How To Slide Heavy Furniture

Hard Plastic Shims ideal Furniture Leveler on Carpeting and Rugs

Remember the feeling of excitement as you moved your furniture into your new house? Mentally arranging the furniture in your mind’s eye as you walk through the empty rooms. Followed by the feeling of dismay as you drag your furniture into position and find it sloping and tilting at all odd angles. Books leaning on the shelves, lamps wobble questionably on end tables, and you’re wondering if that decorative bird might just fly right off it’s pedestal.

Most homes settle over time and floors begin to sag and wear. It was this scenario exactly that inspired the creation of Wobble Wedges®; an old house full of furniture leaning this way and that. Wobble Wedges are specifically designed to level any furniture item. Simply slide a Wobble Wedge into place to level a bookcase, stop a wobbly table, or silence a rattling appliance.

How to Choose Best Furniture Sliders. Buying Guide 

We divide sliders into two categories. In between these two, you will see some sliders that can use for thick carpets. Let’s talk about the details.

Best Furniture Carpet slider in 2021:

The carpet cleaner is made of foam and plastic, which can slide well on the carpet while protecting its beauty. The diameter of its plastic base is always greater than the width of its foam. The foam is attached to the center of its plastic, but it almost reaches the edges. This type of slider has an oily surface on the outside, so items riding on it can have a smooth riding feel.

Best Furniture Hardwood surface slider in 2021:

These types of sliders are made of an upper foam layer and a lower felt layer. The foam grips the furniture tightly, while the medium-hard felt base moves quickly on the hard floor to move the furniture.

Best Furniture Slider For Every Floor & Carpet:

using a slider for carpet and hardwood floors, you will get an effective sliding experience. The two kinds of sliders we mentioned are a set of foam and plastic sliders and foam and felt sliders.


Foam cushion, felt and plastic are the three materials for furniture sliders. The durability of the slider depends entirely on the quality of these materials. Also, since the slider has a two-layer structure and one layer is connected to another layer using an adhesive, sometimes the durability of the slider also depends on the adhesion between the layers.

Size and Shape:

Size and shape are crucial to better connect the slider to the furniture. You can use a relatively large size or wider shape slider to move, but you cannot use a smaller or narrower slider to move the device.


has always been what we want. If we use the same sliding mat repeatedly, we can reduce the operating costs of houses and offices. The satisfying fact about sliders is that almost all sliders are reusable. In most cases, they are still new even if they are used 3 to 5 times. However, the slider with the built-in adhesive cannot use multiple times.

Therefore, you must select the slider according to the floor type. If you have both carpet and hard floors in your house, you can choose slides that are compatible with both.


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On Wood Floors

When moving heavy furniture on wood floors, one of the additional problems is avoiding scratches on your floor. This goes for traditional solid wood flooring, as well as engineered wood and laminate.

Always remember: never drag furniture across a wooden floor. It is likely to scratch the floor and could also damage your furniture by putting strain on the joints.

Soft Sliders

This method is appropriate for a range of hard surface floors, such as wood floors, vinyl or tiles.

Sliders slot under furniture legs to reduce friction between the item of furniture and the floor. It can then slide along the surface of the wood floor, making it much easier to move it across the room.

When using sliders on hard floors and wood floors, be sure that they have a soft surface. Hard surface sliders are only appropriate for use on carpets; they’ll scratch and damage wooden floors.

Place the sliders underneath the points where the furniture comes into contact with the floor.

You can buy sliders, or alternatively make your own from items such as carpet offcuts or old, slightly flat cushions.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are wrapped around items of furniture during a move. This both protects the furniture itself and your floors from any damage. It’s great if you’re planning on lifting the furniture as it protects surfaces if the item is dropped or put down for a rest.

What Furniture Sliders Work on Carpet?

All of the furniture sliders in this article are great choices to use on your carpet. They all provide excellent solutions that make sure your carpet won’t be left with snags and tears each time you move your furniture.

To know if a slider works well on carpet, you only need to look at its surface. If its body is made of smooth plastic, then it’s safe to use on your carpet. It’s this smooth surface that cuts down on the friction between the furniture and your carpet, helping it to glide smoothly across.

The best part, all of the furniture sliders on this list are available on Amazon and are reasonably inexpensive.

Moving Heavy Furniture On Carpet

It may seem like sliding heavy furniture on a carpet is easy. However, large furniture pieces create friction with the carpet, making it a total nightmare. What is an easy way to move heavy furniture on a carpet?

To prevent heavy pieces of furniture from damage, use special furniture sliders for carpeted floors. Place a slider underneath every corner or leg of a furniture piece. Make sure to ask a friend or hire helpers to avoid dangerous tipping. Use proper tools for moving heavy furniture.

How Much Weight Can Furniture Sliders Hold?

Furniture sliders can typically hold anywhere from 1200 to 1600 lb of weight, depending on the brand. So if you’re moving furniture that’s heavier than that, you’ll need to use several sliders to lessen the load on each slider.

Are Furniture Sliders Good for Moving Heavy Furniture by Yourself?

Yes, of course! The only hassle you’ll find when moving your heavy furniture is when you’re lifting it up to put the furniture sliders on its legs.

And even then, that issue is easily fixed with some of the best furniture sliders in this article. The EZ Moves kit comes with an easy to use power bar to help lift your furniture.

Up Stairs

Moving heavy furniture up stairs can be one of the trickiest things to achieve safely as stairs provide additional hazards. Read our tips for moving items up stairs.

Get Help

Moving heavy furniture up or down stairs will always require two people. It can be dangerous as slips have greater potential to cause harm than on a flat surface, so having an extra person can help to balance the weight and make it much safer.

This also applies to items that are light, but large in size, like bed frames, as well as items that are small but heavy.

Hold High And Low

The aim of this method is to balance the weight of the furniture.

Tilt the furniture so the person leading up the stairs carries from the highest point of the item. For example, with a desk they would hold the underneath of the desk top. The person following behind should hold the lowest point of the item, such as where it would normally meet the floor. In the example of the desk, they would hold the bottom bar between the desk legs as this is the closest stable point to the floor. Be sure that your hold on the item is always stable and secure.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that this post has shown you the various ways to move heavy furniture across your carpet without damaging it. Be sure to check out these other helpful guides before you go:

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