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Take Responsibility for Knowing What Is Happening at Work

  Digital Vision./Getty Images
 Digital Vision./Getty Images

Feeling out of the loop at work, or knowing that you are missing key information that other employees have, can leave you feeling dissatisfied and undervalued. But if you wait for someone else to fill you in, the information you need may never come.

Instead of waiting to find out what's happening with your company, department projects, or coworkers, proactively seek out information that you need to do your job and make important decisions. Develop an information network and use it. Assertively request a weekly meeting with your boss and ask meaningful questions.

You may find that your coworkers or supervisor didn’t realize there was a communication breakdown, or you may discover that your current office simply doesn’t have a strong work culture of open communication. Either way, if you take charge of finding the information you need, you’ll be better able to do your job and will feel a greater sense of control over the trajectory of your career.

Birthday wishes for employer

We are grateful for an opportunity to work with yo

We are grateful for an opportunity to work with you and we wish even greater success for your business!


Today we’re to celebrate a carefree, stress free and joyous day. Your Birthday should be a national holiday, dear boss!


As a boss you have guided us on each step of the way. We appreciate that a lot and on your big day we wish you a great success and well-being!


Happy birthday to our great boss! Your determination keeps inspiring us every day!


Happy birthday to the most amazing boss, supporter and guide! We wish you growth and prosperity in all life aspects!

Ask for feedback

Check in with your boss every so often to find out what you did well and how you can improve.

“Not only will this help you stay on track for a raise or promotion, but it will force your boss to evaluate your work and — as long as you’re producing good work — recognize the good job you’ve done,” Georgene Huang, CEO and cofounder of the job review site Fairygodboss, told Business Insider.

As Huang says, it can be as simple as adding, “Please let me know if you have any feedback,” to emails to your boss or asking at the end of any one-on-one meetings.

Happy birthday boss

Happy birthday to the best boss in a business worl

Happy birthday to the best boss in a business world. You are always so positive and full of energy. May it never change! Congratulations!


Today is a perfect day to raise a glass to our boss – the only man that I am afraid of!


Happy birthday to our hardworking boss, who makes our office a friendly and inspiring place to work! Enjoy your day, may it bring you lots of wonderful memories!


With a leader like you, tasks and projects are so much fun to work on. We are sending you the warmest wishes on your birthday!


I wish you great beginnings and happy endings in whatever you do! Happy Birthday to you!


Lots of people are thinking of you on your birthday. I just wanted to let you know I’m one of them! Happy Birthday chief, keep up the good work!


Boss, thank you for your support in difficult situations but such a time shows how true a person is. You are a true person and a perfect boss. Hope this year will be amazing in both areas. Happy birthday!


Business and company are booming because of you, boss. You are the greatest team leader and manager. Everyone only can jealous for me. I’m happy, so I wish you a very happy birthday for you, boss!


A good boss is a thing of luck and I have this luck. You are a really amazing person and sometimes I don‘t even feel you are my boss, my friend, in fact. Hope you‘ll always be kind and generous. Happy birthday, boss!

Religious Messages for Your Manager or Mentor

  • Have a blessed birthday today and always!
  • It seems like everything you touch is successful! It’s no doubt because of your strong morals and character. It's clear that God has blessed you and your work. May God continue to do so in the years to come. Happy birthday boss!
  • May God's light shine perpetually upon you. Happy birthday and many happy returns.
  • On your birthday, I pray that God continues to grant you wisdom, health, and prosperity.
  • Today we get to remember you and your achievements. I pray that you will enjoy many more years of service and continue to be a blessing to others. And of course, I hope you have a happy birthday!
  • May the Lord be with you and bless you for the rest of your life. Happy birthday!
  • I'm so happy to get to celebrate with you on your special day! May God continue to enrich you with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding as you continue leading our team. Happy birthday!
  • ‘Dear mentor, I'm so grateful I get to celebrate your birthday with you and pray for many more years of working together and learning from you.

Formal Birthday Wishes For Boss

You showed us all how to lead from the front. You are the perfect boss and a good human being overall. I wish you a very happy birthday today!

