25 Gorgeous DIY Gift Bows (that look professional!)

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Step 1: Materials

This is the materials you will need to do some bows:
  • A regular Sheet of Paper (You can also try with gift wrapping, it looks better!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick


Reflex Longbow

Reflex Longbow

The longbow comes in two varieties with D-Flex and reFlex and standard D shape. The D-shape longbow is a simple longbow that looks like a D, there are no bends on the limbs. This gives the bow less power, but its easier to make and was used in historical times.

The bend of the limbs creates improves the current power in the power making it a lot fast and more precise than the standard D shape bow.

Since there are so much pressure on the limbs its a lot harder to string a reflex longbow than a standard D shape longbow, this applies to all reflex bows out there. If you struggle to string your, buying a stringer is a good choice! It will prevent you from damaging the limbs when you are strugling.

The material most common material used for longbows is wood. But you can get or use any material you like.Weight and length. The longbow is pretty similar to the selfbow. The weight and length cant be set because of the huge variety of options there is on the market. But I would not suggest going small on these.

Standard D-shape longbow

In recent years the Re-flex has been added to most bows. The reflex is a curve on the limbs. You can see this on the ends of a bow if its curved or not. If the tip of the bow is curved against the bow its a standard D shape longbow if it bends in the opposite direction of the bow its a reflex.

The reflex will add speed, but make the bow a litle laoder. Most competition organizations requires the bow to be a D shaped bow without a reflex.

Compound bow:

Compound bow is the most complex and tricky type of bows used for archery. The hunters mostly use them because of the stunning and advanced design.

Compound bows are equipped with small pulleys at the end of the limbs. It allows you to take time and aim effectively and accurately. Moreover, due to the pulley design system, it offers less draw weight than the other bows in the market.

The compound bow is made up of composite material like steel, metal, etc. apart from this, crossbows don’t require a lot of draw power, and they offer you convenience at a greater rate. Due to these reasons, the compound bow is also the best choice for the hunters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Which one is the better one among compound and recurve bow?

Firstly, the point that which one is the better depends upon the user’s practice. However, mostly the recurve bow is the best one for beginners, and the compound bow is the perfect one for professionals and hunters.

So, choose the one according to your situation ad interests.

2. How can we store bow properly?

If you don’t want your bows to get damaged, store them in cabinets in a horizontal way, so that their limbs don’t get damaged while in a vertical position.

3. Which bow is the best for hunting?

Compound bows and longbows are best for hunting because they can aim ideally and enable you to target the subject in a better and convenient way.

Step 12: Make the Center

The last part of the bow is the centre ring, to make it, take the little bands and glue it in a circle.

Traditional Bow Types


The longbow is a traditional (one piece or ‘self’) bow and the most widely known example is the English longbow which was normally made from yew or wych elm woods. Modern longbows (like these in our best longbow roundup) can be made from laminating different materials together to give a lighter and stronger result. A longbow has rounded limbs and is normally as big as an archer standing over 5 feet (1.5 m) to allow a full draw.​

The limbs on a longbow are normally not recurved and this gives the bow the well known D shape.​

The longbow was the ​go-to weapon of English soliders from the 14th century right up until the introduction of firearms.

A longbow archer
A longbow archer


You might also come across the term ‘shortbow‘. Today a shortbow generally refers to a small style of recurved bow that is used mainly by mounted archers. Shorter bows are easier to use whilst on horseback. They have their own set of advantages and disadvantages when compared to longbows.


The flat bow was traditionally the weapon of the Native American and so you might hear it referred to as the ‘American Flatbow’. It has rectangular cross sectional limbs which make it look… well… flat! Because the limbs are wide you’ll normally find that they narrow towards the handle to allow the handle to be gripped. It is possible although not a certainty that this type of bow was the bow that preceded the modern recurve bow.​

A selection of flatbows
A selection of flatbows

The Kyudo Bow (Yumi)

Kyudo is a Japanese martial art which translates as ‘The Way of the Bow’, and Kyodo bow is similar to a longbow, with rounded limbs and is a one piece bow normally 2m in height.

A bow used in Kyudo  is traditionally made from bamboo, but bamboo is delicate and easily damaged so modern equivalents come in fibreglass or carbon fiber.​

Kyudo Archer and Bow
Kyudo Archer and Bow

Reflex Bow

A reflex bow has limbs which curve away from you when it is unstrung. When drawn the limbs flex into the normal curved position, it is this desire for them to flex back against that position that gives power to the shot.

Picking your bow

there are a lot of different bows to choose from a

there are a lot of different bows to choose from and it can be hard to decide which one to choose if you are into buying one. The main thing you need to keep in mind is to know what bow you need and the purpose you are going to use it for.

If you are going to hunt than I recommend you to go for a compound bow, but personally I like the recurve bow that much that I even use it for hunting as well. All bows works for nearly everything, but some are easier to use for certain things.

If you are going to compete in archery and planning to go for the long shot, Olympics than recurve bows are the way to go because they are the only bow allowed to be used there.

If you like the historical bows than a traditional bow should be your go to, there are actually a lot of people using them still if there are updated versions out there.

The reason for this is simplicity. It’s not easier to shoot, but harder. And this can be a fun challenge for a lot of people to use minimalistic equipment and rely on your self to shoot well.

My favorite one is the takedown recurve bow as I mentioned earlier. There are so many great advantages of a takedown recurve and I find it to be the perfect middle bow between modern and historical bows. You can get the old age feeling, but at the same time shoot very precisely with a lot of power. when you have found your type of bow make sure to use a bow case in order to protect it, making it last for a lifetime.


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