How to make 12 different shadow puppets

How to Make the Halloween Shadow Puppets Printable

Follow these directions to make your own Halloween shadow puppets!

You just need a few things for these Halloween puppets, including bamboo skewers, paper, and a printer!

You can also just use the templates as a guide for tracing if you can’t get to a printer!


Babies, animals, toys, and props

You can use the same technique in Google Drawing to create silhouettes of babies, animals, or props that match in size with the puppets that you created. (See an example for an image search for the term “silhouette dog” — I’m using the nature-friendly search engine “Ecosia“). For images this small you will not need any moving body parts. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always make a silhouette yourself using a photocopier or YouDoodle.

Worlds of Shadows – Teaching with Shadow Puppetry

This book is so interesting! Even if you don't buy it (it's quite expensive), please go to Google Books and check out the preview! You're sure to get some great ideas for making shadow puppets! I did.

Academic Connections

the science of light and shadow

pioneer lifestyles

here is a lined notebooking page about shadow puppets


  • Be careful if using candles, lamps are recommended.

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  • Be careful when cutting out the cardboard-box and paper.

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Cut Shadow Puppets with a Machine

If you have a silhouette cutting machine (Silhouette Portrait or Cricut), you can import the designs and have them cut in no time. Below, you will find my detailed tutorials on how to do that.

How to import a JPEG or PNG image in the Silhouette Studio

How to import a JPEG or PNG image in the Cricut Design Space  

Pros: The machine does a good job, and once you invest in it, you can use it for all the silhouettes you will ever need. I’m very fond of mine.

Cons: Not so cheap. On the other hand, for a crafter, it’s a really amazing investment, and cost is similar to a decent printer. Like a printer, there is the ongoing cost of expendables – you need to buy replacement mats and blades occasionally. 

Moon Festival: Shadow Puppets

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival by staging a shadow puppet show based on the Chinese Moon legend that explains the origins and traditions of the festival.

Remember to come out from behind the stage and take your bow! – The youth are holding their shadow puppets

Puppets, from left to right: Boar, Eagle, Alligator, Bat, Crane.

(Note: There were several others children and puppets in our performance too.)

For Further Exploration

  • Make more shadow puppets! Cut out different shapes or other figures from the cardstock and see how their shadows look. Can you make a puppet with moving parts?
  • What happens to your shadow if you use multiple light sources? Test it by using two or three light sources at the same time. Place them all at different positions and observe how your shadow(s) change.
  • Can you find a way to make colored shadows? Look at this “Colored Shadows” activity to find out how it works.


  1. Switch on the flashlight and point it at the wall. What do you see on the wall once you switch on the light? How does the appearance of the wall change when you switch the light on?

  2. Hold the cardstock circle up halfway between the flashlight and the wall, just outside the light shining on the wall.

    What do you see on the wall? Does the circle cast a shadow? Why or why not?

  3. Next, hold the circle directly in front of the flashlight, halfway to the wall.

    What do you see on the wall this time? What shape does the shadow have?

  4. Cut two more 2-inch circles from the frosted and clear plastic sheets. One at a time, hold each of the circles halfway between the flashlight and the wall.

    Which material makes the darkest shadow: the frosted plastic, the clear plastic, or the cardstock circle? Can you explain your observations?

  5. Cut a figure or puppet out of the cardstock.

  6. Tape a wooden skewer or popsicle stick to the cardstock puppet.

  7. Cast a shadow of the puppet onto the wall. How does the shadow look? How big is it and what shape does it have?

  8. Decorate your cardstock puppet with stickers or markers. Cast a shadow of the puppet again as you did before.

    Do the decorations change the appearance of the shadow? Why or why not?

  9. Try changing the distance between the flashlight and your puppet. Hold the puppet halfway between the flashlight and the wall, then move the flashlight back and forth (farther from and closer to the puppet).

    What happens to the puppet’s shadow as you move the flashlight?

  10. Try changing the distance between the puppet and the wall. Put the flashlight back in its original position, then move the puppet back and forth (closer to and farther from the wall).

    How does the shadow change as you move the puppet?

  11. Hold the puppet halfway between the flashlight and the wall. Try moving the flashlight around and shining it at the puppet from different angles.

    What happens to the puppet’s shadow when you change the angle of the flashlight? How does the shadow change?

  12. Now that you know how you can change the shape or size of your puppet’s shadow, try making long, short, small, and big shadows. What do you have to do to achieve these different shadows?

  13. Turn your knowledge about light and shadow into a shadow play. Make more shadow puppets and tell a story with them! You can also create scenes on the wall by making trees, buildings, or other figures from the cardstock.


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