How to clean car headlights and defog it

Why are my headlights foggy?

If you look carefully at your headlights, you will see a lot of scratches. Each scratch is tiny and irrelevant, but when your headlight is covered in them, they decrease the quality of your headlights.

Headlights can also get foggy from the inside of the light as well. This is when moisture enters the headlamp with no place to go. With water sittingThis moisture will form a foggy effect that can al in a plastic housing and the temperature starts to climb. The water can evaporate, causing moisture to be gathered on the plastic headlight housing.

This moisture will form a foggy effect that can also decrease the quality of your headlights working like they are supposed to. The moisture could have entered the headlight assembly through a crack as well. Make sure you inspect the headlight before cleaning, so you know where to concentrate your efforts.


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Effects of headlamp oxidation

As earlier mentioned, oxidation occurs as a result of exposure to UV lights and this is what calls for urgent headlight restoration. However, the question remains, what exactly are the effects of headlamp oxidation and how does it affect the driver, car owner, and other motorists?

The average lifespan of a car is up to eleven years on the road and as such, there is every likelihood of wear and tear or ‘’aging’’. Oxidation of the headlights is an eventuality and could cause safety risks on the road if not restored on time.  

When the headlights become foggy and yellowish, it may lead to ‘’loss of vision’’ or dimness. You do not want to be driving a car at night with foggy headlights, the brightness of your headlamps are tampered with and so this restricts what you see. 

Also, there is another risk to other motorists on the road, the brighter your headlights, the sooner you may be seen on the road while driving, especially at night. With foggy or oxidized headlamps, your vehicle may be seen too late to make a move or swerve off your path if it’s in a street or close. 

The best way to deal with this is to remove oxidationbefore it’s too late. We are looking at a potential threat to life and your car may become a ticking time bomb if you do not take action. This brings us to how exactly we can deal with this oxidation and feel safer. 

Headlight restoration is a delicate step to take! You have to be careful which method you choose to go with, what chemicals or liquids to use, and how best to clean the headlights that won’t bring up temporary results. 

There are several ways to restore your headlight and get rid of that pesky oxidization. We have compiled a list of the most common and the most effective methods to help you make a more informed decision depending on your preference. 

How can I prevent my headlights from fogging up again?

Depending on how long you keep the vehicle for, your headlights will fog up again one day. Depending on the mileage that you drive your car, will decide how many scratches get on your lights.

Remember that the fogginess of your headlights came from scratches from road debris and bugs. So this kind of stuff happens, but now you know how to give your headlights that amazing clear clarity that your vehicle had when it was brand new.

Conclusion paragraph:

Car headlights are among the most important safety features of your vehicle, so it’s crucial to keep them in good shape. Luckily, you can easily clean and de-fog car headlights at home with these top tips from our blog experts. Whether you want a DIY headlight defogging device or need professional help on how to dim car lights at home, we have all the guidance for you right here! The easiest way is by preparing a homemade headlight de-fogger that will save time and money while keeping you safe on the road. Our step-by-step instructions should make it easy for anyone to follow along and get their own foggy headlights back into shape without any hassle!

Dimming headlights can be tricky. Here are the top, home remedies for defogging your headlight lenses and removing that yellow haze from your lights. What’s been working well for you? Let us know in the comments!


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5 reasons why your headlights still look foggy after cleaning the outside lens

  1. Car Detailing with Toothpaste

If you choose to clean the outside lens of your car headlights with toothpaste, chances are they will still look foggy because toothpaste is not an abrasive manufactured for car headlights. 

  1. Simple Car Wax 

Most detailing shops when cleaning the outside of your headlight lens would only polish, run a buffer over the lenses, and coat with simple wax. This offers minimum protection and would get your headlights looking foggy again. 

  1. Car Cleaning with Only Automotive Soap

If you intend to restore your car headlight and you only clean the outside lens with automotive soap, then it would definitely look foggy once your car is dry. 

  1. Consistent Exposure to Sun Rays

Do you always park your car outside rather than the garage? If yes, it can be one of the reasons when your car still looks foggy. Constantly parking your car under the sun exposes your headlights to Sun Rays which causes it to oxidize and look foggy. 

  1. Wrong Restoration Kit 

During your car detailing, applying the right restoration kit is very important. Without a specialized restoration kit like clear light tech, your car can still look foggy after the headlight lenses must have been cleaned.

A more thorough method to go for would be procuring a restoration kit.With just one kit, you could combat oxidation of headlights and have that amazing result you wish for in your headlamp. There are several methods as we have seen, but a restoration kit is one of the best methods when it comes to headlight restoration.

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