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By Amanda MacArthur Amanda MacArthur Twitter Writer New England Institute of Art Amanda MacArthur is a former Lifewire writer, a social media expert, and author of over 1000 articles and blog posts, dozens of white papers and four books. lifewire’s editorial guidelines Updated on March 3, 2020

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So, How to Unfollow Everyone on Twitter

I’m going to run through a select few of the apps that I have found useful for managing the people you follow. The list is not exhaustive and hopefully avoids some of the more crumby apps out there.

How to unfriend people on Facebook

From the Facebook news feed, tap any username you see, then tap the friend badge (a head and shoulders icon with a check mark next to it). On the next screen, you can choose to Unfriend them, Unfollow them, or Take a Break (you won’t see any of their posts, but you’ll remain connected).

To see all your Facebook friends, tap the menu button (three horizontal lines), then Friends and All Friends. Use the Sort button to change the order of this list, putting your newest or oldest friends at the top, or stick with the default. In our case, the default sorting seemed to put the people we interact with most at the top, but yours may vary (Facebook doesn’t actually say anything about this default order). To unfriend someone, tap the three dots next to their name.

If you’re wondering who you spend a lot of time interacting with on Facebook, you can find out by going to someone’s profile page, tapping More (the three dots), and See Friendship. This will show you photos and posts you’re tagged in together, events you’ve both signed up for, and more. It might just help you decide who is worth keeping as a friend.

Facebook doesn’t reveal who interacts with you least, or which accounts are least active—it wants you to stay friends with as many people as possible, so you’ll have to check manually. Some third-party apps claim to be able to do this for you, but we haven’t found any that look reliable or safe enough to recommend.

Refollow http://


  • Organise your  and unfollow followers very easily using a wide range of filters
  • Manage people on lists effectively – adding and removing en masse.


  • Has a small monthly cost.
  • Firm limits on unfollows per day.

Use Tools to Unfollow Efficiently

Many tools are out there to help Twitter users manage their followers and feed. Here are a few that might help you:

  • ManageFlittr—This well-known tool lets you unload 100 people who don’t follow you every day; there’s a fee to unfollow more. That’s generally not recommended, though, because this can flag your account for suspension for the reasons mentioned earlier.
  • JustUnfollow—This is kind of a mashup of Quittr and ManageFlittr. You can see who doesn’t follow you and then unfollow them, and you can get alerts and send auto-tweets about how many people followed and unfollowed you.

Many other tools will let you know who unfollows you. For an easy way to get new followers, try Twitter Chats.

Final Thoughts: Should you Unfollow Everyone on Twitter?

Now that you’ve learned a few options of how to unfollow everyone on twitter, make sure to look at each one closely.

Due to the nature of these “unfollow everyone twitter” – style apps, you need to ensure they follow Twitter’s terms of service at all times.

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