How to Stop WiFi from Turning off Automatically on Android

Causes of Wifi Turning Off

Losing your wireless connection from your Android phone can be a real pain, especially if it keeps recurring. What are some of the most common reasons your Android device might drop its wifi connection?

Bad Router

If you keep losing wifi, the first thing you should do is verify that the problem is not with your router. Does the issue happen when using other wifi sources? Does it drop only in certain spots or areas of your home or office? If it happens randomly on more than just one network, you can probably rule out this issue.

Battery Saving

The wifi connection feature on your phone can be a significant drain on your battery. Battery-saving modes can switch your wifi off. Unfortunately, it might not switch back on right away when you want to use it. This can also be common when your phone is in sleep mode. Battery saving features are one of the most common causes of wifi being shut off on Android.


Some Android phones try to optimize wifi to figure out how to best use it. However, this feature doesn’t always work as designed. While connection optimizers try to find the best or strongest wireless signal available, they might disconnect you from your preferred one.

Your phone may also try to coordinate GPS and wifi to give a more accurate location. That can sometimes interfere with your connection, causing it to turn off or stop working altogether.

App Conflicts

Some applications are known to interfere with or turn off wifi.

Cluttered Data

Our mobile devices save all kinds of data regarding wifi, Bluetooth, and wireless connections. That cached data can cause issues with them.


Virtual private networks are great for protecting your data and privacy, but they can also cause wifi problems. They often do their job a little too well, kicking you off when they think it is unsafe.


How do I turn on auto connect to WiFi on Android?

For more info, contact your device manufacturer.

  • Open your device’s Settings app .
  • Tap Network & internet Wi-Fi.
  • At the bottom, tap Wi-Fi preferences.
  • Tap an option. These vary by device and Android version. Turn on Wi-Fi automatically. Have Wi-Fi automatically turn on near saved networks.

Tips: How to Prevent Your Android from Being Monitored When Connected to Wi-Fi?

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network other than your home network is quite risky. This is because the Wi-Fi admin can monitor your connected phone activities easily by dropping spyware.

Not just that, even hackers can hack the network and get all the data from the connected devices with spyware.

Therefore, we recommend you to install ClevGuard Anti-Spyware app on your phone. The app provides real-time protection against spyware and malicious apps and files.

Features of ClevGuard Anti-Spyware

  • Scanner and Remover – You can scan for the presence of any spyware on your phone instantly. Besides spyware, it can also detect risky apps and malicious files. You can delete them instantly with a single tap.
  • Real-Time Protection – This feature scans all your downloads all the time. Therefore, you will get alerts if any malicious file or app tries to get downloaded on your phone.
  • App Audit – You can check for the risks involved in any app with this feature. It outlines the risks involved and app permissions and accordingly, you can decide whether to keep the app or delete it.

Steps to Install ClevGuard Anti-Spyware

Step 1: Click the button below to enter Google Play Strore and install ClevGuard app.

Step 2: Open the app and tap on Scan to find any spyware already present on your phone. Resolve the issues after scanning is over.

Step 3: Go to Real-Time Protection tab at the bottom.

Step 4: Toggle on real-time protection for complete safety against spyware.

Protection against spyware prevents anyone from monitoring your phone activities when you connect to Wi-Fi network.

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How to Stop WiFi from Automatically Turning on iPhone

Just like Android, there is a feature called Auto-Join on iOS. This feature connects your iOS device to the Wi-Fi network automatically which is set for Auto-Join. In order to stop WiFi from automatically turning on your iPhone, take the following steps.

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Step 2: Tap on Wi-Fi option.

Step 3: Tap on the small (i) icon next to the network which you have set for Auto-Join.

Step 4: Then, toggle off the Auto-Join option.

That is how you can stop your iPhone connecting to a recognized Wi-Fi network automatically when within the connection range.

How do I enable WiFi on my Android?

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network

  1. Open the Settings app. It’s found in the apps drawer, but you’ll also find a shortcut in the quick actions drawer.
  2. Choose Wi-Fi or Wireless & Networks.
  3. Choose a wireless network from the list.
  4. If prompted, type the network password.
  5. Touch the Connect button.

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