9 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Weeds Without Killing Grass

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4. Oils

Cannabis Oils are one of the most convenient and practical cannabis-infused products you can buy today. These are liquid products that are packed with cannabinoids, making it easy to absorb them into your body and get the effects. You can use them anywhere at any time and you even have multiple ways to consume them.

The most common method of using Cannabis Oil is to apply it underneath your tongue. You can measure your dose using the dropper and hold it under your tongue for around 30-90 seconds. The cannabinoids will swiftly be absorbed into your body and you’ll generally start to experience effects within around 20-30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can also add Cannabis Oils to your food or drink. Although you shouldn’t heat it, you can easily mix it with other liquids or simply sprinkle some on top of your food. While THC Oil offers a convenient way to get high, CBD Oils are also incredibly popular for medical users.

6. Ask questions about your questions

When you’re getting frustrated and angry it’s probably because you are losing an argument with reality. So if you think some group of people at work are stressing you out, go into that thought in greater detail.

  • Who are they?
  • Are they really stressing me?
  • Are they stressing themselves?
  • Are they stressing each other?
  • Are they all stressing me equally or are some worse than others?
  • OK are some of them not really purposely stressing me at all?
  • What is stress?
  • How does it feel when I’m stressed?
  • Whose fault is it?
  • Can I live with it?

You will find your negative thoughts are just open loops of generalisations that should be ignored as you have better things to do.

The 3 Levels of Getting High on Marijuana


Catching a Buzz is not enough to get burnt out, and yet you have not truly reached the Level of High (so to speak). You can revisit your joint or pipe later and refresh your buzz by taking a couple more hits. This can be continued through-out the day with zero (if any) ill or negative effects.

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How To Conserve Get The Most Out Of Your Weed


To get the most mileage out of the flower you use in blunts, joints, or glass, use a proper three-tier grinder and save the kief, which are the resinous trichomes that fall off the flower during the grinding process. You can reuse this very potent dust to sprinkle on top of future bowls and add to their potency.

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10. Say this to yourself

Everyday in every way I’m getting better and better. Say it! It’s true. Say this to yourself everyday, it works, funnily enough!

College Students Holiday Gift Guide

Even starving college students need quality cannabis gear. This list provides a full range of must-haves for the most studious consumers on your holiday shopping list.

Take A Break

It’s not fun, but the best way to reduce your tolerance to marijuana is to take a break. How long your break lasts will determine how it affects you. Your body stores THC in fat cells all over your system.

Under normal circumstances, your body moves energy in and out of your healthy fat cells all the time. Your body is constantly using and replacing fat cells all over. Over time, you’ll flush the THC out of your system through natural metabolism.

You can speed up this process in several ways. Drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways. Getting regular exercise and sleep will help you reduce your weed tolerate capacity as well.

It can take up to 90 days for your body to metabolize all the THC that is sitting in your tissues.

Once the THC has been taken out of your system completely, you’ll be pretty much a newbie to smoking weed once again! Of course, you’ll know what to expect, so you won’t be a weed virgin. Sorry, it’s not going to be like the first time.

But you’ll still get blazed! Consider taking a few months off each year to renew your ability to get really high. Your body will appreciate it!

1) Ibuprofen and Weed (or Advil and Weed)

Ibuprofen, also known as Advil or Motrin, can be a bit of a buzz kill – but at this juncture, if you wanna come down from a super weed high, that is precisely what you are looking for. This method of how to get unhigh definitely works.The scientific journal, Cell, published the results of a recent study that seemed to show certain anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, Advil and Motrin, seem to negate marijuana’s buzz and supposedly suppress any negative effects on thinking or reasoning.

Interestingly, both weed and NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) pain relievers, like ibuprofen, can be used to reduce pain and inflammation levels, and can be used together, getting entourage effects. Those who take cannabis regularly for chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s might take Advil or Motrin to get the positive pain-relieving and plaque-fighting effects of pot without the psychotropic highness.

One drawback to NSAIDs as a method of how to get unhigh is stomach upset, which weed actually could help alleviate, so probably no worries there. As to how much Advil or Motrin you should take, that is also up to you and your personal physiology, but the adult dosage recommendations for ibuprofen is 200–400mg per dose, every 4–6 hours, up to 1200mg per day. There is prescription-strength 800mg ibuprofen, with a max daily dosage of 3200mg – but never ever take no one else’s prescription-strength ibuprofen as a method of how to get unhigh fast! How long it will take will depend on the THC strength of the weed you smoked or ate and your metabolism; generally, ibuprofen takes about 15 to 30 minutes to kick in and 1 to 2 hours to take full effect – something to keep in mind when you are trying to figure out how to sober up from cannabis high.

