How to run a Casino


  • Many of these same procedures can also be used if you plan to open a riverboat casino. However, you may also have to consider the gambling laws of neighboring states if you enter their waters.

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Step 2. Launch

The time frame for an online casino launch depends on both, business owner and software provider. Usually, it takes up to 3 months for the provider to set up the software. It includes website design, platform, and games set up, custom settings, and possible individual features. The business owner may speed up the process of launch by providing regular feedback to all questions that designers and programmers might have. Any issue can be resolved if discussed in time.

Besides, the business owner shall timely address the issues discussed above:

Obtaining a gaming license; • Opening a corporate bank account and merchant account; • Making agreements with payment system providers.

Setting legal and financial infrastructure is the task that only the business owner can accomplish. In SOFTSWISS we provide consulting services (best options, contacts, etc.) on such points but we can’t guarantee success as the whole responsibility lies on the business owner. You will have to collect a bunch of documents for lawyers and banks like certified passport copy, utility bill copy, certificate of non-criminal records…


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How to Start a casino

Starting a casino may not be so easy with so many rules. We’ll help you make it easier with these few guidelines;

Make a casino’s business plan

The document will have a professional appearance and will detail your start-up investment, planned earnings, and growth, as well as your business and marketing strategy. Make it good because this is what you’ll be presenting to investors and/or loan officials.Include a feasibility study that looks at the demand for a casino as well as the justification for the expenditure.Employ an architect to create a casino that meets all of your requirements while also adhering to local safety rules. Include a scale model of the casino to demonstrate the layout and aesthetic of the establishment.

Raising the Capital

You could present your business strategy to banks or private investors to raise the funds you’ll need to open a casino. Before signing any investment contracts, consult with an attorney to ensure that you fully understand your rights and obligations.Regardless of how you set up your casino, it will always be pricey. Cash-on-hand requirements alone will frequently exceed $20 million. You’ll also need to invest in equipment, land, construct your casino, and obtain a gaming license, all of which might be costly.

Registaring your casino

To receive a business license and an employer identification number, register your casino with the city and state. This will necessitate registering with the IRS as well as any other regulating agencies in your area that have jurisdiction over casinos, such as the state government, municipal government, and gambling organizations. Make sure you’re properly registered by seeing a lawyer.


Make a decision about where your casino will be located. Make sure the area’s zoning regulations allow for a casino, and that you have adequate land to build the structure and parking lot. To ensure that you have enough space and the correct type of land to create your casino, you’ll almost certainly need to hire an architect.

Apply for building permits and begin development on your casino. You’re ready to apply for construction permits with your city and start building once you have your start-up money and a location. Project managers should be hired to oversee the construction of each section of the casino.

Make an application for a gaming license with the proper department in your area. You’ll need to fill out an application form with information about your company and taxes. Each state has its own gambling control organization, so make sure you apply to the correct one.

If you plan to sell food at your casino, make an appointment with your local health and safety agency. The health and safety agency will require a permit, which they will provide after inspecting your location and documents.

Purchase gaming equipment such as slot machines, video poker machines, roulette, poker, blackjack, craps, and baccarat tables, as well as chips, cards, and card shoes, and safes.

Because casinos go out of business all the time, you’ll most likely be able to get this equipment at a discounted price from a bankrupt casino.

Purchase insurance for your casino’s property and liability

The quantity of insurance you’ll need will depend on the value of your home and other factors. To reduce your risk of further lawsuits, you may also want specialized gaming or casino insurance.

Experienced employees should be interviewed and hired. Employees in casinos must also be licensed by their respective governments.

Is owning a casino profitable?

Gambling is sometimes regarded as one of the most profitable industries in the world. The tension and pleasure of the game, as well as the desire to win, motivates gamblers to frequent casinos. However, it is not always a one-win situation, and the casinos benefit from it.


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Additional Step 4. Bitcoin casino

Forward-looking online casino software providers offer Bitcoin as an alternative payment system for their solutions. Online casino owners all over the world appreciated such advantages of Bitcoin casino as significant savings on license application costs and monthly fees, increased customer loyalty, fast payment processing and many more.

As an acknowledged Bitcoin casino expert, SOFTSWISS would like to recommend all potential Bitcoin casino owners to get a clear understanding of the cryptocurrency, research the peculiarities of Bitcoin gambling, and learn how transactions work by making a couple of bets at an existing casino. Understanding the core of the payment system is essential in business, moreover, it will help to build a strong marketing campaign and further manage the Bitcoin casino. Contact SOFTSWISS for professional advice on Bitcoin casino launch.

Managing an online casino is hard work but with all legal and financial issues resolved in a timely manner, quality software chosen, and a strong marketing strategy in place, it can be successful. The demand for online casinos will increase – specialists predict 40% growth of this market segment in the nearest year. Following all the steps described above will help a newly made online casino to develop sustainably and outweigh the competition. Good luck!

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