toys? Well you can turn them off remotely! Still in its prototype stage the makers of Tethercell are still on the lookout for crowdfunding donations. The app has been tested with both Android and iOS devices and testing has shown it can communicate with an iPhone 4s up to 100 feet away in an open field.

Donate or Recycle It

You don’t necessarily need to keep your tablet to do something useful with it. Charities such as Cell Phones For Soldiers, Rainforest Connection, and Medic Mobile can put your tablet to work again while doing some good.

Never throw a phone or tablet in the trash. These devices contain chemicals that harm the environment. The EPA has a list of locations where you can drop off electronics for recycling.

Secure your tablet

Security settings on the iPad Photograph: screengrab

Once you’ve got your account details and personal data on the tablet it’s prudent to make sure the tablet is secure.

Make sure your tablet has a pin or password lock, or if your tablet has a fingerprint reader, that it has your fingerprints stored.

On an iPad head to Touch ID and Passcode (it will just be called Passcode if the iPad does not a have Touch ID fingerprint reader) in the Settings app. Tap on Require Passcode, set a passcode and set it to a suitable time out.

Security settings on Android Photograph: Googleusercontent

On an Android tablet head to Security in Settings and set a screen lock pin or password.

It is also worth downloading and installing the Android Device Manager app from Google that allows you to find, lock or remotely wipe a lost tablet or smartphone.

Final words

Just because you no longer use your old tablet computers doesn’t mean they are useless. Just like smartphones, tablets come with immense processing power, fairly durable batteries, powerful cameras, and other useful features like GPS, Google maps, and media players, all of which can be used for other purposes. There is no single ultimate list of what you can do with your old tablet; your imagination is the limit.

Leave us a comment below and let us know how do you use your old tablet. Have a good one, we hope to see you on our next post. Have a good one.


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