How to Delete Facebook Messages and Conversations on Android

How to Delete Facebook Messages on PC (Default)

If you need to delete your Facebook message, it is not necessary to use Messenger app on your phone. You can do that from your browser by logging to your Facebook account.

Delete Single Message on Facebook

You can delete any particular message on Facebook chat with your computer browser. Follow the below steps to delete a single message from your conversation.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account from Chrome or any other browser.
  2. Click Messenger from the list of options located on left.
  3. Under Chats, select the contact for which you need to delete messages.
  4. Click the Three-dot menu icon and then click Remove.
  5. Here, a pop-up window titled Remove For You will appear on your screen with two options: Cancel, Remove. Go ahead and click the Remove button.

You need to remember that the message will be deleted only for you and other members can still view this chat. The only drawback of this method is it doesn’t allow you to select and delete multiple messages. If you would like to do that, then the only available option is to delete the entire conversation as explained below.

Delete Entire Chat History of Facebook Messenger

It takes a lot of time to delete messages one by one. Since there is no option to select multiple messages, to delete the entire Facebook conversation. Let’s see how to do that. It is assumed that you have already logged on to your Facebook account.

  1. Under Chats, move your cursor over the chat that needs to be deleted.
  2. Click the Three-dot menu icon and then click Delete from the list of options displayed on your screen.
  3. Here, you will see a confirmation window titled Delete Conversation with three options:
    • Cancel
    • Delete
    • Archive.
  4. Click Delete. In case you would like to move the conversation to Archives, then you can click Archive.

By repeating the above steps, you can all your conversations which are not needed anymore. This is kind of too much manual work. If you want to clean up lot of Facebook chat messages, we have to use some apps and extensions. Let’s see some easy solutions to delete the message with third-party apps and extensions.

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How do I permanently delete Facebook messages on android?

Press and hold any specific message you want to delete until it pops up the Delete button. You can also delete the entire thread. All you have to launch the Messenger app. Look for the conversation you want to delete, swipe towards the left and tap ‘Delete’ button.



  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Click See all in Messenger
  3. Click on the options wheel next to a conversation
  4. Click Delete if you want to erase all the messages

But what can you do about multiple messages and multiple conversations? – For this, you have to install a third-party browser extension.

Part 2. How to Delete Facebook Conversation on Android

Open the messages and locating the desired convers

Open the messages and locating the desired conversation history that you want out of the picture. The next step requires you to tap and then hold on this particular conversation until the menu will open, and then select the “Delete” option in the conversation history.

You could also try to perform the action through the mobile browser, and in order to do that you need to sign in to the account, open the messages and the desired history you want deleted, then select delete in order to erase the whole conversation. If the conversation is long, you do have the option to select the messages you want deleted, an option that is very interesting to say the least!

Can you delete multiple messages on Facebook Messenger?

You can’t do it from the Messenger app. Login from a browser, go to the conversation >> click the action icon from the upper right corner >> from the action list, check “Delete selected” >> You’ll see a “Delete” button next to every single messages >> Just click on it to delete the related message.

How to Delete Messages on Facebook Messenger (iPhone)

These days, the majority of us prefer to use Facebook/Messenger on our smartphones. Right? Especially, if you are someone who uses Facebook messenger on a daily basis to chat with your friends/family, then definitely you need to delete the messages regularly to free up some space on your iPhone/Android smartphone.

Like its web version, there is no option on Facebook/Messenger to delete multiple messages at once. Hence, you need to spend some time in order to clear them. Let’s see how to do that.

To Delete Single Message

Follow the below steps to delete messages one by one on your iPhone.

  1. On your iPhone, launch Messenger app from the home screen.
  2. Under Chats, tap the contact for which you need to delete the message.
  3. Tap and hold on the message until you see three options at the bottom.
  4. Tap Remove.
  5. Tap Remove for you.
  6. Here, a confirmation pop-up will be displayed on your screen with two options: Remove, Cancel. Go ahead and tap Remove.

Now, the message has been successfully removed from your device. However, it will be available to other persons in the chat.

To Delete Entire Chat

In case you would like to get rid of the entire conversation for a particular contact, then follow the below steps.

  1. Launch Messenger.
  2. Locate the conversation you wish to delete and swipe from left to right.
  3. Here, you will see icons: Three Horizontal Lines, Notification, Delete. Tap Delete.
  4. Tap Delete Chat.

Now, the entire conversation with that contact has been removed from your iPhone.

How to delete an entire Facebook conversation on your computer

Of course, it’s also easy to delete the entire conversation rather than removing messages one at a time.

