Get $5 Credit Toward Amazon Prime Pantry When You Choose No-Rush Shipping

What is Prime Pantry Shopping?

2. Start shopping on the Amazon Prime Pantry page, starting with the coupon offers.  

this week’s coupon deals hereYou can always return to the coupons page by checking the right hand of the slider at the top of of the pantry store as shown below:

4. Before your box is filled, check for Free Shipping promotions.  

Once you’re ready to check out, ensure that you have just ONE box filled, that you have all your coupons applied, and that you have free shipping credited (if you qualify). Have we answered your question of “what is Prime Pantry?” I hope so! Have you used Prime Pantry? What has been your best deal? ​​How to Contact Live Amazon Chat reps

4. Amazon Prime Pantry Credit Returns Cheap iPads More in

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12. Prime Panty vs Walmart $5 99 Credit

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$5 Patio/Lawn/Garden

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $5 reward toward your next Patio, Lawn, or Garden purchase

Direct Link

Find Patio, Lawn, and Garden items here.

So How Does Prime Pantry Work?

  1. Amazon is able to offer lower pricing on Pantry Items because orders are typically bigger (to get free shipping). Shop from a special Prime Pantry section on Amazon to find these low prices.  Shampoo may costs $2.50 instead of $4.98, for instance. .
  2. Shipping is FREE on orders over $35 – keep in mind the $35 threshold must be reached by pantry items.  (Good news: if you have any e-coupons, Amazon counts your $35 total BEFORE coupons!) .
  3. Prime Pantry orders usually ship in 1-4 days (so a little longer than regular Prime shipping).   They ship separately from other items you may have ordered. .
  4. Amazon NO LONGER offers the $4.99/month Prime Pantry add-on membership, however current members can still use their membership until we hear otherwise.

Best Shopping Rewards Promotions

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$5 Grocery

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $5 reward toward your next Grocery purchase

Direct Link

Credit can be spent toward purchases.

Best Grocery Produce Delivery Deals

Get savings on grocery store deliveries.

How to view Prime Pantry Credit

Prime pantry credits should be listed under the No Rush Credit URL. Simply, login to your Amazon account to view any type of credit tied to your account. Once you have discovered the amount of credit you have on your account, you can move onto the next step of ordering your first pantry order.

So is Prime Pantry Worth It?

Soooo….. for those of you who are currently on the paid Prime Pantry plan…..  Now that things have changed a little, is keeping your current Amazon Prime Pantry Add-On worth it?

The Cons:

Honestly, sometimes the deals on Prime Pantry aren’t amazing – the coupons are for stuff you might not need, and the list of “qualifying items to save $6” may not be your favorite.

For this reason, the $4.99 monthly fee may not be worth it for you.  You might want to cancel your membership and only order a box full of goodies when the deals are HOT  😉


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