How to Tell If You Would Look Good in Short Hair

The Two Extremes Which Guy Looks More Like You?

Bruce Willis and Butterbean (wrestler, entertainer

Bruce Willis and Butterbean (wrestler, entertainer).

You’re probably younger and less famous than either of the gentlemen pictured above.

Nevertheless, Bruce Willis is slick bald and, at the same time, sexy as hell by almost anyone’s measure. Butterbean, not so much (although he looks okay for a bigger guy).

They’re two extreme cases, featured as real-world examples for reference.  If you look more like a younger version of Bruce than a younger version of Butterbean, then chances are, the shaved style will suit you just fine!

Now, let’s dive right into the ranking factors…


Ash Blonde to Bright Blonde Bob

Instagram @hairbyhare

Instagram @hairbyhare

Stylist Lindsay Hare of Spokane, WA created this midi chopped bob. “It gives you the versatility of the blonde bob style with still being able to pull it back in a pony,” states Hare.

Hare’s favorite thing about choppy bob styles like this is that it’s effortless, regardless if it is worn straight or wavy.

“For this look, I love KMS Hairplay sea salt spray and Kevin Murphy Volume.Mousse. I usually like to throw in a leave-in conditioner like KMS Moist Repair as well,” explains Hare.

Let Your Haircut Reflect Your Personality

  Jamie McCarthy / Staff/ Getty Images 

Your haircut is a visual projection of your personality, which is why it’s essential to approach your haircut decision by prioritizing your own opinions and preferences. Do you love the idea of yourself with short hair? Does it feel "like you" at this point in your life? Go with your gut on this one, not other people's advice.

Need some inspiration? Looking through photos of celebs, models, influencers, or friends with similar face shapes and cute short cuts will help you “be really clear about what you think that you’re interested in. Then, you can be guided by the professional hairdresser,” says Gibson.

Give Your Hair Type the Chance to Shine

Frazer Harrison / Staff/ Getty Images

Another important factor to consider when choosing the perfect short haircut is hair texture. Every type of hair texture, from fine to medium to coarse, comes saddled with a slew of antiquated rules. You’ve probably heard them: "curly hair shouldn’t be too short" and "fine hair shouldn’t be long." Thankfully, people are breaking all the rules.

The same principles apply to all textures from fine, straight hair to thick, wavy hair: Find a skilled stylist, tell them your short-hair concerns related to your hair texture and type, and work with them to find a look that you’ll love and maintain.

When it comes to finding the right cut for your hair, Kim recommends embracing your natural texture rather than working against it: “If you want a look [that’s] different from what your natural hair texture gives you, you will have to style it more often. But you can save a lot of time if you work with your natural hair and the right product. This is what I encourage."

"Every person is born with a different [hair] texture," she continues, "and I love to see my clients embracing the beauty in themselves. So we determine together what kind of shorter haircut will fit their texture the best, [and] there are so many little tweaks you can add to shorter hair to make everything from pixies to bobs work for you." 

Modern Medium Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Instagram @erinwallerhair

Instagram @erinwallerhair

This textured, medium choppy bob haircut was created by stylist and color specialist Erin Waller of Charlotte, NC.

“A one-length bob is effortless. It’s current and on trend of what is in magazines and on celebrities right now. It’s a fun way to make a change without having a lot of commitment,” expains Waller.

Waller also balayaged the hair and created a very “lived-in” feel with the dark blonde. “The dimension of the blonde and darker root gives her hair a lifted feel as well,” she adds.

Styling this medium choppy haircut can be super low-maintenance or can be styled every day if you like.

“My go to look with this bob is a loose curl,” describes Waller. “I use a one inch curling iron and take large sections. I use a texture spray and work it into the hair for a gritty, beachy feel. I then run my fingers through the hair to loosen the curl. The more you pull on it the looser the curl will be.”

This bob is great for fine to medium hair to create a thicker, fuller look. The thicker your hair, the more texturizing you may need to take out weight.


  • Take care when using styling tools, like a flat iron, a curling iron, and a curling wand. Not only could you burn your skin, but you can also damage your hair if the tool is too hot.

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Another Worst-Case Scenario

You Look Like a Cancer Patient

When weakly, pale, white guys shave their heads, they can, unfortunately, resemble cancer patients in some cases. But of course, you can fix that problem by getting yourself into shape. Ultimately, what’s worse: looking like you’re on chemo or looking like Prince William? I don’t know either.

To discover 7 things you should know before you bu

To discover 7 things you should know before you buy a laser device, check out my laser therapy review. 

But if your hair loss is really getting out of hand and you’re rocking a sloppy-looking Prince William or David Axelrod-like style, shaving it all off may be your best option, no matter how white or weak you are — and even if you’re sporting one of the five worst head shapes for bald men.

Photo credit: ABC News. Political analyst David Ax

Photo credit: ABC News. Political analyst David Axelrod. Some men are just dealt a bad hand, and they have no great options. If that’s the case for you, as Joe Rogan says, you should probably let your hair go. In time, you’ll learn how to adapt your style to complement your bald head and maximize your appearance. There’s no reason to rock a miniaturized combover!


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