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  • Watch something funny or cheerful before going to sleep.
  • Listening to happy or relaxing music before going to bed can help relieve your mind of negative thoughts. A happier dream will be more likely now that your mind is fixated on positive thoughts.
  • Think of good things that have happened in your life. Imagine great things that you can accomplish. Nothing but happy thoughts.
  • Folk or spiritual remedies you might consider include a dream catcher or gemstone for protection (e.g., amethyst).
  • Remember that most all of your dreams are not real and could not happen in real life. Just relax, take some time to recuperate, put a big smile on your face, and greet another wonderful (normal) day.
  • Try to use herbal calming natural oils (like lavender) to help clear your mind.
  • Try reading until you becoming really tired, so you fall asleep quickly.
  • Think of something fun in the future or in the past that was something fun or just keep a journal and write what you did that day (make it happy not bad).
  • If you have a nightmare in the middle of the night try to ask yourself how you got into the dream and how to turn the nightmare into a good dream.
  • You may have nightmares due to excessively thinking about the same thing which is bothering you or you taking a lot of stress. Try solving the issue which is bothering you. If that’s not the case and you do not certainly have any stress issues to worry about, try consulting a doctor.
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    4. Circus Baby

    First Appearance: Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location


    The star of the trailer for Sister Location left a haunting impact with her repeated phrase of "don't hold it against us." Circus Baby, often abbreviated as simply Baby, bears a feminine clown exterior, which is freaky enough in itself. But things go from bad to worse when she starts talking and her face separates to show her monstrous innards.

    How to Beat Her

    Despite playing a big role in the game's story, Baby never actually pursues you. Enjoy your freebie! Many believe Baby has William Afton's daughter's soul trapped inside her. William Afton being the serial child murderer, often referred to as Purple Guy. Looks like even his own daughter couldn't escape his vicious crimes, adding another victim to the growing number of deaths he's responsible for.


    6. Nightmarionne

    First Appearance: FNaF Ultimate Custom Night


    Also called Nightmarionnette or Nightmare Puppet, Nightmarionne is a reskin of Nightmare unveiled with the Halloween download patch, simply allowing you to switch things up a bit. That doesn't mean he's not terrifying. From his Slenderman-like body to his haunting laugh and colorless form, this puppet offers one of the game's oddest and eeriest designs yet.

    How to Beat It

    Following the same attack pattern as Nightmare, Nightmarionne can attack from either hallway, the bedroom, or the closet. Thankfully, no other animatronics will stalk you on the nights you face Nightmarionne, but to compensate, he's very aggressive and can assault you from many locations. Make sure to play with stereo speakers or headphones to listen for audio clues about which direction Nightmarionne moves in, letting you know which areas to check next.

    Nightmare Freddy

    What is a Nightmare?

    A nightmare[3] is considered a dream that’s tied to negative, stressful emotions. While they are more common in children, adults can experience them too. According to University of Michigan Health, you do most of your dreaming during REM sleep, and that includes nightmares.

    Night Terrors

    Nighttime terrors are different from dreams. Harvard Medical School[4] reports that this type of disturbance is more prevalent in children than adults. Rather than scary dreams, this phenomenon is described as fearful reactions that usually happen while Stage N3 of NREM sleep transitions to REM. Kids may kick or scream, but experts say they tend not to remember doing this since the terrors don’t happen during REM. They add that while nightmares are associated with a particular narrative, night terrors are not brought about by scary thoughts or images. Read More: 13 Tips To Ease a Nightmare in Toddlers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Do Nightmares Mean?

    There’s plenty of interest in understanding the meaning behind dreams and nightmares. Some health professionals suggest certain nightmare scenarios are a metaphor[6] for something going on in our lives. For example, a recurring nightmare could be indicative of a problem you still need to confront. Another example is that being chased by a monster in your dreams could imply you’re running away from something emotionally in your life.

    What Are Common Themes in Bad Dreams?

    According to psychology researcher Geneviève Robert[7], common nightmare themes are death, health concerns, and threats. She adds that men tend to have more disaster-related scenarios such as floods, earthquakes, and war. However, women’s narratives are typically centered around interpersonal conflicts.

    Are Nightmares a Disorder?

    While bad dreams from time to time are normal, frequent episodes may be cause for concern. According to the Mayo Clinic, nightmare disorder is considered a parasomnia. A parasomnia is a type of sleep disorder that involves unusual or disturbing experiences. Nightmare disorder is diagnosed when the patient’s bad dreams cause significant sleep deprivation. In this case, you will want to contact your physician, who will likely discuss your symptoms, perform an exam, and suggest you undergo an overnight sleep study.


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