【How to】 Force Yourself To Sneeze

Is Forcing yourself to sneeze bad?

While sneezes (and the schnozes that expel them) come in many sizes, a whopper sneeze can blast air out of your nose at 500 miles per hour, Benninger says. If you redirect that force inward, your suppressed sneeze can send waves of force rippling through your head and body. Usually that’s not a big deal.


8. How to sneeze by shaking your nose

Squeeze the nose and gently shake your nose. This can make you feel sad in the nose and make you want to sneeze. You can even work your nose by turning your nose in circles with your face muscles.

Your goal is to shake the nasal membranes to cause sneezing so you can try to sing a song while your mouth is closed while trying to shake a part of the nose.

You might also try rubbing your lips and pushing the air through the oral cavity into the lips.

Allow the air to escape slowly to vibrate the lips. Breathe hard to shake your lips, and you will not be able to stop the sneeze.

Is it bad to force yourself to sneeze?

A Japanese dude, known as Tan, has gone viral for making himself sneeze more than 300 times in a video. The price of virality was his health, though, as Tan later revealed that he made himself sick from the little stunt. For two consecutive days after filming, he had a sore throat and fever.

Sneezing increase pressure in the abdominal, thoracic, pulmonary and circulatory system drastically for a very short period. This normally doesn’t cause or affect the body systems or body significantly. But when you force yourself for a prolonged period of time it can cause side effects on your body. 

You have to take special care if you have a tendency to a nosebleed. As the capillary walls around the nose are fragile and closer to the surface, abrupt increase pressure may cause a rupture, which causes nosebleeds.

16. Fuzzy Drinks:

Have you ever noticed that we get a sneezing reaction as we take any fuzzy drink near the nostrils? This is because CO2 in the drink acts as an irritant to the nose. So you can easily kill 2 birds with one stone.

Your craving for coke is over, and the need to sneeze is over.

Massage your nose

Again, this is all about getting a response from that notorious trigeminal nerve. Use your hands to gently rub the bridge of your nose, pushing in a downward motion or pinching slightly. Experiment with whatever motion starts to get that tickling sensation. While you’re here, consider this technique to help clear your sinuses.


6. How to make myself sneeze by stimulating the muscle to cause sneezing

Defeat the nose defense mechanism by deliberately sending the wrong signal to the brain.

Stimulate the sneeze by acting on the nasal muscles used to sneeze. It sounds impossible, but it works.

To do this method, you need to stimulate the nasal cavity gently. Inside the nostrils are very sensitive when stimulated, you can use a tissue to stimulate the nose, which causes sneezing.

Tickle under your nose

If you don’t want to stick a tissue up your nose, simply tickling beneath your nostrils might be enough. For optimal tickling, try to get your hands on a fake feather.


11. Chew A Peppermint Gum:

This one has nothing to do with the chewing itself. It is the strong flavor and odor of the peppermint gum that brings the sneeze reflex. This one is reportedly a good way to trick your brain

When I sneeze my insides hurt?

Experiencing pain when coughing or sneezing, lifting heavy objects, or even when laughing or crying can be a sign of a hernia. Usually this discomfort will be felt in the lower abdominal area. Frequent heartburn, indigestion and regurgitation can be indicators of a hiatal hernia.

10. Tweezing your Brows

How can you make yourself sneeze with the help of a pair of tweezers? It’s very easy. You can pluck a single eyebrow hair to make yourself sneeze. This stimulates the nerve endings in the face, which is also connected to the nasal nerve.

This method might need a few tries, or it can even work immediately. 

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Does your heart stop when you sneeze?

You have heard many times that your heart stops for a fraction of a second when you sneeze. But does it really?

A study was carried out to check the facts about this. When you sneeze, the pressure in your body immediately increases. This decreases the blood flow back to the heart. Thus, the heart recompenses for this by altering its regular heartbeat momentarily to tune. However, the electrical activity of the heart does not stop while sneezing.

With these techniques, you can now make yourself sneeze within no time. Make sure you share this article if someone asks you “how to make yourself sneeze?” You can try any of these methods and make yourself sneeze, just for fun. Don’t forget to comment below which method works for you easily. AAAAAA…CCHHEEWWW


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Can you train yourself to sneeze differently?

While you can’t stop your nose from getting itchy and watery, you can control how loud you sneeze with “higher functions”, Professor Harvey says. He says you can quieten your sneeze by pinching and rubbing the nose or by sneezing through your nose, but that it is a “double-edged sword”.

Frequently Asked Question Answers-

Q. How to make yourself sneeze with a stuffy or a blocked nose?

Ans. Stuffy noses are more common at night. To begin, you will require a piece of tissue paper. Twist it so that you can tickle your nose with it. Insert the twisted tissue paper into your nose, taking care not to pierce the inside of your nose. Continue tickling your nose until you sneeze.

Q. How to make yourself sneeze on command?

Ans. Simply run the tip of your tongue along the roof of your mouth back and forth. You will get yourself sneeze on command.

Q. How to make yourself sneeze without pepper?

Ans. Pulling a nose hair may cause discomfort, but it may also result in a sneeze. The trigeminal nerve becomes aware when you pluck a nose hair and sends a signal to the brain, causing you to sneeze without pepper.

Q. How to make yourself sneeze when you have a cold?

Ans. When you have a cold apply firm but gentle downward pressure with your fingers to massage the bridge of your nose. Continue massaging until a slight tickle in the back of your nose causes you to sneeze.

Q. Why do people sneeze so loud?

Ans. Why do i sneeze so much? Sneezing is a natural way for your body to clear the airways. The nose may become irritated or tickled when foreign matter such as dirt, pollen, smoke, or dust enters the nostrils. It causes a sneeze when this happens.

Q. What happens when you sneeze?

Ans. When you sneeze, your chest muscles contract and release air from your lungs, your eyes close, and your diaphragm moves upward. This is a way to get rid of the allergen or irritant; the air allows thousands of droplets to project from your nose and mouth.

Q. Why does the sun make me sneeze?

Ans. The photic sneeze reflex is the sensation of sneezing when you see the sun. The photic sneeze reflex is a condition that is triggered by bright light. Sunlight is a trigger, but artificial lighting such as light bulbs and camera flashes can also make you sneeze.

In Closing

Each body type is different, and so is the sensitivity towards various particles. Specific methods might work for someone but not for you. All you have to do is be gentle and patient with yourself while trying to trigger your nasal passages.

People with common cold or flu might quickly get the results after a few tries as they have a lot of mucus that can trap the irritants. But it might not be the case with somebody else. Maybe others have to give a number of tries to get that one perfect sneeze. So, it depends from person to person.

You have to figure out what works for you. But remember to be careful. Do not insert anything sharp or too hard. Keeping everything in consideration, you can quickly get your sneeze and feel relaxed. And also, don’t forget to cover your nose while sneezing to keep yourself and people 


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