2021 Updated Guide On How to Record Gameplay with OBS Studio

Part 1. What Is Game Capture in OBS?

Scenes and Sources are important parts of OBS. With them, you will be able to customize your stream layout, add your webcams, games, or any other media or devices you like in the output. Game Capture is one of the Sources. You can get access to all sources by clicking in the Sources box or using the “+” button at the bottom. Whether it is a capture card, a specific window or game, text, images, or even the entire display, you can always use the different sources provided in OBS to capture what you at any time.

Game Capture lets you record the game you are playing directly. You can add your games to OBS with ease. A majority of games can work with Game Capture. This Source features several modes, including “Capture foreground window with hotkey”, “Capture specific window”, and “Capture any fullscreen application”. The first mode “Capture foreground window with hotkey” allows you to designate a particular key to tell the Game Capture source which game you want to show up. It will bring you a lot of convenience especially when you need to change games often during a stream. The second mode enables you to select the active game you want to record, and the third mode “capture any fullscreen application” is able to detect any fullscreen game you are running on your primary monitor.

Game Capture has many other options as well that can enhance your game recording experience. Examples are but not limited to Force Scaling, Capture Cursor, Limit capture framerate, and Multi-adapter Compatibility. These default options are sufficient for most applications so there is no need to change them unless you understand what they mean and know how to do. Generally speaking, Game Capture is probably the most efficient way for you to record gameplay with obs.

Should I Use OBS for This Task?

OBS is inherently for recording video content. While you can customize the audio quality, it’s not designed to record audio only. You have to handle the post-recording conversion process too. Instead, we recommend you use a different program.

There are plenty of free and paid programs on the market that allow you to just record game audio. One of the best freeware audio recording software is Audacity. Not only is Audacity easy to use, but you have a lot of free rein over the entire process.

With some tweaking, you can select the source audio to record. This is particularly useful for streamers who want to upload content without their commentary.

A simple fix is to use both Audacity and OBS! You can set up Audacity to the game audio while OBS is set up to only record audio from your mic. After recording, you get both the captured game footage and a separate audio file for the game audio.

From there, you can use video editing software to combine the two if required.

Audacity With WASAPI Driver/Stereo Mix

You can set up Audacity so it records both your game audio and microphone. With this, you only need to use OBS for the video aspect of the recording. You can combine the audio and video as you see fit later.

  1. Install Audacity.
  2. Before launching and recording with Audacity, right-click your sound icon at the bottom right.Select “Open Sound Settings.”
  3. Select “Open Sound Settings.”At the right side of the screen, select “Sou
  4. At the right side of the screen, select “Sound Control Panel.”Select the “Recording” tab.
  5. Select the “Recording” tab.Right-click and select “Show Disabled Device
  6. Right-click and select “Show Disabled Devices.”Right-click and enable “Stereo Mix” or
  7. Right-click and enable “Stereo Mix” or whatever it’s called.
  8. Right-click the microphone you want to record.Select “Properties.”
  9. Select “Properties.”Go to the “Listen” tab.
  10. Go to the “Listen” tab.Check the “Listen to This Device” box
  11. Check the “Listen to This Device” box and apply.Now you can start recording.
  12. Now you can start recording.

This method doesn’t allow you to separate the microphone and game audio. If you wish to do that, you can use the method we described earlier.

There are other methods to record game audio and microphone audio on separate tracks, but those are beyond the scope of this article.


Part 2. How to Record Gameplay with OBS

Even though OBS is slightly complicated to use but it is very effective for live streaming and recording gameplay. The software is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. You need to download the software from the official website and install it. Here are the steps you need on how to record switch gameplay with OBS.

Step 1: Launch OBS on your computer.

Step 2: On Sources tab, click on “+” button and select Game Capture.

Step 3: Give it a name and click on OK button.

Step 4: From Mode, select Capture Any Fullscreen Application.

Step 5: Click on OK button and the Game Capture will appear under Sources.

Step 6: Open your game on full screen and come back to OBS and you will see the game on the window.

Step 7: Go back to your game and press the Hotkey to start recording and start playing. Otherwise, you can click on Start Recording button on OBS and go back to game and start playing and the recording will be going on in the background.

We suggest you follow the above-mentioned steps as well for your query on how to record switch gameplay with OBS.

Part 2. Alternative Way to Record Game Audio

With EaseUS RecExperts, you can effortlessly record both the Windows PC screen and its audio. If there is a built-in microphone or an external microphone connected to the computer, you can also capture your voice with this great voice recorder. 

As a powerful streaming audio recorder on Windows, it enables you to choose the audio sources freely. You can capture the system sound and audio from the microphone separately or synchronously. That’s why you can easily record a voiceover when you are capturing the game audio.

