How to Solve YouTube Fullscreen not Working or Glitch Issues

What Causes YouTube to Not Go Full Screen?

There can be several reasons as to why YouTube full screen problem is occurring in Google Chrome. Ranging from an outdated browser to internal settings, here are some possible causes that could result in the YouTube Fullscreen not working:

  • Outdated browser can be one of the reasons; due to its incompatibility with the newer version of YouTube.
  • The two Flash players that are installed to your browser may have clashes with one another resulting in YouTube Fullscreen not working.
  • Sometimes, themes installed in your browser can cause this error if you are operating dual monitors.
  • In your browsing history, there is cache and cookies that just slows down your browser and cause it.


Switch the Main Monitor

While dual-monitor setups are extremely common these days, you might experience issues with some games. If you experience anything strange when trying to set your game or app to full screen, change your main monitor.

Launch your computer’s Display Settings window. When it opens, you’ll see two monitors, or more depending on your setup. 

The screens are labeled with numbers. Click on Identify to see which monitor is which. Then you can change the order of your screens by dragging one of them on the opposite side. Save your changes and try running a game or app in fullscreen.

Run Games and Apps in Compatibility Mode

If you can’t run a particular app or game in full-screen mode, you’re probably having compatibility issues. This is usually the case with older games and programs that aren’t optimized for Windows 10.

To run the app/game in compatibility mode, right-click it, and go to Properties.

Open the Compatibility tab and under Compatibility Mode you will see a drop-down menu with various versions of Windows. 

Make sure you first check the Run this program in compatibility mode for option and then choose an older Windows, like Windows 7 or even XP. Save the changes and test the game/app.

Mobile site

Watch in full screen

  1. Tap the video you’d like to watch.
  2. At the bottom of the video player, tap full screen .

Exit full screen

  • At the bottom of the video player, tap full screen exit ​.


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