How To Peel A Mango With A Glass

How to slice a mango

Begin by slicing the lobes off of the pit.
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While Bohlman says “there’s no wrong way to cut a mango,” she recommends this tried and true method. All you’ll need is a sharp knife (preferably a chef’s knife) and a cutting board.

  1. Find the pit. Locate the stem at one end of the fruit. The flat seed or pit runs from the stem to the opposite end of the fruit.
  2. Cut on either side of the pit. Slice the mango all the way down about ¼ inch away from the stem on one side, leaving you with a flat semicircle of fruit — or lobe — with the peel attached. Repeat on the other side of the pit. This will remove most of the edible fruit.
  3. Slice or dice the flesh. Lay one of the portions skin-side-down and use your knife to make slices, careful to slice through the flesh and not through the skin. If you’d like diced mango, make cross-hatched cuts. Repeat with the other mango half.
  4. Scoop using a spoon. Run a spoon in between the peel and the fruit to separate the slices or cubes from the skin, already cut and ready to eat.
  5. Trim around the pit. While this method removes most of the fruit, there will still be some left attached to the pit. Don’t forget to trim any remaining fruit away from the pit before discarding.


Peeling using a glass

However, it is not an effective method as the previous one but you can use it. Follow the given steps to peel a mango using a glass:

 Use one hand to make the mango stand on its end w

  1. Use one hand to make the mango stand on its end with the stem facing up. 
  2. Using your other hand, take a sharp knife and slice down on one side of the pit, slightly off the center. 
  3. Repeat it on the other side of the pit as well. 
  4. Now you will have 3 pieces of the mango, two halves and the middle part with the pit. Place one mango on top of the drinking glass which has a thin rim and then slide the mango down against the rim of the glass using it to separate the mango flesh from the glass. 
  5. Remove the mango from the glass and repeat the same process with all the other pieces. 
  6. By using a paring knife, cut the pit out of the middle piece and slice off any of the extra scraps so that they don’t go waste.

How to cut a mango around the middle

Make a cut around the mango’s center and twist it open.
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If you’re looking for more interesting ways to cut a mango, you can also try cutting it across its vertical axis. This technique isn’t new to fruit lovers from mango-growing countries, but it never fails to surprise the internet.

Instead of hacking away at the pit, simply make one slice around the middle of the mango. Twist and pull apart, exposing half of the seed. Use a spoon to scoop out the fruit from the seedless side, then scoop out the fruit from around the pit on the other side. Or, if you’re daring, use your teeth to rip out the seed.

This method seems to work best with small, golden mangos rather than large green or red varieties with larger pits. The mango should also be nicely ripened or it won’t separate from the seed.


  • What about what’s left on the pit still? It’s a sad story, but it’s impossible to get ALL the mango off the pit. It’s not like a peach, where the fruit separates from the pit easily. I’ve been known to get in there and eat the mango right off the pit as much as I can before tossing it. I highly recommend it.
  • How much does one mango yield? A smaller mango may only yield 1/2 a cup to 1 cup. A larger one, like the JUMBO one I used, may yield up to two cups. It all depends on the size.
  • What’s the best knife to use? I recommend using a chef’s knife for the big cuts and a paring knife for the smaller cuts. I used this paring knife and this chef’s knife, both J.A. Henckles brand.

Technique 2: How to cut a mango in the peel

Dicing the mango in the peel will result in more beautiful, clean cuts. You’ll get gorgeous pieces of mango as a result, but it takes a little more time, patience, and knife finesse.

Step 1: Score the mango

After cutting the sides of the mango off, use a small, sharp knife to score the mango flesh in both directions. Carefully cut all the way to the peel, but not through it. Tip: I use this same technique to cut avocado, before using a spoon to remove it from the peel.

Step 3: Invert the peel

Use your hands to push the center of the peel from behind, to invert it. The cubes of mango will separate out, making them easily accessible.

Step 3: Cut off the cubes

Use a small paring knife to cut the cubes off of the mango peel, as close to the peel as you can.

Done! See how pretty this diced mango is?

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