How to impress your new boss in your first 30 days

How to Impress Your Boss for Promotion?

1. Prioritize Tasks:

To start with the mission of getting yourself noticed, what you can do is make the priorities of your boss your own priority as well.

This will ensure that you are in line with the values and goals of your boss and also the company.

When you are working towards the same goal and are helping out your boss in achieving his goal, then automatically you are coming into the limelight.

2. Strike the Right Chord:

When you are talking to your boss or discussing something just make sure that you know what you are talking about and speak in a natural way.

Don’t be artificial and just make sure that you have some witty one-liners ready so that you are able to lighten up the mood too.

3. Taking care of the Nitty Gritties:

There are always some works in the office that is easily overlooked by everybody because it is so insignificant. It may be as small as shutting down the computer completely before leaving.

When you are leaving just look around and see which system is still on. If you find any then turn it off.

Fixing minor glitches of the printer is also one of the things that you can do to make your boss take notice of you.

4. Work Smart:

If you are getting the job done efficiently and in less time by delegating your job then it will be more appreciated than taking a long time to complete the work all by yourself.

The Company is worried about saving company’s time and money and by getting the job done in less time you are actually helping the cause.

5. Work Attitude:

When you are helping your colleague to finish their job after completing your work, then it surely gets noticed.

You have to be a team player in order to impress your boss and come up with fine ideas which contributes towards the success of a business.

6. Performance speaks for itself:

Impress your boss with numbers and not by words. You can keep on telling him how good you are at work, but if you are not able to prove it with numbers then it doesn’t count.

So, start working towards getting your figures correct and it will definitely be noticed.

7. Anticipation is important:

You are not in a school so everything won’t be informed. When you are assigned a task then you have to measure the pros and cons and take care of the whole proceedings effectively.

If you want to impress your boss you have to walk that extra mile.

8. Breaking the News:

In order to impress your boss you must be aware of even the smallest piece of news that is out in the market.

Clip on the news and mail it with your entire team, including your boss to show him that you are really interested in the business that the company is doing.

9. Balancing Quality and Quantity:

Quality time is more important, but in order to impress your boss you have to bring in the quantity too.

Therefore, it is better that you come in early and leave a bit later, but do remember to put in equal effort throughout else it is not worth it.

10. Mr. Dependable:

When you are committing something to your boss make sure that you over-deliver so that you get into notice and do that before the deadline because that will showcase your efficiency as well.

11. Know your Work:

It is not a good sign if you are running for help every now and then to complete the task that you have been assigned as that showcases your inefficiency.

So, it is better that you do your research properly first and only turn up when you have to, as the last option.

12. Upgrade your Skills:

If there is any new certifications regarding your job, then make sure that you get that done as that will show your interest towards getting your skills updated which in turn will be helpful for the company only because you will be able to increase the productivity.

13. Personal v/s Professional:

When you are in the office work, like a thorough professional.

Don’t bring in the personal complication into your professional world, as it will hamper your productivity and it will definitely not get down well with your boss as well.

14. Balancing the Workload:

Don’t ask for money instead ask for more work that you can complete efficiently as money will definitely follow suit.

Be confident and don’t let others understand if you are worried from inside as it will earn you respect from your co-workers and will go down well with your boss too.

15. Take Initiatives:

It is not necessary that you have to be a senior to arrange a small farewell party for a colleague who is retiring or if someone has been promoted.

Your boss will be impressed with these small initiatives as well.

16. Health is important:

If you are sick half the month, then that means you are not as productive half the time.

Therefore, it is important that you take care of your health first so that you can be highly productive all throughout.

17. Be Flexible:

If you are not scared to venture in unknown path, then it will send a good signal to your boss.

If you are excited about the change that is coming in, then it shows your eagerness to know the unknown and proves that you are not scared of the challenges.

18. Know when to keep mum:

Rather than just babbling out, it is better that you keep quiet and listen to what others have to say and take note of that.

It is not necessary that in order to impress your boss you have to say anything that comes out of your mind.

