Do you need java on your computer?

Why Java is so popular and why I should learn it

Java is everywhere so you may choose what to do

  • Big Enterprise server side apps
  • Android Applications
  • Different Web and desktop applications
  • Server Apps at Financial Services Industry
  • Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain
  • Big Data technologies
  • AI, Machine Learning
  • Google
  • Uber
  • Netflix
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • LinkedIn

Java has a huge and friendly community

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You may have heard some opinions like “Java is everywhere only because it is very old and there are many legacy Java code. It will be out of use in a few years”. Actually, it’s not quite true. Yes, there are enough old projects with old Java code, but it is only a part of Java infrastructure.

If you have a look on the Wiki pages of widely used programming languages, such as Python or JavaScript, you’ll realize that they are the same age as Java, and C/C++ are much older.

The story of Java starts in the 90s at Sun Microsystems, software and hardware company from California. You may know (or remember), that back in the 90s a TV was truly influential in communications and entertainment. For this reason, it inspired many useful progressive inventions. It is hard to believe, but TV was kind of a kickstarter for Java language.

It was initially developed for interactive televis

It was initially developed for interactive television and different household devices to let application developers write code once and run it on any platform without decompiling. For the purpose of code portability JVM (Java virtual machine) was created. Java code, written by a software developer, is compiled into bytecode by Java compiler (javac). JVM reads this bytecode and “translates” it to run on any platform (mobile device, PC, Mac, Coffee Machine and so on).

Now you understand why the Java motto is “Write once, run everywhere”. The same Java code really can run almost on any platform.

So Java is everywhere not because it is old. It is everywhere because it is very useful and has very smart architecture.

3. How to Install Java?

  1. Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation.

  2. Since the installation needs administrator privileges, Windows 11 want to confirm to run it. Click Yes.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Note the destination folder because we need it when configuring environment variables. Since we’ve downloaded the 64-Bit installation file, Java will be installed on C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-version-number\ location. Ensure you’ve noted this location. Then click Next.

  5. The installation will start.

  6. Click Close.

  7. Java is installed correctly. 👏 Now, follow the next step to configure environment variables for Java.


Too much research and theory without practice

Programming is a skill which you can gain only with lots of practice. You’ll need a serious background in theory, but as long as you only read (or watch) lectures and courses, you can’t really code. Think about it. Nobody can learn how to swim without trying it. You need explanations, but above all, you need action.

Only plenty of practice will teach you how to deal with everyday programmers’ problems. For example, you’ll get a habit to check your code regularly and not let the connected problems to pile up. You will also start with the easiest solutions. Then move to more exquisite, constantly working on the improvement of your code. And the most important, you’ll get used to coding on a daily basis.

Is Java Safe?

Java is touted as a secure computing environment, one that makes it difficult for bad guys to snoop, cripple, or take over your computer. The Java runtime forces all Java programs to run in what’s called a “sandbox”, a portion of computer memory to which they are strictly confined. In the sandbox, a program cannot do certain things without the user’s explicit permission – like read your email or format your hard drive. But a sandbox takes up space.

Java sets up this sandbox in a “virtual machine” which consumes considerable computing resources. The amount of resources required varies according to the needs of a given Java application. A mortgage calculator won’t slow your overall computing down noticeably. A 3D animated game might, if your computer is short on memory and/or processor power.

It’s true that a serious flaw was recently discovered in Java. And yes, many voices have been calling on users to remove or at least disable Java as a result. However, a Java update is available that fixes this issue. If you download the latest version of Java (see link above), you can continue to use Java safely. Or maybe not… some security experts are warning that the most recent fixes do not fully address all the security concerns.


  1. Is it free to download or install Java on Windows 11?

    Yes, it is free.

  2. Is it official the installation file that we’ve downloaded?

    Yes, it is official, of course. We’ve downloaded it from Oracle’s website.

  3. Is Java safe to install?

    Yes, it is safe.

  4. Which Java version is best for Windows 11?

    Java SE 16.01 or later

  5. How do I know if Java is installed on Windows 11?

    Open Command Prompt, then type java -version and javac -version commands, respectively.

  6. Where is Java located on Windows 11?

    C:\Program Files\Java

  7. Should I remove Java from Windows 11?

    If you have enough free disk space, you shouldn’t remove it. Java is one of the most common programming languages, and you might need to run a Java program in your Windows 11 later.


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