How do I search the kindle lending library?


After I turn on my Kindle and navigate to the home page, I press the “cart” symbol on the menu bar. Once in the Kindle Store, I select the “three dot” menu option, ans then select KOLL from the drop down menu.

This takes you to a page that defaults to showing all the titles in KOLL. If you select the “Refine” option you can drill down to specific categories.

Older screensaver pics: Who?

Some wonder what this or that Kindle thing is. This will be a section for them.

. Who/What are on the Amazon screensavers?    Bruce Woodcock’s List

. More web-bookmarks for the Kindle: Try these


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Here are the most interesting iPad mini 6 case covers you can get in 2021

In this updated overview, we list the best covers and sleeves that are compatible with the newest iPad mini 6 released in 2021.

iPad mini 6 covers

How to Borrow a Kindle Book

To be able to borrow books for free, you must own a Kindle and be a member of Amazon Prime. The service does not work with Kindle apps. You borrow a book from your Kindle, you can’t borrow it from the website and send it to your Kindle.

To borrow a book, go to your Kindle, and press Menu => Shop in Kindle Store. Under Browse, click on See All and scroll down to Kindle Owners Lending Library.

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The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

by Suzanne Collins

Part 1: The Mentor

Coriolanus released the fistful of cabbage into the pot of boiling water and swore that one day it would never pass his lips again. But this was not that day. He needed to eat a large bowl of the anemic stuff, and drink every drop of broth, to prevent his stomach from growling during the reaping ceremony. It was one of a long list of precautions he took to mask the fact that his family, despite residing in the penthouse of the Capitol’s most opulent apartment building, was as poor as district scum. That at eighteen, the heir to the once-great house of Snow had nothing to live on but his wits.

His shirt for the reaping was worrying him. He had an acceptable pair of dark dress pants bought on the black market last year, but the shirt was what people looked at. Fortunately, the Academy provided the uniforms it required for daily use. For today’s ceremony, however, students were instructed to be dressed fashionably but with the solemnity the occasion dictated. Tigris had said to trust her, and he did. Only his cousin’s cleverness with a needle had saved him so far. Still, he couldn’t expect miracles.

The shirt they’d dug from the back of the wardrobe—his father’s, from better days—was stained and yellowed with age, half the buttons missing, a cigarette burn on one cuff. Too damaged to sell in even the worst of times, and this was to be his reaping shirt? This morning he had gone to her room at daybreak, only to find both his cousin and the shirt missing. Not a good sign. Had Tigris given up on the old thing and braved the black market in some last-ditch effort to find him proper clothing? And what on earth would she possess worth trading for it? Only one thing—herself—and the house of Snow had not yet fallen that far. Or was it falling now as he salted the cabbage?

326 words read…

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