How to get YouTube videos to start and stop at a specific time


  1. Link to a specific time code in a YouTube video so that viewers get right to the point you want to share with them.
  2. This can be helpful for email, social media, or in a YouTube description or YouTube comment.


Share a Link to a Specific Time in a YouTube Video on Mobile

On the official YouTube mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, you might notice that there's a share button that allows you to copy the video link and share it to social apps, but no Start at check box or field. This feature is only available when you watch a YouTube video from a web browser.

So if you want to link to a specific time in a YouTube video while using your smartphone, you have a couple of options:

  • Open the video from your browser app, like Chrome, and change the browser's settings so that it loads YouTube's desktop site rather than its mobile version (choose Desktop site from Chrome's menu). Then, follow the steps as they're listed above to create the time-stamped URL.
  • Link to a specific time by manually creating a time stamp.

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  1. Click the share button.
  2. Scroll down.
  3. Enter time code.
  4. Copy URL.
  5. Share URL. Make sure to also reference the specific time code as a backup.

    Example: “Check out this video about YouTube time code linking:  (Go to 1:55 in the video).”


How do I share a YouTube video with a specific start and end time?

You can share a YouTube video with a specific start and end time by copying the YouTube link from the embed code, then adding ?start=timestamp&end=timestamp to the end of the link. The timestamp must be written in seconds in order for the link to work.

How To Timestamp a YouTube Video NOW?

To create a clickable timestamp inside a Youtube comment or video description:

  • Watch the video up until the time you want to link to
  • Pause the video and type the time exactly as you see inside the video player
  • Publish your comment and the timestamp will become clickable
  • Test your timestamp by clicking it (you should be sent directly to the part of the video you paused at when at step 2

Do you have any more tips on sharing a specific part of the video? Please comment below!

How to start YouTube video at a certain time?

Method 1: Copy Video URL at current time

While the video is viewing, you can right click in vide area and select “Copy Video URL at current time”. This will give you a URL similar to this: which you can copy/paste to share or embed the video. When you do so the video will begin from the specific timestamp.

Notice in the URL above the t=15 at the end which is equivalent to 15 seconds, in other words this is saying Youtube to start the video from the 15thsecond onwards.

Method 2: Manually add the start time value at the

Method 2: Manually add the start time value at the end of the URL

You can right click in the video player and select “Copy Video URL” and then add the numbers of seconds you want the video to start. For example if this is your URL: and you want the video to start after 1 minute and 30 seconds (1:30) you will add #t=90 (1 minute is 60 seconds + 30 seconds) at the end of the URL so that it becomes:

You can also use the minutes: seconds format and at #t=1m30s which is the same thing.

Method 3: Click the SHARE button

When you click the Share button you have the option to select the Start at checkbox and this will automatically append the start time at the end of the URL. You can also change the value in the box and type in the time in minutes:seconds format i.e. 2:25 which means in 2 minutes and 25 seconds.

Notice that the URL in the share box is also shorten by for use on social networks without taking up a lot of characters.

Use the above 3 methods to redirect your users or start embedded youtube videos at a certain time.

How to share a YouTube video with a start time (Easy Method)

If you want to share a YouTube video that starts at a specific time, then this is probably the easiest way to do it:

Step 4

Find the small check box which says “Start at:” and enter a start time in minutes and seconds in the format (mm:ss).

Step 5

Step 5

Click on the social network of your choice to share the link with your mates.


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