If you want to trim the audio recordings, a pre-installed video and audio editing tool is available. And you can even schedule recording to make it start a recording task whenever you want.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Record game with audio
  • Record game with the face using the webcam
  • Support most of the popular formats
  • The auto split feature makes will separate your recordings automatically

Before following the tutorial below, don’t forget to download and install this software on your computer.

  Free DownloadmacOS 10.13 or later

How to Record Game Audio with OBS’s Alternative:

Step 1. Launch the game you want to record and then open EaseUS RecExperts. Select the “Audio” option to start the sound capturing mode.

Step 2. There is a

Step 2. There is a “Settings” option on the main interface, and you can click on it to customize some details for the recording. You can select the most appropriate output format, bitrate, and sampling rate for the game you want to record. Click on “OK” to continue.

Step 3. When it turns back to the main interface,

Step 3. When it turns back to the main interface, click on the icon in the bottom left corner and select a suitable audio source. If you only want to record gameplay audio, “System sound” could be the right choice. If you want to capture the sound of gameplay and your own voice, it would be better to choose “Microphone and system sound”.

Don't forget to tap on the 

Don’t forget to tap on the “REC” button to start recording.

Step 4. During the audio capturing process, you will see a toolbar like this. Those two buttons on it can help you pause or stop the recording. When the recording stops, the captured audio will be saved on your device. You can preview the recordings using a built-in player.

Best Game Recording Software

If you want to captu

Best Game Recording Software

If you want to capture the gameplay audio on Mac or other operating systems, those Top 16 game recorders may help you.

Record Highlights with OBS Replay Buffer

Replay buffer allows you to record moments that have already happened. This feature is particularly useful for recording gameplay highlights. Replay buffer can be enabled by checking the box in the output settings. Your output mode will need to be set to “Advanced” to see all of the replay buffer options.

With replay enabled you will need to set the amount of time the replay recordings will be. The longer time you have set the more stress it will put on your PC.

Recordings made with replay buffer will use the same video settings set in the recording tab.

Alternative: How to Record Gameplay without OBS Studio Alternative

With just a quick search on the internet, you’ll find tons of OBS alternatives, but no tool is as efficient and user-friendly as PassFab Screen Recorder. It is the most professional and comprehensive software to capture gameplay with just a few clicks. No matter how large the game is, this powerful software allows you to record it without any lagging.

Thanks to its enabling hardware, your computer doesn’t slow down even a little bit while recording games. What’s more, it gives you 4 options, 15, 30, 45, and 60 FPS, to choose a frame rate for recording games. What makes it a go-to alternative for OBS is its intuitive and clean interface and ease of use. No wonder, PassFab Screen Recorder is an ideal choice for both newbies and professionals to capture amazing moments of their gameplay.

  • Captures gameplay in high quality
  • Doesn’t affect any other activity on your computer nor slows it down
  • Records video in both MP4 and MKV format
  • Can record both your microphone and webcam with audio simultaneously
  • Ability to record anything on your computer
  • Advanced Picture in Picture mode
  • Allows real-time drawing to highlight important details
  • Compatibility with all existing microphones and webcams
  • Start by downloading the software from the official site and install it on your computer.

    Free Download BUY NOW

  • On its Home interface, hit on the Record Game mode to get started.

  • Now, select the Windows bar and hit on Start Record (the circle) to begin recording.

    You can pause and play the recording anytime you w

    You can pause and play the recording anytime you want.

  • Once you’re done recording, hit on Stop and the program will automatically save the video.

  • Now, you can cut the unnecessary part using the Trim option.

Live Stream and Post VR Gameplay Videos for Plenty of Traffic

You can record most of the VR gameplay with the methods mentioned above and use the recorded VR gameplay or any kind of recorded game videos for posts and live streaming.

To live stream VR gameplay, you can only use OBS in the two applications. OBS can be applied to live stream on almost all the common live streaming websites, including YouTube Live, Twitch, Afreeca TV, etc. Because VR games give people a brand-new experience, many people want to watch VR gameplay live streaming for fun or to decide whether they should buy one VR game device for themselves. So live streaming VR gameplay may bring you much traffic.

New things are always attractive to people, so are VR gameplay recordings. Posting short recorded VR gameplay and other PC games on YouTube, Instagram, or other social apps can help you increase your followers and posts’ likes.

Some VR games can be difficult for new players. Walkthroughs are always helpful to them and posts of walkthroughs can bring you much traffic as well. OBS and VRCapure can help you record good VR gameplay, and iTop Screen Recorder can help you edit the recorded video to make a good walkthrough.

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VR games can greatly improve the experience of video games, and that’s why there are more and more people want to know how to record VR gameplay. OBS and VRCapture can be used to record VR gameplay to save your wonderful game moments or to help you live stream your game. And iTop Screen Recorder is one of the easiest tool for PC game recording as well as editing, and it’s totally free! Just choose one that is helpful to you and save your fabulous game experience.

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