Not many people have the ability to motivate people through their words and works. You are among those few. Wishing you all the best on such a happy occasion. Happy birthday!

You are not just a regular boss. You are the person that inspires us every day to keep pushing on for success. Happy birthday to one the most perfect person I have seen!

Happy Birthday, Sir! Your resolution has always been inspiring to the employees! May you experience many successful moments in your career!

Dear Boss, you have built this management from zero and proved the worth of your dreams. We admire your determination! Happy Birthday to you!

Your unwavering willpower and ethics are what make the teamwork happen! Happy Birthday, dear Manager!

Dear Sir, Happy Birthday! God is the best planner of all, so I pray that He bestows his greatest blessings on you and adorn you with prosperity!

You are a teacher and a mentor. You have inspired

You are a teacher and a mentor. You have inspired thousands with your works and personality. You will always be the person to look up to when everything comes down to failure. Happy birthday!

Under your leadership, we have achieved many things! Thanks for making it all happen. Sending you warm wishes on your birthday, boss. Have a great year ahead.

May you have all the happiness that you desire. Hope the company shines brighter in the upcoming year along with you.

Happy Birthday to the most awesome person in the office. Thank you for always inspiring us. May God bless you today and tomorrow.

It feels magical to be under your guidance. I have rarely come in contact with a man of such knowledge and experience in my life. I wish you all the joy and happiness on your birthday!

Anyone can be a boss. But not everyone can be a le

Anyone can be a boss. But not everyone can be a leader. It’s a blessing for us that you are both a boss and a leader. May this birthday bring great happiness to you and your family!

A good boss makes his men realize they have more ability than they think they have so that they consistently do better work than they thought they could. Happy Birthday!

To the true leader, confident, and visionary of our department, happy birthday! Your support each day means the world to us.

On this special day, receive a warm greeting and a big hug for all those days fighting together and reap success. It is a tough act to follow and I am sure we will have the good fortune to continue sharing many more birthdays.

Promotions and success, peace of mind and happiness. Titles and awards, achievements and records. All this is what, I hope you get a lot. Happy birthday boss.

When I first got this job, you were the person I admired most. The reason I’m here is to chase the dream of being where you are one day, you inspire us all. Happy Birthday.

The last few years have been some of the best of my life, my work and my lovely boss have been a major part of that. Happy Birthday.

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Be Proactive

The propensity toward being proactive is something that will always put a smile on the boss’s face.

Be the person who picks up that piece of paper from the floor, who goes ahead and starts on next week’s work when this week’s is finished, who considers the future and acts in ways to make it a better one.

The key to this is not merely reacting to your work environment, but forming a plan to take control. Cause things to happen rather than sitting around and waiting for things to happen of their own accord.

Being proactive vs. reactive is as simple as this example. Reactive is experiencing chest pain and going to the doctor. Proactive is exercising and eating healthily for your entire life so that the heart attack never occurs.

So take ownership of your performance and stop the procrastination. If you know your boss and work well enough to predict what you’ll need to do and do it, that’s one more load off your boss’s mind.

Resolve Conflict Properly

Conflicts will happen. If most marriages hit turbulence at one point or another, you had better bet that the tightrope walk that is the relationship between employer and employee will, as well.

The key here is proper conflict resolution. Don’t let grievances hang—that causes stress on both boss and employee.

If you have a problem with your boss, take a moment to consider the true nature of the issue. Are you simply angry because your boss asked you to perform an unpleasant task? Or have you been truly wronged?

If you have been wronged—or if you’ve wronged your supervisor—it’s time to resolve the issue and move on. Remember those communication skills? Now is the time to use them again!

Talk to your boss and let them know what’s going on. Listen to their response—really listen. Conflict arises when one or both parties feel threatened, whether or not that threat is real. Listen for clues that tell you what really matters to your boss, which you’ll recognize if you’ve gotten to know him or her. Avoid speaking out of turn or other unprofessional behaviors fueled by strong emotion. Remember—use conflict as an opportunity to improve, not to punish.

