How to learn to lie effectively


  1. Neil Neil says:

    September 12, 2013 at 2:57 am

    Why have you got this listed under humor when 90% of Studies show that 90% of averagely informed proletarians will identify nothing but indisputable truth? Neil

  2. Thomas Moniak Thomas Moniak says:

    June 8, 2014 at 5:43 pm

    you people are what’s wrong with this World teaching people how to hate and manipulate. I am all ways real . You are in your own hell.

    1. Akash Jain Akash Jain says:

      June 9, 2014 at 5:37 am

      Sorry if this offended you in anyway. This was a satire on lying posted under humor. The idea was to show how pathetic our society is.

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Rule #2

The second rule of lying is: when you cannot use a deceptive truth, tell a lie that is as close to a deceptive truth as possible.

That sounds a lot like rule #1!

Indeed, all the rationale in rule #1 applies to rule #2. Therefore, the ideal lie deviates as little as possible from a deceptive truth.

Let us go back to our hypothetical sweater example. Say your grandmother asks a more specific follow up question, "were the colors nice?" At this point, if you answer a different question or continue to change the subject it will be obvious that you are avoiding something. Furthermore, if you bluntly say, "I thought the colors were ugly," it will have an even greater negative impact as your grandmother was starting to believe you liked the gift.

If you opt to outright lie (oh, I absolutely loved the colors!) you will be facing the obstacles outlined in rule #1.

The remaining option, to tell a lie that resembles the truth could go something like this, "I really liked the red in the sweater. You know red is my favorite color after all." In actuality, you may find the particular hue of red in the sweater unappealing, but if you like the color red the statement is close enough to the truth to not stand out.

The essence of rule #2 is the opposite of the saying, "go big or go home." Just because you have to lie does not mean you should be telling the boldest lie imaginable. While there might be some exhilaration associated with getting away with a daring lie, it is an unreliable means of deception and should be avoided in most cases.

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