7 sandwiches you can make for basically free on National Sandwich Day

History of National Sandwich Day

Though the combination of bread filled with cheese and meats has been enjoyed for years prior, the creation and naming of the sandwich has been attributed to the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu. In 1762 the earl, who was fond of gambling, asked his cook to prepare him a meal that wouldn’t require cutlery nor interfere with his 24 hour long gambling streak. The cook gave him sliced meat between two pieces of toast, which allowed the earl to have one hand free to continue his game. 

Of course, neither the earl nor the cook were the actual inventors of the sandwich. It is said that prior to this aforementioned event, Mantagu had visited the Eastern Mediterranean and saw sandwiches served by the Greeks and Turks with their appetizers, and asked his cook to copy their methods for its convenience. By the Revolutionary war a few years later, sandwiches were a well established English meal. However, they didn’t make their way to America until they were included in an American cookbook in 1815.

The New Orlean’s Po’ Boy came around during the Great Depression during a streetcar worker strike. Two brothers who were former streetcar workers owned a sandwich shop and promised to feed any striking worker for free. Whenever a hungry worker would walk over to the shop, the clerks would say “Here comes another po’ boy,” which soon became the name of the sandwich itself. In Omaha, Nebraska, the Reuben made its first appearance. It was named after one of the players of a weekly poker game that took place in a hotel. The hotel owner decided to feature the sandwich on the hotel’s dinner menu and later, it won a nationwide recipe contest.

Jimmy John’sFree Surprise Sandwich

For National Sandwich day, Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast Rewards members can order an Original or Favorite Jimmy John’s sandwich and earn a free surprise sandwich. Customers will get either an 8-inch Favorite, 8-inch Original, Frenchie or the new Little John. The offer is available at participating around 2,500 locations nationwide.

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2. Bomb Ass Bagel Sandwich


If there’s one thing we know, it’s that bagel sandwiches are awesome. This recipe from A Cozy Kitchen tells you how to take your favorite bagel and dress it up at home with ingredients already on hand. All you need to do is buy your favorite bagel, then follow the simple instructions to create a drool-worthy (and inexpensive) tribute to National Sandwich Day.

National Sandwich Day FAQs

Is National Sandwich Day today? National Sandwich Day, a day which celebrates one of America’s most favorite lunch foods, occurs every year on November 3.

Is a burger a sandwich?A hamburger is considered a sandwich as its contents are placed between two pieces of bread. 

Who invented the sandwich? Though the sandwich has been around for years, it was officially named by John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich.

McAllister in AtlantaFree Delivery

As reported by Atlanta On The Cheap, Atlanta-based McAllister is offering customers free delivery on DoorDash for National Sandwich Day. Five locations across Atlanta will be participating in the deal, but check ahead to see if your local restaurant is included.

7. Veggie Club Sandwich

ApronAndSneakers.jpg Credit: Apron and Sneakers

Looking for a meat-free option? This Veggie Club Sandwich packs enough flavors that nearby carnivores will be begging for a bite. All you need to do is grill up whatever vegetables you have on hand, add a few spices and condiments, and you’ll have a killer sandwich. Best of all, you can clean out the vegetable drawer at the same time.


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