3 Ways to Disguise Yourself

Equipped with standard cloak traveling through friendly territory

EX 1:

Let’s say you spawn and immediately change classes to the enemy class at your spawn. Any enemy you encounter will see you running towards their base and immediately attack you because they know[1] you are spy… they will very likely kill you or force you to circle back to get health… causing you to lose a lot of time… making you NOT get behind enemy time and making you less effective.

Things to understand from this example:

  • the deeper you are in friendly territory and you are dressed as the enemy class running towards the enemy side… the more likely you will lose time (getting killed, getting hurt, etc)
  • the longer the distance from spawn to enemy territory the more necessary it is to disguise as friendly

EX 2:

So now you know why it is bad to be disguised as enemy team in friendly territory. One alternative is “oh then i will use cloak to run through friendly territory and thus not draw attention to myself”. Well cloak doesn’t last long enough to stay cloaked from spawn to “behind enemy lines where there is a safe decloak spot”. So you will end up decloaking somewhere in the middle and then likely get killed because you can’t use your cloak… and being dead isn’t really being a good spy.

EX 3:

Now the problem becomes if you can’t use cloak the whole way, what do you? Well you can run as an undisguised spy while in enemy territory. Any enemy you encounter will immediately attack you because spies are easy kills and they are high priority[2]. Suddenly you are a dead spy AGAIN.

EX 4:

If you can’t be disguised as enemy, use cloak, OR even stay an undisguised spy… then again the question is: what do you do?

If you disguise as a your own team’s pyro or demoman your speed is 100% and the enemy won’t immediately prioritize you as the #1 target. Now you can more easily get through your own friendly territory (as compared to all the other scenarios I outlined).


What is another word for disguise yourself?


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9. Jumping Off A Bridge

Some people believe that jumping off a bridge, like the Golden Gate bridge, is a somewhat exciting and painful way to die. Well, that’s probably true most of the time. However, according to an FAA study, 0.7% of bridge jumpers survive the extreme water impact. Your clothes may act like a parachute, slowing down your speed and you may end up with broken ribs, damaged organs and fracture your vertebrae.

On average only 34.5% of jumpers end up dead. This means there is a 65% chance that you will suffer at the very least months of pain if you choose this method to die. We don’t think this is a good way to die if your main concern is not feel any pain. There is a better option on the next page.

Whats the best way to disguise yourself? – Quora


There are many things you can do to disguise yourself. The more you change from your current state to a new one, the more disguised you will be, unless you do a poor job or overdo it, then you will stick out and your disguise will be for nothing. Examples: If you have good posture, slouch. If …

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  • If you are hiding for illegal reasons, then you might need to take more drastic measures.
  • You may look suspicious.

7. Drowning

Drowning is also considered one of the top ways to die quickly. It does not take too long for a person to get suffocated under water. It can take a few seconds or minutes to lose consciousness before the water fills the lungs completely. Most of the people have committed a suicide simply by throwing themselves off the bridge into a deep river or sea. Most people who almost drowned accidentally state that they experienced an initial panic but calmed down as their lungs were filling up. Our list offers easier painless ways to die where one doesn’t feel any terror/panic moments before death. Read on to find out the easiest ways to die.


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