19. Don’t show off:

You might have received an award for your performance, but that doesn’t mean that you will keep on bragging about it.

Instead, you just get back to your work quietly. This behavior will impress your boss more than anything else.

20. Be Humble:

When you are leading a team you need to be compassionate towards your team member and help them perform better.

Listen to their queries and solve it efficiently. Look for ways to improve your leadership qualities. All these traits in you will impress the boss and will get you the much desired promotion too.


4. Be involved at work

How can you be more involved at work? Think about philanthropic or team-building events (or both!). These types of events take a fair amount of effort to set up and execute. By volunteering to be a part of them, you will come across as a person who is more than a punch in, punch out employee. You’re engaged with the company.

If you really want to stand out and impress your boss, volunteer a new idea. Can you think of a fun way to raise money for the company’s main charity? Have you seen a cool new activity that would make for a fun team-building event? Take the lead and volunteer to organize something new. Too often companies will find themselves in a rut with these kinds of things because doing something new takes extra work. Be that person who’s not afraid to put in the effort to expand their horizons.

11. Stay Organized

Have you ever walked past someone’s workspac

Have you ever walked past someone’s workspace and it looks like a tornado hit? Paper explosion, an overfilled trashcan, and coffee cups everywhere. What kind of message does that send? Do you think that’s a smart move when you’re learning how to impress your boss? Probably not. So keep your area tidy. Regularly look for ways to keep your space organized. When you’re using the office kitchen, leave it in better condition than when you found it. Oh and, NEVER cook fish in the office microwave. Always a bad idea. 

2. Bring One Big Idea: Clay Hebert, Spindows

“Don’t be worried getting your boss coffee or ordering the team lunch accurately. Instead, propose an audacious new idea to improve the business every week. Bring these ideas to your boss or (even better) post them publicly, and offer to lead a team to execute the new idea. Compliance isn’t scarce. Leadership and initiative are.”


"How do you carry yourself?" says di Giusto. "Your body language tells a lot about you."

So does your business etiquette, she says. "Do you shake hands? Look into their eyes? How do you use your voice, which is a powerful tool and instrument?" says di Giusto.

It's important to take all of these behavioral characteristics into consideration in order to portray a confident executive presence, she says.

Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope and Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson talking during a scene of "Parks and Recreation."NBC Universal/Getty Images

12. Take responsibility

We mentioned earlier that it’s really important to be honest to your boss and throughout your career.

And the same thing goes for taking responsibility when you make a mistake.

We all make mistakes, but there’s nothing worse than someone who blames other people, makes shoddy excuses and just can’t admit that they’ve done the wrong thing.

Owning up to your mistakes will demonstrate integrity to your boss, as well as bravery.

Even more impressive, instead of taking the problem to your boss, take the problem plus your solution.

People like problem solvers, not problem-starters!

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7. Dont Cramp Their Style

You have your own way of doing things. 
 You m

You have your own way of doing things. You might even feel like your way is better (so that’s why you do it) But, try it their way from start to finish. Because if you don’t – rest assured, they will take notice. Even if you don’t mean it, it will come across as “Sorry, boss – I don’t think the time it would take to do it your way is worth it.” And who would be impressed by that employee?

So ask the right questions, take notes, and get it done the way they want it done. This is a win-win situation. If it works their way, then you add another successfully completed project to your list. If it doesn’t, you can offer ideas and strategies to improve. This is also a great tip for how to get a promotion at work fast.

4. Put in the Extra Hours: Derek Capo, Next Step

“The first thing we notice about new employees is the time that they clock out—mentally or physically. If we notice that someone is out the door by 5 PM, we know the type of person we will get. If we see the person makes the extra effort and time to learn more about what we are teaching and stays a bit later, we know this is the person we want.”

6. Embrace a positive attitude

Never underestimate the power of a smile and a good, positive attitude.

Avoid taking part in gossip or other negative workplace trivialities and your boss will see you as someone who enhances the office environment.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll get that management promotion if you’re constantly negative.

It just wouldn’t be good for the team atmosphere or productivity.

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