How to quickly save an email to Google Drive

Why integrate Google Drive with Parseur?

Let’s take the case of Samy who is a content creator in a marketing agency. Samy uses several online graphic design platforms to create social media graphics for the company. Each time he pays a subscription fee for those tools, he has to keep the invoices for records. He uses Parseur to automatically extract specific information on the invoices (invoice number, invoice date and the subscription charges) and export those parsed data points to his accounting system such as QuickBooks. This workflow process is fully automated with Parseur whereby he saves countless hours of manual data entry.

Now Samy wants to keep the original invoices as a record for accounting purposes. At the end of each month, he needs to share those with his accountant.

With Parseur, you can store your original emails automatically to your Google Drive Cloud Storage. There’s no need to to manually upload each of your emails or documents to Google Drive. Once set up, each time a new email is received in Parseur, Zapier will upload the file into Google Drive, where you will have all the original documents stored.


Can you save Outlook emails to Google Drive?

“Recently, I need to back up some important Outlook emails to Google Drive for safekeeping. This will also help me access emails from the mobile terminal, but I don’t know how to proceed. Is there any expert who knows how to backup Outlook emails to Google Drive? Looking forward to a useful reply.”

If you are a Windows user, then you may be using Outlook developed by Microsoft. Outlook is an integral part of the Microsoft Office suite and can be used to send and receive e-mails, manage contact information, and schedule schedules.

However, Outlook is not always stable. Many users have reported its problems, such as crashing, corruption, and inability to access email successfully. Therefore, many users have begun to consider uploading Outlook emails to Google Drive, a cloud storage service that provides large amounts of free storage.

If users save Outlook emails to Google Drive, users can access their emails through Google Drive when Outlook does not respond, and there is no need to worry about emails being lost due to program errors or system crashes.

You may just need to backup Outlook to the cloud and click on this article. Please continue reading to learn how to save Outlook emails to Google Drive.

Method 2. Use Google Takeout to Save Gmail Emails to Hard Drive

Here is how to save Gmail emails to external hard drive by using Google Takeout. For that:

Step 1. Sign in to your Google account. After that, select the Manage your data and personalization.

Step 2. Scroll down the menu and click on Download your data.

Step 3. Click the Deselect all. Then scroll down and select Mail.

Step 4. Click on All Mail data included. After that, a window will pop up, deselect Include all messages in the mail and click OK.

Step 5. In the pop-up window, click Send download link via email from the drop-down menu. After that, you can choose a file format for the download. Well, you can also choose other delivery methods according to your needs.

Step 6. Now click Create Archive. Then you will receive a message informing you that an archive is being created.

Step 7. Once the archive file is created, download them on your computer and use a file archiver like 7-zip to open it.

How to backup/saveOutlookemailsto Google Drive

You can export Outlook emails to Google Drive in just a few steps.

Step 1. Export Outlook emails

1. Open your Microsoft Outlook and click Import/Export under the Open & Export option.

2. Select Export to a file in the pop-up window and click Next.

3. Select Outlook File Data (.pst) in the next interface and click Next.

4. Then select the mail folder that needs to be backed up to Google Drive, and then click Next.

5. Select the location and name where the backup file needs to be saved, and then click Finish to confirm.

Step 2. Back up files to Google Drive

Then use the following simple steps to move files from computer to Google Drive:

1. Enter the Google Drive website from any browser and log in to your account with free storage.

2. Click the New button, or select Upload files/Upload folder under the My Drive tab.

You’d better backup Outlook emails to Google Drive with third-party tool

Although you can upload files to the cloud via the Google Drive website, once you have a large amount of data, the method will be very slow, and you can’t close the page halfway through, or the task will stop. Use third-party tools to directly transfer files from the desktop to Google Drive, such as the free data backup software – CBackup, which only needs to be set once, and then you can easily upload Outlook emails from your computer to Google Drive from external hard drive disk, USB and other local locations.

Step 1. Download the CBackup, install and run it. Create an account and sign in to this software.

Secure Download

Step 2. Click My Storage > Add Cloud to choose Google Drive to add. Sign in to your Google Drive account to allow CBackup access files in your account.

Step 3. Go to Backup Tasks > New Task to create a Google Drive backup task.

Step 4.  Click Add Source > Local Files to select the location where you saved Outlook emails, click Add Destination to choose Single Cloud > Google Drive.

Step 5. Then click Settings at the bottom of the page, select the Scheduled Backup tab, and then select specific time or automatic backup frequency according to your needs.

Step 6. After confirming your automatic backup frequency, click Start Backup to start backing up Outlook emails from Windows PC to Google Drive.

Step 2: Forward your invoice email to your Parseur mailbox

You will receive an email address so that you can send your emails and attachments to your Parseur mailbox.

You can also set up an auto-forwarding rule to forward all your emails automatically to the Parseur mailbox. The email will reach your mailbox in less than 10 seconds!

Email received in Parseur mailbox

Email received in Parseur mailbox

Once the email attachment is in your mailbox, go to “fields” and click on “extras” and tick “OriginalDocument

With this extra field, the original raw document can be extracted, downloaded and exported:

Tick the OriginalDocument field

Tick the OriginalDocument field

For the data extraction process, you can follow our integration article where we showed you how to automate your Quickbooks accounting with Parseur.

Set up your Email by Zapier trigger 

First, set up your trigger—the event that starts your Zap. Search for and select Email by Zapier as the trigger app and New Inbound Email as the trigger event. Click Continue.

Note: If you started with the Zap template above, this part will already be done for you.

Next, customize the email address that Zapier has already set up for you. This is a series of random letters and numbers followed by 

Before the pre-set characters, Zapier will ask you to add in a word. In this instance, we've used the word gdrive, but it can be any combination of letters and numbers you choose, as long as it's in lowercase. Copy the email address to your clipboard and add it to your address book. 

Once you've done this, click Continue.

Next, send a new email to that email address with an attached file so when you test the Zap, it can pull up the email as a record. 

Now you need to test the trigger. Zapier will find the email you've just sent to your customized email address. This will be used to set up the rest of your Zap. 

Click Test trigger. Once you see that the trigger is working properly, click Continue.

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