How to remote-control Spotify with your iPhone or Android

How to use Siri to control Spotify in iOS 13

If you want to ask Siri to play something on Spotify, you’ll first need to enable the “Use with Ask Siri” option on your device.

Go to Settings > Siri & Search, and scroll down through your apps until you see Spotify. Click Spotify and toggle Use with Ask Siri so the status bar is green. 

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Now you can control Spotify with Siri. Just say “Siri play (song name, artist or playlist) on Spotify,” to open up your tracks.

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You can also adjust the volume, skip to the next song, and hit pause/play right from your Siri screen. 

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What You Need to Use Spotify Connect

Before you can transfer Spotify music from one device to another, you need the following:

  • A Spotify account.
  • Connect your Spotify-compatible devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • An up-to-date Spotify app or current software on all compatible devices.

Private listening mode

Listening on Spotify can be a social experience. If you’ve connected Spotify to your Facebook account, for example, then friends and family will be able to see what you’re listening to and you can share your favourite songs with them.

There might be occasion though where you don’t want people to know that you’re listening to a certain album or song on constant repeat. We all have the guilty pleasure that we don’t need the world knowing about.

Spotify accounts for this with a “private listening mode” that you can activate from the settings in the app, under Social, and a quick click of a button on the desktop browser. 


What is Spotify Pets?

Spotify has apparently carried out some research and found that a large percentage of pet owners specifically play tunes for their pets. 

To help create the perfect listening experience for pet owners, the company has created a tool to help you create a pets playlist. Getting started with it is easy too:

  1. Visit the Spotify Playlist mini-site
  2. Login to your account
  3. Click to choose your pet whether dog, cat, iguana, hamster or bird
  4. Choose a mood and add some info about your pet
  5. Add their name
  6. Click to create the playlist and start listening

These pet-centric playlists are based on your musical preference, only catering to your pet’s mood and disposition.

Control Spotify on Mac from Android

This one is academic, to a point, because who has a Mac and buys an Android? However, you might find yourself at a party or somewhere else where this might come in handy. Crucially, you can in fact control Spotify on a Mac with Android

1. Install Remoteless’ “helper” app on your Mac. You can download it here, or if a new version has come out since we wrote this tutorial, check for that here. Once you have that installed, the app automatically run when you start your Mac, so you won’t need to deal with it in the future.

2. Next, buy the Remoteless Android app for two bucks. There is currently no Spotify remote control that is available for free on Android (please let us know if you find one), so there’s no way around this at the moment. However, if you listen to a lot of Spotify on your computer this is easily worth it — especially considering the cost of traditional hardware remote controls.

3. Run the app and select ‘New Connection.’

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4. Find your Spotify username and the name of your computer from the list.

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5. Now the app is connected to Spotify on your Mac.

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6. You can now choose any playlist in your Spotify account and play it:

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Or, you can search for any artist, track, or album:

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7. If you want to share a link to any Spotify song you’re listening to within the app with someone; repeat the song; or shuffle within a playlist, simply tap the middle of the now-playing screen:

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…and the option will appear to shuffle, repeat, or share (using whatever standard sharing features are available on your Android):

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How can I play Spotify while my phone is locked?

If you go to Apps > Spotify > Optimize battery usage, Spotify will continue playing after you’ve clicked the power button to sleep the display. However, if you allow the display to time out and sleep on its own, Spotify will continue to shut off when the display sleeps.

Why isnt my music showing on my lock screen?

On your Andriod phone, when you can’t see the music playing, on the lock screen. All you need to do is go to your phone settings and enter ‘Apps & Notification’ click on the music app, tap on the data usage and then clear your cache..”IT’S DONE”… That’s all you need to do.

Control Spotify from any browser tab in Mozilla Firefox

If, on the other hand, you prefer to use Mozilla Firefox as your usual browser, that's okay, there is always a way to control Spotify from any tab , because it also has its own extension to be able to complete this. type of task.

The extension we need to install is called Web Player for Spotify. This add-on will allow a independent reader appear integrated in the browser to be able to use Spotify from any tab, because the web version of this platform does not have a built-in player to control the music.

The Bottom Line

Spotify Connect makes listening to music convenient. As you move from location to location in the same network (such as your house or office), you can transfer music from one device to another without losing a beat.

Here are some additional benefits of Spotify Connect:

  • Make and receive phone calls without stopping the music.
  • Once you select a device, you can turn off your smartphone, PC, or laptop, and the music plays on the designated device.
  • Although Spotify Connect only allows streaming music playback transfer to one device at a time, you can use it with a multi-room audio system, such as Sonos. When you send music from Spotify to a Sonos speaker, you can play the Spotify feed on other Sonos speakers you might have at the same time. A Spotify Premium subscription is required.
  • If you have a Premium account and are listening in offline mode, you can use Spotify to play music on more than one device at a time.
  • Although you can use Spotify with Bluetooth instead of Spotify Connect, the quality isn’t as good.
  • iPhone or iPad owners can use Spotify with Airplay.

With Bluetooth and Airplay, your phone needs to stay on while playing music from Spotify. The music streams from the phone to the chosen device rather than from the cloud to the chosen device.

  • Can I disable Spotify Connect?

    No. If you want to listen to Spotify without Connect active, download the music you want to listen to and switch to Offline Mode in the app settings.

  • What quality is Spotify Connect?

    For free Spotify, the audio quality is 160 kbps. For Premium accounts, the maximum is 320 kbps.

  • Why won't my device connect with Spotify?

    Make sure the device with the Spotify app is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the device you're trying to set up. There may be further device-specific setup steps required to connect to your Spotify account. If Spotify isn't working still, you could be having internet or Bluetooth connection issues, or there could be an outage on Spotify's end.

  • Can I connect Spotify to Discord?

    Yes. To connect Spotify to Discord, on the Discord website, go to Settings > Connections, then select the Spotify icon (the green circle with three black lines). You can then listen to other people's playlists and share your music with friends on Discord.


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