1. Go to Facebook in your desktop web browser.

2. In the menu bar at the top of the window, click the “Messenger” icon, which looks like a speech bubble. You can also go to your Messenger inbox by scrolling down on the menu on the left side of your homepage and clicking “Messenger.”

3. Find the conversation you want to delete, and hover your mouse over it until a three-dot icon appears. Click the three-dot icon and select “Open in Messenger.”

After clicking the three-dot icon next to the conversation you want to delete, select “Open in Messenger.”
Grace Eliza Goodwin/Business Insider

4. In the Messenger window, hover your mouse over the conversation you want to delete and click the three-dot icon. 

5. In the pop-up under the three-dot icon, click “Delete.”

Click “Delete” in the pop-up menu.
Grace Eliza Goodwin/Business Insider

6. In the next pop-up, click “Delete” to delete the whole conversation. 

Part 2: How do you delete multiple Facebook Messenger messages on Android?

Messages are individual messages in a conversation that you want to delete. Any message from anywhere you can delete them. The following steps will help you delete the message.

Step1. Open your Facebook Messenger. In your Facebook Messenger just find the message that you want to delete by using the search option or by scrolling down.

Step2. Once you have found the message you want to delete, just perform an extended touch until a new screen pops up. This screen has various options copy text, forward, delete, and delete.

Step3. Now just tap on delete and your message will be deleted from the history of your Facebook Messenger.

Step4. Now you can go to other messages and perform the same above-mentioned steps.

While this does ensure that your message is deleted, what do you do if you want to retrieve the message later on? Thankfully, you can retrieve the message too – perhaps because seldom is something deleted wholly from the internet. If you want to restore the message in the future, you can always use data to restore programs such as Wondershare Dr. fone.


Deleting messages on an Android phone or tablet:

  1. Open Facebook Messenger
  2. Locate a message to delete
  3. Touch and hold on the message to open the context menu
  4. Tap delete

Is it safe to use these extensions to delete mass conversations in Messenger?

Browser extensions have become a very useful tool for most of the users, as they are responsible for facilitate tasks on different websites . This is how today we can find some of them that will help us to massively eliminate conversations stored on this platform , so that none of these cats can be seen by other people.

Despite the great advantage that these tools become, it is also important to take into account the risks associated with their use . And there are currently a large number of malicious extensions which may contain certain types of virus or malware that infect your PC. For this reason, it is recommended that the user install only those that are added only to official websites of browsers .

Considering the fact that there are many pages that offer browser extensions and which contain anti-spyware and viruses that can affect the computer, you must be careful when you want to install some of them. Therefore, what can help us to improve the experience of a website peut become a problem for the computer in general.

How to Delete Messages on the Messenger App

The following steps show you how to delete messages on the Messenger app for iOS or Android. They apply to both versions of the app, but screenshots are from the iOS app.

  1. To delete an individual chat message, tap the conversation to open the chat, then tap and hold your finger down on the individual message.

  2. Tap Remove at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Tap Remove for You to confirm.

    Note Any message you remove only disappears from your own Messenger account. (They’re still be visible to others involved in the chat.) However, you can choose Unsend for any message you’ve sent, regardless of how long ago it was to remove it from others’ inboxes.

  4. To delete an entire conversation using Messenger for Android, tap and hold your finger down on a conversation, then tap Delete.

    To delete an entire conversation using Messenger for iOS, swipe left on a conversation, tap More, then tap Delete.

    Tip If you’re using Messenger for iOS or Android, you can also select Archive if you don’t want to delete the conversation permanently.

  5. Tap Delete to confirm.


Want to delete conversations in bulk? There’s currently no way to select multiple conversations to delete them all at once on or in the app. However, you may be able to get around this limitation with a third-party Chrome extension called Fast Delete Messages.

  • How do you deactivate Facebook Messenger?

    First, you need to deactivate your Facebook account. Then, from the mobile app, go to Chats > profile picture > Legal & Policies > Deactivate Messenger > Deactivate.

  • How do you log out of Facebook Messenger?

    On iPhone, open the menu, scroll to the bottom, and choose Log Out. If you’re on a web browser or the Android mobile app, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Security and Login > Where You’re Logged In. Find your device and select the three vertical dots, then select Log Out.

  • How do you unblock someone on Facebook Messenger?

    On iOS and Android, go to your profile picture > Privacy > Blocked Accounts, select the person you want to unblock and choose Unblock Messages and Calls. From the website, select your photo > Preferences > Account Settings > Blocking > Block Messages > Unblock.

  • What is Facebook Messenger’s Vanish Mode?

    Vanish Mode is a Facebook Messenger feature that lets you send messages, photos, emoji, and more that disappear once the person you send them to views them and closes the chat window. It doesn’t work on group chats, and you need to opt-in to it.


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