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  1. Al MayAl May says

Just had the Current Boyfriend Toast for breakfast and it’s so delicious and satisfying. I love the pop of the fresh blueberries and the crunchy walnuts.


  2. bribri says

i wanted to make the ex-boyfriend toast but i didnt have any blueberry jam at home so i thought id try this one and its sooo good!! will definitely make it again!



Text When You Have Something To Say

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When you have a thing to say to the person whose number you have, text that person that thing. It has to be a thing of substance. Please never just text “hey.” Or “hello.” And then offer no other things in said text message. How does someone respond to that? And the tough thing is that, because it’s text with no vocal inflection, the reader is then left to infer a ton of things about you/what you mean. So what does that one word text really communicate?

a) you can’t think of anything to say.

b) you haven’t put any effort into that text message, so you really super don’t care about the outcome.

c) you’re nervous! You care a lot about the outcome and you don’t want to sound doofy.

d) you have no idea whose phone number this is and you’re hoping you will now find out.

e) one million other interpretations.

But really, all the one word text message does is make it super hard for her to text you back if she wants to, because there’s nothing to go on. So ignore the timeline rules — if you want to get to know a person and you have their phone number, text when you have a real thing to say to them.

So the question is, do you have a real thing to say to this lovely ladygay? I think you probably do, because it sounds like you had a really badass time drinking, dancing and making out with her.

In your case, this is the language I recommend starting with—

“I had a really great time meeting you and dancing with you on Saturday.”

And now we’re gonna tack things on to that.

Did he text you first?

If the guy texted you first, it is a perfect oppor

If the guy texted you first, it is a perfect opportunity to respond. You don’t have to worry about this one. Simply reply, and wait for him to text you back.

Yet, the only thing you need to worry about is whether you like that guy or not? If you don’t like him, you don’t want to give him false hopes to think he has a chance with you.

You should never force yourself to do things just because you want to be polite.

If you don’t like the guy, you can always choose to send a brief reply, and tell him that you don’t have time to text him.

And if respects you, he will immediately stop texting because you’ve told him politely that you’re not interested.

But, if he continues bombarding you with unnecessary texts even though he knows that you’re not interested, you have every right to tell him openly to stop texting you or you can choose to ignore his texts and consider blocking him.

Always beware when you recognize this type of behavior because he might be a potential psycho who feeds himself on your attention.

This is the most dangerous situation you can experience regarding texting because if you don’t intervene, it can quickly escalate into something bigger.

See also: 12 reasons why he never texts you first (but always responds when you text him)

Have you ever talked to him (in person) before?

If you’ve never talked to him before, you sh

If you’ve never talked to him before, you should not text him. Let me explain why.

If you’ve never talked to him in person, it means you don’t know the guy. And if you don’t know the guy, you have no idea whether he’s a commitment phobe, emotionally unavailable, a psycho or something else.

You can never be too cautious to whom you’re texting today because the world is full of unreliable people.

Another argument why you shouldn’t text him first is because he might think that you’re too shy or socially awkward to meet him in person.

You know the feeling when someone you’ve never heard about all of a sudden texts you? You think of him as a creep who doesn’t have the courage to approach you in person.

And that’s exactly what he’ll think of you. And if you really like him, you should think of other ways to establish contact with him.

Summarized, if you don’t know the guy, don’t text him first because it will save you nerves and time as well.

And life’s too short to spend it living in a delusion while texting someone whose personality might be totally opposite in the real world.

Set Yourself Up For Further Conversation By Asking a Question

What’s the goal of this text that you’

What’s the goal of this text that you’re about to send? Would you like to get to know her via screen-based handheld communication devices (as in, do you want to keep texting for a while?). Did you want to get together again in person, maybe this time with more talking? Are you hoping for more make out sessions at dances but not more than that? Your desired end result will determine the next portion of your text message.

Questions make responding really easy! There is a real thing that you really want to know and that she might have an answer to. It is a suggestion for the next topic y’all are gonna text about (or talk about with your facemeats).

If you want to keep texting, try tacking on something like: “How do you know [insert host of party’s name here]?” Or literally any other question about any other detail of that awesome Saturday.

If you want to get together in person, perhaps write: “I think you’re pretty cool. Wanna grab coffee soon?”

If you want to make out at the next party: “Are you gonna hit up [insert name of party here] next Saturday? Highly recommend.”


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