3) Does Eating Kill Your High?

Eating fatty foods can get you really high – in fact, part of cooking with cannabis is using butter, veggie oil, or high-in-medium-chain-triglycerides coconut oil as a carrier for cannabinoids. But eating can also help you stop being high because the fatty molecules will sponge up the remaining unbound THC and help your body metabolize it faster – plus the act of digestion pulls some of the blood flow from your brain to your stomach (hence why you sometimes get tired after eating) thus reducing the psychoactive effects of THC.

The sugars in food will speed up your metabolism and it will process the THC that much faster, and sugars help the whole electrolyte thing, as we mentioned just above about drinking orange or lemon juice to help stop being high. Also eating can help you rehydrate too, as food contains water. So, food can make a good defense against an over-aggressive buzz but food is a slow-acting cure and, save for the blood diversion from the brain, it could take hours for the food to completely negate a high – during which time the monster cannabis high might wear off on its own. But, combined with other stoner sobering methods having something in your gut can help.

Since we’re speaking of food…


The final method of getting super high is to try using marijuana concentrates. These products are derived from weed plants. They contain processed and chemically concentrated THC.

Some concentrates are almost pure THC. Up to 95% pure! This stuff will knock you on your butt, and there isn’t a smoker alive who can’t get high with concentrates.

There are many types, of various quality and purity. You’ll have to test it out. This is an area where legal marijuana shines, as you wouldn’t want to trust the chemically processed wares of illegal marijuana producers to get your concentrates.

[ps2id id=how-to-get-rid-of-a-high target=/]How To Get Rid Of A High?

Truth is, time is really the only thing that can truly get rid of a high, but here are some suggestions for things you can do to make yourself more comfortable and lessen some of the effects:

Drink a glass of water. Some people suggest a glass of milk because it helps absorb the THC. I don’t think it would hurt, but I haven’t found any evidence this works that aren’t anecdotal. The water will help, though. It hydrates you which will lessen cotton mouth if nothing else. 

Get some fresh air. If you’re smoking inside then get out of the cloud of smoke and breath some good old oxygen. Take some calming deep breaths. This will do more than you think. 

Take a shower. BUT, but careful that you’re not going to fall or slip since, after all, you are high. A hot shower feels good, but a cold shower wakes the senses. Try both. 

Eat something. You probably have the munchies anyway. 

Nap it off. Just snuggle up with your favorite blanket and nap the afternoon away. The effects will be gone or at least lessened by the time you wake up. 


  • Keep an eye out for weeds and try to catch them before they get a chance to flower and spread their seeds.

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[ps2id id=how-long-do-you-stay-high-from-smoking target=/]How Long Do You Stay High From Smoking?

Typically, you will stay high for 2-3 hours. If it’s your first time then it could last longer. People who smoke habitually could stay high for as little as 30 minutes. So, I guess the full range would be anywhere from 30 minutes up to 4 hours, but 2-3 hours is typical for a casual smoker.

Let me know if the comment section how long you typically get high for. 

Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #19

A new year, a new(ish) name, but we’re maintaining that same pressure. The Cop List is back to sus through the smoke and let you know which hype is real. This month featuring the world’s first legal Cross Joint, a new way to grind your greens, and as always, the latest dank.

So What is the Best Way to Smoke Marijuana?

It’s important to keep health in mind at all times. While packing a bowl, and otherwise. No matter which method you pick just make sure to be a conscious smoker and show love to your lungs. As a smoker of 14 years, I have had my fair share of experiences with every smoking contraption and I can tell you my favorite way to smoke weed often changes as my life changes.

For me, no matter what I decide to smoke cannabis out of, I always use a Mooselabs MouthPeace for all my larger smoking tools and a Mooselabs Mini for any of my smaller smoking devices. Smoking with a triple layer carbon filter enhances my smoking experience on all my favorite smoking tools by improving taste and enhancing terpenes by filtering out nasty tar and resin that would otherwise go to your lungs.

The best way to smoke weed, in my opinion, is whatever device suits your needs and making sure you use it with a Mooselabs Mouthpeace.


Now that you have an idea of all the different ways to smoke weed, you can choose for yourself. Which will be your favorite? No matter which method of weed smoking you decide on, it’s always best to use a MouthPeace or MouthPeace Mini so you can protect your lungs.

Knowing the best time to smoke weed will also help you determine which is the best way to smoke weed. For instance, if you’re just waking up, you can hit your one hitter, then smoke a bong rip after breakfast, and slowly increase all the way to using a dab rig at night to put you out!


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