How To Skip Straight To Voicemail

How to do more with Rogers Unison and ace every client call

Imagine you’re away from the office at a mee

Imagine you’re away from the office at a meeting pitching an exciting new business opportunity and, while you’re away from your desk, one of your best clients calls. In situations like these a phone system integrated with any device can be a lifesaver.

You can’t be everywhere at once, but if you’ve upgraded your traditional business phone system to Rogers Unison, you can access powerful features like Auto Attendant that let you focus on your business at hand . A fully automated answering system, Auto Attendant professionally greets customers and directs calls to the right employee, group, voicemail or other outside number.

Want to elevate the quality and professionalism of your recorded greeting? You can even take advantage of professional voice service to ensure your business is represented the best possible way.

Whether you’re a growing business looking to make an impact with your customers with phone features that put your best foot forward every time, or an enterprise business ready to improve team collaboration and efficiency, Rogers Unison includes all the best business features.

When you move your traditional telephone infrastructure into the cloud, Rogers Unison saves you money and administration. You get the best of a traditional business phone system with the ability to work when and where you want. And best of all, you can stop paying for unused landlines. It also makes setting up features like Auto Attendant as simple as 1-2-3…

Here you’ll find advanced features that work

Here you’ll find advanced features that work across all of your devices, from laptop to tablet to your mobile phone, and get the most out of your Rogers Unison service. Take advantage of the phone system that gives you the best business experience so you can provide the best customer experience each and every time.

Get started or modify your Rogers Unison features, login at or contact your Rogers representative.


Bonus Tips. How to Recover Lost Calls on Android Phone without Root?

The my phone goes straight to voicemail Samsung issue can actually make you lose many calls on your device. If this has made you lose any call entries from your call log, you can use a dedicated tool to recover your lost calls.

Tenorshare UltData for Android is a superb tool to recover many types of data on your Android device. You can use this tool to recover your call logs as well, and that too without having root-access on your phone.

The following shows how to recover lost calles with this program.

  • Plug-in your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. Run the above mentioned tool and click Recover Lost Data in it.

  • Turn on USB debugging on your device, if you have not already done so. Tick Call History since you want to recover call logs, and then click Start.

  • Choose the calls you would like to recover, and click Recover at the bottom-right corner.

The tool should recover your chosen calls on your device. To avoid further data loss, you’d better backup call history on Android phone regularly.

Cant turn off Do Not Disturb Android?

Fix: Android Marshmallow Do Not Disturb Wont Turn Off

  1. Restart Your Phone. Hold the power button to turn off your android phone.
  2. Volume Down. Keep pressing the volume down button until it goes into silent mode.
  3. Priority Only. Navigate to Settings > Sound & Notification > Priority Only Allows.
  4. Custom Rule Countdown.
  5. Factory Reset.

Does Do Not Disturb go straight to voicemail Android?

Effortlessly set Do Not Disturb to “unavailable” so that incoming calls are sent straight to voicemail and don’t ring your phone. The eVoice Voicemail feature also allows you to glance down at your phone to read a transcription of any voicemail in the form of a text message anytime.

8. Update your iPhone

Please ensure that your iPhone is updated. It is very easy to update your device. Simply go to Settings > General > Software Update. This will check for updates. And if there is an update available, tap Download and Install and then follow the onscreen instructions.

2. Did You Have Call Barring Disabled?

Calling barring is yet another reason your phone goes straight to voicemail iPhone. To fix this issue, you can disable the call barring option on your device.

  • Head into Phone app > Settings > Calling accounts and choose your SIM card.
  • Tap Call barring and ensure the option is turned off.

That should fix the call issue on your phone.

4. Turn off Do Not Disturb mode

Do Not Disturb mode may be the issue. This is a feature that Apple added in iOS 6 back in 2012. A new Do Not Disturb When Driving feature arrived in iOS 11.

Perhaps you turned the feature on by mistake, or turned it on and then forgotten about it. It may even have been switched on against your wishes by a glitch in iOS. Or, in the case of Do Not Disturb When Driving, it may have come on because the system thought you were driving – which sometimes triggers when you’re the passenger, not the driver, of a car.

