How easy is it to change PSU?

How To Change Psu Details

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Symptoms or Signs to change your SMPS

Here are some signs that can tell you that it is the time to change or replace your SMPS / PSU to a new one.

Noisy Fan

Your SMPS or Power Supply has started making constant unbearable noise. This means your SMPS Fan bearings are worn out and it can stop or fail anytime. The performance of a noisy fan is also reduced and it will not spin at its original speed or RPM, which can lead to rise in the temperature of the components of your SMPS. This can cause overheating of your SMPS and it also possesses a serious risk to your computer components that are connected to the SMPS. So it is better to replace a SMPS whose fan is not working properly or to its full capacity.

Restarting Problem with PC

Your PC may be restarting when you play high end games or run heavy resource intensive applications. Your computer may restart because of several other reasons too but when everything else is right then the only culprit left for this problem is SMPS only.

Hanging Problem with PC

Your PC or computer may be hanging without any reasons. This can be due to other things also but this problem can arise because of old or faulty power supply.

Note: Most of these problems arise because either your SMPS has gone too old or it has become faulty. The efficiency of a Power Supply degrades over time because the capacitors looses their ability to hold the charge to its maximum capacity and performance of other components also decreases. Also a SMPS can become faulty because of improper voltage from the mains power or due to continuous voltage fluctuations.

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