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Folding Laptop Stand

Jen Woodhouse

This laptop stand is built as a folding tray. It's perfect to use in bed but you could also use it on the couch or anywhere you need a solid surface. This one features beautiful wood and it's a great design that looks chic in any room. Like many of the other laptop stands, this one can be used for more than just a laptop.

Folding Laptop Stand from Jen Woodhouse

Step 4: Drilling

Like when you work with small pieces of hardwood you want to pre-drill the screw holes. For most of the holes it only took a small 1/16″ bit. For the Tee Nuts it took a 5/16″ bit. A tee nut is a barbed nut you can insert into wood or plastic and then run a bolt through. These tee nuts are what I used to attach the magnets. I used a forstner bit to countersink the tee nuts so they would be flush with the surface of the board. I used a 1 3/4″ hole saw to create a makeshift handle and to take some weight out.

Simple Scrap Wood DIY Laptop Desk

A Butterfly House 

Here's a DIY laptop stand that's in between a tray and a shelf. It's meant to get that hot, heavy laptop off your legs and onto a more sturdy surface. Furring strips and boards are used to create it and there's an option for adding hinges as you build if you'd like to make the desk foldable.

Simple Scrap Wood DIY Laptop Desk from A Butterfly House

Step 2: Cutting and Layout

This stuff cuts like butter with a table saw and a normal drill bit. I cut out the pieces per my plans and laid out the locations of the holes. When using either the saw or the drill press just take your time. If the HDPE gets too hot it will start to melt. After cutting and layout I dry fit the pieces.

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