Creating Clickbait Thumbnails for YouTube

What is a thumbnail

Video production is quite a resource-intensive process comprising many steps, from writing a script to adding captions. But once the final cut is ready, there is still one thing to thoroughly work on – a thumbnail. 

Wherever you are going to post your video, at first it is likely to be displayed as a still shot. Thumbnail serves as a liaison between the user and the content inviting the former to click the Play button and watch the whole thing. 

There are two ways of how you can have a thumbnail created:

1. Willy-nilly

In this case, you let the platform randomly pick up a frame and auto-generate a thumbnail for your video.

You have to be lucky enough not to get a pic showing a weird impression frozen on your face with the eyes half-closed. Anyways, don’t expect too many people to be impressed by a fuzzy and unrelated image.

2. Conscious

This is when you accurately craft a custom thumbnail for each video considering various nuances and then upload it to the target platform.

Spoiler: this is the option to go for. 


Here Are Some Examples Of Clickbaits Watch out for the 5th one!

1. Unbelievable Results 

See the headline in this clickbait image? It says – “ Dermatologists Hate Her!”.

The headline is bold, highlighted, and presented in a color that catches people’s attention. Once you read it, you are intrigued and immediately want to know why the dermatologists hate her.

The second part contains the age scenario, where it is clearly written that she looks younger. Now you know a part of her story but not the whole content. Being the curious ape, you will click on it.

2. Mysterious

Mysterious clickbaits are very common ones; you will find these everywhere. 

This clickbait starts by mentioning someone very popular and then claiming that he’s dead. Of course, the news is false, but you are doomed to click on such baits once you read its content as you want to find out how it happened. 

3. IQ Tests

These types of IQ test clickbaits are most popular on Facebook. I have also been a victim of such clickbaits not once but twice.  

The title is so catchy that you are bound to click on it. 

4. Fearful/Manipulative Clickbaits

This is a prime example of manipulative clickbaits.

You see a guy ending his relationship with his girlfriend. What do you do next?

Yes! Click on the video to find out more about their story. 

5. The Jewel Stuff

At the beginning of this subheading, I said: “Watch out for the 5th one!”. Sorry to disappoint you, lads, it was nothing but a clickbait strategy. 

I am sure you were all hyped and thought number fifth will have something mind-blowing technique, but that isn’t the case. In order to give you guys a live example of clickbait, I implemented this theory. 

And that is how a clickbait works. 

Essential Tips for Making Clickbait YouTube Thumbnail

There are 2 tips for creating clickbait thumbnails, and we will cover each other in detail.

1. Promising Clickbait

This type of clickbait thumbnail is created to give something valuable to your viewers. Usually, these thumbnails are created with a lot of icons, provocative text on them, promises, or even emojis.

These clickbait thumbnails oblige you to provide real value, so ensure that you have useful information for your viewers. Otherwise, it will be a one-time show, next time, this strategy will not work.

Promising clickbait could sound and look like this:

  • This is how to make $10.000
  • Proven strategy of how I reached 10000 followers in 3 days

You got it, correct?

2. Informational Clickbait

This type of clickbait is my favorite. By adding and creating that type of clickbait, you are saying: “Hey, I will give you real value for what you are looking for.”

For example:

Usually, people are creating well painted and designed thumbnails with text like: “TOP 10…”, “Best….” etc. These words are called modifiers. Try to use these in your thumbnail text, and you will see that it converts really well.

Data Preprocessing Feature Engineering:

Created a new feature: Dislike to like Ratio as a higher dislike count is often correlated with clickbait video. All of the statistics are scaled to a normal distribution and shuffled randomly. Other video metadata such as ID and Favorites are removed. Non-ascii characters such as emojis are removed from any title as you can’t name files with non-ascii characters on windows file systems.

Should I Use YouTube Clikcbait Thumbnail Generator?

A lot of people are searching for clickbait thumbnail generators for YouTube videos, and they believe that it helps.

Here’s the deal:

Never use any YouTube clickbait thumbnail generator.

  • First of all, it takes from 10 to 15 minutes to create personalized, unique, and well-prepared thumbnail by yourself.
  • Secondly, generators will never create an enjoyable and attractive thumbnail, which will give you additional boosts and value for your channel.
  • Third, there are thousands of people who are using these generators. Do you want to have the same thumbnail with a different text for your videos like half of YouTube creators?

The Future of YouTube Clickbait

Unfortunately, clickbait is becoming more and more common. Whether we’re talking about a scientific website or an entertaining YouTube channel, this seems to be a method that most content creators are using nowadays.

As you can see, clickbait doesn’t necessarily have to have negative implications if you use it correctly. Still, it can seem a bit unprofessional for developing a brand.

In the end, it all depends on whether or not you’re using them responsibly.

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