Do Airplanes Have Outlets To Charge A Phone?

Cabin Overview

Like most JetBlue planes, the A321neo is configured in all-economy class, with 200 seats arranged in a 3-3 layout. This version does not have JetBlue’s Mint premium class, winner of the 2018 TPG Award for best domestic business class.

The first thing I noticed was how fresh and clean

The first thing I noticed was how fresh and clean the plane was. As you’d expect, everything was in pristine condition.

The plane is split into two cabins; the larger for

The plane is split into two cabins; the larger forward cabin spans rows 1-23 and the smaller aft mini-cabin spans rows 24-34.

The overhead bins are the same size as the carrier’s legacy A320s, which I find to be plenty large for standard rollaboards.

Between the two cabins is a small galley, featurin

Between the two cabins is a small galley, featuring a pantry and lavatory. The pantry is reminiscent of the carrier’s Mint-equipped A321s, though this one doesn’t have as much storage space (and doesn’t offer as varied a beverage selection.)

The Collins Aerospace Meridian seats are the same

The Collins Aerospace Meridian seats are the same as those being installed as part of the carrier’s “Phase 2” retrofit program for the A320s. The seats are slimline and feature an above-average 18.7 inches at their widest. The armrests are quite narrow, but they all move up and down (except for those adjacent to the window).

Core seats have about 32 inches of pitch, while Ev

Core seats have about 32 inches of pitch, while Even More Space seats, JetBlue’s version of extra-legroom, have about 35 inches of pitch. All seats feature a similar recline of ~2.7 inches.

Thankfully JetBlue installed fully adjustable headrests that should help improve the sleeping experience on this aircraft. Sleep will be very important on this plane because the A321neo will be flying the carrier’s longest route, a roughly 7-hour flight from New York-JFK to Guayaquil, Ecuador.

I found the multiple seat-back pockets to be quite

I found the multiple seat-back pockets to be quite useful for storing water bottles and other loose items.

The tray table measured 15.5 inches wide and 8.5 i

The tray table measured 15.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches long, which just barely fit my 13 inch MacBook Pro. At least the tray table slid back and forth for easy egress.

There are four lavatories on this aircraft. Aside

There are four lavatories on this aircraft. Aside from the bathroom behind row 23, there’s one in the front of the plane and two in the back galley. The ones in the back are quite small, so I’d definitely recommend trying to use the forward or mid-cabin lavatory.

What is included in a JetBlue flight?

Each economy ticket comes with the following included amenities: Entire fleet equipped with FlyFi, JetBlue’s gate-to-gate Wi-Fi service* Library of on-demand movies, TV shows, live Direct TV*, Sirius XM radio* Free unlimited brand-name snacks and soft drinks.


Does JetBlue serve food on flights?

JetBlue. Everyone flying on JetBlue receives complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. On longer flights, main cabin passengers can purchase fresh food items.

8. JetBlue flights provide FREE snacks

The airline goes above and beyond your basic water and peanuts and offers unlimited brand-name snacks and beverages during your flight – free of charge. The airline also has a separate menu of food you have to pay for, but if you want to save money, you can still fill up without dropping any cash.

jetBlue Mint Class; Boston to San Francisco

After a short layover (less than 40 minutes), it was finally time to board.  Not to be cliche but, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.  I lined up adjacent to the boarding lane in order to get on board as quick as possible.  Once the agent announced Mint Class boarding, I pretty much sprinted to the jetway.  Before I made my way onboard I was surprised to hear the gate agent say, “Thanks, Mr. Prosperi, enjoy Mint Class this morning.”  Even in First Class on American from New York to Los Angeles, I get excited when the gate agent simply acknowledges my presence.  I was astounded to personally welcomed on board.


Both Mint Class flight attendants welcomed me on board with smiling faces.  I made my way to my Mint Suite, seat 2F.  I found a welcome card signed by both flight attendants, a pillow, comforter and a bottle of water.  Though it may be a very small gesture, that is likely a bit time consuming for the flight attendants, the welcome cards with information about the flight is such a fantastic feature.  It really makes me feel like a guest rather than just a passenger.

Once most Mint Class passengers settled into their seats, Rob, and Victoria, the Mint Class flight attendants came through the aisles and personally welcomed each Mint Class passenger.  Rob welcomed me onboard, offered me a signature Mint pre-departure beverage, offered to help me with my bags, and briefed me on today’s in-flight service.  I have never had this happen on any Delta or American flight before.  jetBlue team members a truly one of a kind.

jetBlue Mint Class Pre-Departure beverage
jetBlue Mint Class Welcome Card
jetBlue Mint Class Seat 2F

Meal Service; Absolutely Stunning…

Shortly after we hit 10,000 feet the in-flight service commenced.  Rob came around with a hot towel and took meal orders.  jetBlue designed their meal service around the idea of tapas or small plates.  The menu features five entrees, two of which are cold, the rest are hot.  Passengers choose three of the five for their meal.  In addition to the entrees, Rob presented me with an appetizer; a banana bread crostini.  Though the appetizer was small, it was bursting with flavor and was just the right consistency and texture.  Along with my appetizer, I had an espresso (brewed on board) and a glass of fresh orange juice.

