How to create a private torrent using qBittorrent

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Step 3: Installing mktorrent

To create a torrent, we can do some multiple ways, however my favorite is by using mktorrent.

sudo apt-get install mktorrent -y

The files that you will be uploading for seeding must stay in the same folder after creation of the .torrent file. Or else you will have broken links on your uploads section.

find the file you’d like to create a torrent link for and run:

mktorrent -va http://PUBLIC_IP:9000/announce

  • -v == verbose
  • -a == announce
  • -p (optional) == private

This will create your .torrent file.

scp the .torrent file from your server to your currently working pc.


I wrote this because I found lack of documentation on the subject.I am still tweaking out certain settings and playing around with proxy configurations and trying out different VPNs, please do not take this as bulletproof, however this does not get you 100% there, it will at least point you in the right direction.


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