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Step-by-Step Procedure of How You Can Turn Avast Email Signature Off!

  • Step 1: To disableAvast Email Signature,’ you need to open your Avast UI and for that, start by clicking right on the installed ‘Avast Antivirus Software Icon’ in your system tray.
  • Step 2: Then, select the ‘Open Avast User Interface’ option from the available contextual menu.
Step 3: Once it’s open, click on the ‘Gear-like Me
  • Step 3: Once it’s open, click on the ‘Gear-like Menu Icon’ which is there at the top right corner of the ‘Main User Interface of Avast Antivirus’ screen.
Step 4: From the menu, select the option of ‘Setti
  • Step 4: From the menu, select the option of ‘Settings’ to simply navigate onto the Avast’s settings page.
Step 5: On the settings page, click on ‘Protection
  • Step 5: On the settings page, click on ‘Protection’ option and in continuation, click on ‘Core Shields’ tab.
Step 6: Under the same, scroll down to ‘Configure
  • Step 6: Under the same, scroll down to ‘Configure Shield Settings’ to click the tab of ‘Mail Shield.’ 
Step 7: There, all you have to do is un-tick the b
  • Step 7: There, all you have to do is un-tick the box next to the option of “Add a signature to the end of sent emails.” 
Step 8: Now, simply restart your browser or sign-o
  • Step 8: Now, simply restart your browser or sign-out and sign-in to your email account to ensure that finally you’ve stopped Avast from by-default adding its signature at the end of your outgoing emails. 

Moreover, if the steps mentioned above didn’t help you to turn off Avast Email Signature then, luckily there’s also an alternative way of doing it. So, without wasting time, let’s have all your attention here and learn about the steps of the same:


My research on this email signature

I climbed, climbed on various forums and blogs, found a similar problem with people, and all the “gurus” recommended simply unchecking the option “ Insert note into a” clean “message (outgoing),” which I already tried. And I never found a solution to my problem.

I was already thinking about changing the anti-virus for the future, since such a bright Avast signature in the E-Mail messages sent by me didn’t suit me at all, and some of my interlocutors, I think, too if I do not find it, then in the future I will change this antivirus to another free one. And the solution was found, and here it is …

What does your site do for my search of How To Get Rid Of Avast Email Signature?

That when users search for How To Get Rid Of Avast Email Signature means they need help. Then, we will support them by giving advice and tips by articles. There may be one or various solutions, so the best one is up to the choice and demand of each.

How to Turn off Avast Email Signature?

The following steps show you how to get rid of Avast email signature:

1. Open Avast.

2. Click the Menu icon (on the top-right side of the software interface).

3. A menu will appear from the right side. Then, you need to click Settings to continue.

4. On the next interface, you need to go to Protection > Core Shields.

5. Scroll down to the Configure shield settings section and switch to Mail Shield.

6. Find the Add a signature to the end of sent emails It is selected by default. You need to uncheck it.

7. Click Close to close the current interface.

8. Close Avast.

9. Restart your web browser.

10. Go to your email box. Then, sign out and re-sign into your email account. You can write an email and check whether the Avast email signature is removed successfully.

This is the easy method to turn off Avast Email Signature from your email box.

How To Get Rid Of Avast Email Signature Details

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How this signature affects you?

For more than a year, I have been using the free version of Avast Antivirus, which I put on all family-owned computers, and, in principle, am happy with everything.

You do not need to buy anything, pick up keys, and steam with the reset of activation, as is the case with any paid antivirus. At the same time, the antivirus protects well, since in so much time I have never noticed any problems with the system and suspicious actions that could somehow suggest that I have virus activity in my computer.

Well, in general, I did not observe any problems with the use of Avast on any computer until recently.

The later version of avast

In general, the next version of Avast Antivirus was released and, of course, I updated all the computers that I maintain to this version. This is the 11th version (at the moment I have is 11.1.2245, which was released on December 1, 2015).

Updated, as usual, I did not notice any problems as before … However, literally on the same day, after updating Avast to the latest version at the moment, I still saw something new for me.

When I sent an email to anyone, right before my signature, avast email signature was inserted at the end of the message:

This message was sent from an uninfected computer protected by Avast.

Strange, I think … Previously, this had never happened before, whatever version it was updating its antivirus. I guessed that it was easy to turn off this signature in the Avast settings.

But I didn’t want to poke around there, and therefore I didn’t sweat at first … Then I began to notice that when I looked at the message, the message first fell on the signature.

Like distracted by it! Then I also think: “Damn, and those with whom I communicate at work and personally via e-mail, after all, Avast’s signatures in my messages certainly pay attention to this and surely it can annoy someone …”. I think it was like that. Because after a couple of days, the beginning began to annoy me too.


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