Banana Bread Crostini

Another pleasant surprise was the duration of the meal service.  Even on premium routes, American Airlines is notorious for rushing meal service.  Rob and Victoria, however, did not.  The meal service was timed perfectly and took a little over an hour from meal delivery to meal pick-up.  Over that hour or so, I do not think Rob or Victoria ever sat down; they were constantly refilling drinks and delivering meals.


One reason that this flight was the best flight I have ever taken was in part because of the amazing fare offered onboard.  Each dish was presented perfectly, tasted absolutely phenomenal, and cooked to perfection.  From the artisan pancakes to the traditional breakfast burrito, the perfect mix of sweet and savory was mind-blowing.  Bear in mind, I am not some brunch-nut, I have never gotten this excited over brunch.  I cannot stress enough how phenomenal the fare was on this flight.

Left is the menu from jetBlue flight 133.

I ordered the three hot (and least healthy) dishes.  These dishes were the goat cheese and tomato omelet, breakfast burrito, and buttermilk pancakes.  Again, all of which were fantastic.

Background: jetBlue Mint Class is truly a unique take on traditional transcontinental business class service.  While jetBlue’s competitors were revamping their traditional airplane food, jetBlue partnered with Saxon+Parole, a Brooklyn-based restaurant.  Through their partnership with Saxon+Parole, jetBlue has been able to create some of the unique, adventurous, and flavorful food in the sky.  Additionally, jetBlue features Blue Marble Ice Cream and sweet treats from Mah-Ze-Dhar bakery–both of which are based in New York City.

#1 Goat cheese & sun-blushed tomato omelet; with chicken sausage and potatoes

Mint Class Omelet

Mint Class Omelet

I was surprised by how well the goat cheese tasted.  Often times I am not able to tell a difference between cheddar cheese of American cheese at 35,000 feet, that is just a side-effect of the thin air.  This was not the case with this omelet; the goat cheese was perfect.  The egg was perfect.  So was the sausage.

#2 Sweet potato and black bean burrito; with tomato compote

Mint Class Breakfast Burrito

Mint Class Breakfast Burrito

I was probably least excited about this burrito.  I have had the airplane breakfast burrito before, and I know how unexciting and bland they are.  When it arrived, I was surprised to see how colorful everything looked.  I was even more surprised to find out that it tasted great.  The compote was just fantastic, and the burrito was bursting with flavor.

#3 Buttermilk Pancakes; with poached pear, pomegranate seeds, and creme fraiche

Mint Class Pancake

Mint Class Pancake

Lately, I have been in a pancake kinda mood.  I will take a short stack over waffles any day of the week.  When I found out that pancakes were offered on my flight, I got pretty excited.  The pancakes were cooked to perfection.  They were not stale and more importantly, they were not soggy,  The poached pear also paired well with the pancakes.  My only complaint is that the Creme Fraiche was a wee overpowering.

Mint Class Brunch

Mint Class Brunch


Dessert was lite, which is nice for a change.  I have become so accustomed to cheesecakes, sundaes, and brownies that I often turn them down during meal services.  On the majority of jetBlue Mint Class flights, a sorbet and fresh fruit salad is offered.  The sorbet was great and the fruit salad was fresh and juicy.  All in all, I had a fantastic brunch.

Mint Class Dessert
Mint Class Espresso
Mint Class Cappuccino

jetBlue now offers fantastic locally sourced coffee from a shop in Brooklyn.  All espresso based beverages are made using blends from Brooklyn Roasting Company.  Dunkin’ Donuts is still offered onboard if you order a standard coffee.


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has 240 electric outlets and 204 USB ports, including 36 sets of tables and chairs equipped with power outlets and USB ports in all three terminals. Additionally, the airport has installed 28 three-sided “Get Plugged In” charging kiosks, including one ADA accessible side, with six electrical outlets and six USB ports that are located in the lobby areas as well as in several gate areas past security in all three terminals. An additional 72 outlets and 36 USB ports will be added airport-wide soon.

Overall Impression

JetBlue’s A321neo puts the carrier in a posi

JetBlue’s A321neo puts the carrier in a position of success for the next few years. The seats are far more modern than on its predecessor, all while retaining the industry-leading pitch that JetBlue is known for. There are even some surprises, like the mid-cabin pantry and the ability to use your phone as a TV remote.

There’s plenty of content to keep you entert

There’s plenty of content to keep you entertained, including tons of on-demand movies, full seasons of TV shows, 100+ channels of live TV and high-speed Wi-Fi.

With comfortable seats and endless entertainment,

With comfortable seats and endless entertainment, you may not want to step off the A321neo. Or you can do what I did and fly the exact same plane right back to where you started.

All photos by Zach Griff/The Points Guy


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