Apply Antiperspirant at Night for Maximum Effectiveness

Why do our underarms sweat?

We have millions of sweat glands all over our bodies — the greatest concentration are in our hands and feet, says Dr. Glaser, but our armpits are another hotspot. Most of these are eccrine glands, which crank out clear, odorless fluid that cools us off when it evaporates. But your pits and your other hairy bits also have apocrine glands, which put out a thicker fluid, also odorless; it's when that fluid interacts with bacteria on your skin that you don’t smell too great.

A common myth is that prolific perspirers have more body odor, but that’s actually not so. “People who sweat a lot don’t tend to have a smell,” says Dr. Glaser, because the bacteria gets washed away, resulting in no stinkage. “It’s people who don’t sweat that much that may notice more of an odor.”

Another misconception? That we sweat out toxins. “Sweat consists nearly entirely of water,” says Dr. Skelsey. The rest of it, according to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, is salt, urea, and a little bit of carbs and protein. Luckily, our kidneys and liver do a good job of detoxing us.


If you are someone who deals with excess sweating, like hyperhidrosis, Dr. Pertola noted, “Those [who naturally sweat a lot] will benefit from using their antiperspirant at nighttime because our sweat glands are the least active while we’re sleeping.”

Nastya_ph / Getty Images/iStockphoto Dr. Portela mentions, “[Antiperspirant] is usually going to be an aluminum compound and will help to plug up those sweat ducts and provide a more long-lasting effect during the day.” According to Healthline, the aluminum compounds help to “block sweat pores.” Just like your face, your body has pores that regularly release sweat and oil. By applying an antiperspirant, you’ll actually lessen the amount of perspiration that is released onto your skin.

How to Apply Deodorant Properly

Now, let’s take a look at how to apply deodorant p

Now, let’s take a look at how to apply deodorant properly. Regardless of the type of product you use, it’s always best to put on your deodorant after showering. Make sure you apply the formula to clean and completely dry armpits. (There is no need to go overboard as you can reapply throughout the day as needed.)

There is now an extensive range of deodorant options so you can experiment with different scents (or scentless options), as well as deodorants for sensitive skin and all-natural formulas.

How Much Deodorant to Apply

The trick to applying most deodorants follows the advice of Goldilocks – not too much, not too little, but just the right amount. Like antiperspirant, how much deodorant to use depends on which type you’re using. Generally speaking though, you don’t need as much as you think – if you’re a five-swipe guy, that’s probably too much.

When to Apply Deodorant

Contrary to popular belief about when to use deodorant, the best time of the day to apply deodorants is actually before you go to bed – just like for antiperspirants. Our sweat ducts are less active in the evening and while we’re sleeping. As such, applying deodorant at night allows the formula to work most effectively. Deodorant works best with minimal moisture, so it’s important to make sure your armpits are totally dry after showering and before application.

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