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Quick History Lesson: From Earbuds to IEMs

Most early personal audio devices were shipped with earbuds – a miniature speaker driver positioned to sit in the outer ear at the opening of the ear canal. Their sound quality was typically marginal, and many users (including myself) find them uncomfortable as they do not conform to the natural ear shape.

It wasn’t long before the consumer market recognized that IEMs are a better match to the growing number of high-fidelity portable electronics (iPod, cell phone, etc).

Venture Electronics (VE) Monk earbuds – a mo
Venture Electronics (VE) Monk earbuds – a modern and well-respected model that I find excruciatingly painful to wear

IEMs became an opportunity for manufacturers to improve comfort and sound quality playback from the standard earbud. They provided a universal solution for athletes, audiophiles, and commuters alike, by reproducing high-quality music playback in the ultimate package: portable, private, and isolating.

Mistaken identity

Ironically, many people still view IEMs as earbuds. You will find them seeking help with earbuds tips but actually own IEMs instead. Hopefully, we have cleared up these misunderstandings. There are also others who call ear tips as earphone tips. For consistency, we will use the term – ear tips.

Campfire Orion from Review: Campfire Orion
Campfire Orion from Review: Campfire Orion

19. Handmade Earphones Holder

Be smart!  By using two plastic bottle caps,

Be smart!  By using two plastic bottle caps, you can make one hell of a functional DIY earbud holder. The supplies are insanely cheap and might already be available at your place. The video tutorial will walk you through the detailed step by step guide. youtube


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7. Turn Old Credit Cards into Earphone Holders

If credit cards keep reminding you of your impulse

If credit cards keep reminding you of your impulse-shopping sprees, this little DIY will give you an alternate usage that lets you save some hassle for a change.

7. Portable Container for Earbuds

Get tips right below to nail a DIY earbud holder!

Get tips right below to nail a DIY earbud holder! Keep your ear buds away from getting messed up and all tangled! The kind of problem no one prefers. So make this portable container from supplies like gum containers, two beads, rubber bands, earphones, paperclips, and drills. instructables

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2. Bear Earphones Holder

This cute hooded cover means you can take your pho

This cute hooded cover means you can take your phone everywhere without worry, and the velcro strap in the front for your earphones just makes it perfect.

Which IEM Ear Tip Type Is the Most Durable?

Silicone ear tips can last for years, while foam ear tips wear out over time (measurable in weeks or months of usage). Some memory foam ear tips can get somewhat gummy and tacky on the surface. This makes them prone to contamination by earwax and dirt with further use.

Clean hands and ears do prolong the ear tips’ lifespan, but they will inevitably become soiled. Cleaning agents tend to corrode foam ear tips; that’s why water is generally the only recommended substance to use for cleaning. Consider foam ear tips to be consumable and factor in this cost when making purchasing decisions.


  • If you want to make your earphones hold better in your ear, knead together a 2-part molding putty until they’re thoroughly combined. Shape the putty around the earphones before putting them in your ears. Shape the putty with your fingers to match the shape of your ear and let them set for 10–15 minutes. You can buy molding putty at hardware or electronics stores.[22]

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