When conflict arises, do your best to resolve it quickly and completely, and be willing to stay teachable. Your boss will appreciate it.

Find a Job That Gives You Time Outside Work

 Hero Images / Getty Images
Hero Images / Getty Images

Not everyone needs a career that inspires deep passion or speaks to their personal values. For many people, a job is something that allows them to create a lifestyle they value outside the office.

Consider what you want your life to look like. Do you want evenings and weekends off to spend with friends? Plenty of vacation time to pursue your hobbies? A predictable schedule that allows you to be home with your kids every night?

Even if you don't find a job you love your job, if you love the life it allows you to create, you are more likely to be happy at work.

Funny Birthday Messages For Boss

Happy Birthday, dear Boss! On this occasion, can we all expect a raise in our salaries?

Happy Birthday, Boss. Sending you warm wishes. Please take the day off and enjoy your day. We’ll be doing our duties properly, promise.

Dear boss! You are undoubtedly the best at managing a company but it’s high time you give a little attention to managing your weight. We want to see you fit and fine for another 100 years! Happy birthday!

If you are thinking that we are a bunch of incompetent employees, just keep in mind that we have never failed to bring the best cake for you. Happy birthday dear boss!

A great boss like you makes it bearable at work. Thank you so much for all the good times we shared. We wish you a very wonderful birthday.

So, here goes one email you can “Reply All” to: Ha

So, here goes one email you can “Reply All” to: Happy birthday. Have a wonderful day ahead, Boss. Hope you will have lots of fun.

Happy birthday to the best leader I have witnessed in my life. Now, will you please sign my day off for tomorrow? Have a great day, today.

It’s really difficult to find a boss without a fat belly and a shouting problem. We are really lucky to have you as our boss. Happy birthday!

We are waiting for another great birthday treat from you so we can forget that you are the guy that keeps shouting on us throughout the year. Happy birthday to you dear boss!

Your birthday is so special to us not just because you are an amazing boss but also because this is the day when we can party and drink as much as we want without getting fired! Happy birthday!

The greatest employee ever is wishing the greatest boss ever the greatest birthday of all. May God bless you with all the joy and happiness and everything in life except shouting! Happy Birthday!

Dear manager, if I throw a surprise party for your birthday, can I be nominated as the employee of the month? Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday, Sir! Our team can be lousy in handling projects, but we sure are the best pranksters in this office! Thank you for entrusting us!

Sir, we wanted to celebrate the day with a cake, but we were too broke to get one! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Madam! You always take care of your employees’ wellbeing, so what about lunch on you?

A boss is someone who never gets tired, of giving you orders. Happy birthday to one such guy.

Because it is your Birthday today, we won’t behave as annoying subordinates. Wishing you a stress-free Happy Birthday, dear boss!

Every year, your birthday comes on the same day at

Every year, your birthday comes on the same day at the same time. It seems to be extremely punctual just like you. Happy birthday.

All work and no play may be your only motto, but today is your birthday so you will have to let go. Cancel all your meetings and knock off from work early, so we can all go out and have a massive party. Happy birthday boss.

Your birthday is a gentle reminder to all of us that even a boss as tough as you, is a human being after all. Happy birthday.

Boss, this birthday promotes you to a new year in life without any extra benefits or rights. Welcome to our world, that’s exactly how we feel when we do more work without getting a raise. Happy birthday.

We may have failed to get that contract you wanted, but we did manage to get you that cake you love! You see the world has a way of balancing things out. Happy Birthday.

You can officially expect us to stop hating you for one day, just because it is your birthday today. Have a good one boss.

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Celebrate achievements

If you are working on a project and a coworker does a great job, don’t keep it to yourself. And definitely don’t take all the credit.

“If you’re at a department meeting and a colleague did a stellar job, publicly acknowledge your peer. This will probably boost your peer’s morale and simultaneously show your boss you’re a team player,” Salemi said.

“By creating a positive atmosphere, your peers and others may return the accolades to you.”


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