Luckily you can easily tell if you’ve got Do Not Disturb switched on. If you’ve got an iPad or non-notched iPhone there will be a crescent moon icon in the top right of the status bar, next to the Bluetooth and battery icons.

On an iPhone XS or similar (which hasn't got space

On an iPhone XS or similar (which hasn’t got space for extra icons in the top bar) you’ll instead see a large Do No Disturb sign on the lock screen – or you can open Control Centre and see the DND moon on there.

When Do Not Disturb is enabled, calls and alerts t

When Do Not Disturb is enabled, calls and alerts that arrive are silenced: that’s the reason your calls are being diverted before you have a chance to answer them.

The quickest way to turn off Do Not Disturb is via the Control Centre. Do Not Disturb is indicated by the crescent moon icon. Tap this and it will turn from purple on a white background (switched on) to white on black (switched off).

Alternatively (although more slowly), you can turn

Alternatively (although more slowly), you can turn it off via the Settings app. Open the Settings app and in the second batch of options underneath Notifications and Control Centre, you’ll see a purple icon with that crescent moon and the words Do Not Disturb.

Click on that. Move the slider on Manual so that i

Click on that. Move the slider on Manual so that it’s off – so there’s no green on the slider.

Bingo! The moon should disappear from your iPhone

Bingo! The moon should disappear from your iPhone status bar and you should start receiving your calls as they ring and not suddenly discover a bunch sitting unanswered in voicemail.

If you’re trying to call a friend and you think they may have Do Not Disturb turned on there is a solution – here’s how to tell if someone is using Do Not Disturb, and how to call them.

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Part 6. Overcome via Update Carrier Settings iOS version

Solution 1. Update Carrier Settings

Carrier changes including that bought by update it can affect iPhone relevant functions. Your iPhone allows connecting the carrier's wireless network, however, if your iPhone's carrier settings are out of date the most likely is encounter connecting with your carrier's network problem. It can be fixed by update carrier settings.

Step 1. Launch the Settings App, choose General section.

Step 2. Select About option.

Step 3. If there has the new carrier version, you can get this alert message saying that "New Settings are available. Would you like to update them now?" Update it.

Solution 2. Update iOS version

When Apple releases the new iOS version, it is inevitable that caused iPhone going straight to voicemail(then it will be patched soon). Try to fix this issue by update iOS version. You can also use iTunes to update iOS version .

Step 1. Launch the Settings App, choose General section.

Step 2. Check the iOS version, update it.

Test a call after that, try to see if it is back to normal. If not, going on the next solution.

5. Bedtime

Are you using the Bedtime feature? A lot of users use this to track their sleeping habits. By default, when you turn on Bedtime, your iPhone will automatically turn on Do Not Disturb during your sleep time. And, as stated above, your calls will be silenced.

If you are using this feature, you can turn off Do Not Disturb during bedtime. Simple, open the Clock app, and tap the Bedtime tab. Then tap Options (top-left corner) and then turn Do Not Disturb During Bedtime off. Then tap Done (top-right corner).

See also: iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working, Fix

Part 2. Fix iPhone Calls Going to Voicemail by Turn Off Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb (DND) is one of the iPhone function. When you need a quiet space, it keeps you away from the calls or messages disturb you. Then iPhone calls go right straight to voicemail without ringing. Look at your status bar, if you can see a crescent moon icon nearby the battery icon, that means the Do Not Disturb function is turning on. You can turn it off in the Control Center and Settings.

In the Control Center: Swiping up from the iPhone bottom to open the Control Center, locate the Do Not Disturb (a crescent moon icon), turn it off.

In the Settings: Tap Settings, find the Do Not Disturb function, turn the toggle off.

In iOS 11, there is a relevant function – Do Not Disturb While Driving. When the iPhone detected you are driving a car, the Do Not Disturb While Driving will activate automatically. During this period, iPhone not receiving calls going to voicemail. It is necessary that ensure this function is turned off in the Settings.

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