How To Turn Off Avast Email Signature

How To Disable The Avast Email Signature?

We understand that Email Protection is a crucial part of almost every reliable Antivirus tool these days. All the security utilities automatically scan emails in your inbox and eliminate potential malicious attachments. But Avast takes the entire scenario a step further and puts an email signature almost everywhere it can. Nothing much, but it just looks like an ad attack

In this article, we’ll learn how to stop Avast Email Signature. So, without further ado, follow this straightforward guide: 

STEP 1- Launch Avast Antivirus on your PC and go to the Menu, located at the top-right corner of the screen. From the Menu, locate Settings and click on the same. 

STEP 2- Select Protection from the left panel and

STEP 2- Select Protection from the left panel and navigate to the Core Shields option. Refer to the attached screenshot below for a better idea. 

STEP 3- Now scroll down to the option that states:

STEP 3- Now scroll down to the option that states: Configure shield settings and head towards the Mail Shield tab beside Web Shield. 

STEP 4- Simply untick the box next to – Add a sign

STEP 4- Simply untick the box next to – Add a signature to the end of send emails. Since the option comes enabled by default. You need to follow the process to manually disable the Avast Email Signature using the tool. 

From now on, your outgoing emails will no longer i

From now on, your outgoing emails will no longer include the email signature from Avast. In case you want to re-enable the option, you follow the steps mentioned above and check the option “Add a signature to the end of sent emails” in STEP 4. 

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Well, automated email signatures from your Antivirus Software such as Avast is quite annoying. If you are simply not being paid for it, why allow some free advertisements to run on any of your platforms. So, ensure you get rid of these Antivirus Email Signatures as soon as possible! 

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Finding the solution of avast email signature

Engaged in finding a solution to the problem. Immediately I got into the Avast Antivirus settings, found a section on email protection there and saw the included option: “Insert note into a” clean “message (outgoing) ”

Previously, in all versions of Avast, this option was always disabled by default, so I did not notice such a signature in emails.

Well, I think here is the solution found in a minute! And FIG! I removed the check mark from this option, saved the settings, and immediately ran to check the result. To myself, from my mailbox, Gmail sent a test letter, and again, I see Avast’s signature before my personal signature.

Well your mother, I think, what’s wrong again? Returning to the settings Avast, and there is a tick in place. I try again, yet the same story. I remove this tick, save the settings, and she still in place, infection, gets up!

And then I seem to be in a stupor … I don’t know what to do. It was thought then that Avast is now for everyone who uses the free version, will forcibly include this option without the ability to turn off to advertise their product.

But on the other hand, I think, and if everything is as I believe, then why did this option not be removed from the settings at all, what is it doing there ?!

And since I didn’t have any options in my head, I went to Google in the old manner, to see if it’s not just me that I was worried about Avast’s signature in the messages and what solution there is or is it a glitch.

How to Turn off Avast Email Signature?

The following steps show you how to get rid of Avast email signature:

1. Open Avast.

2. Click the Menu icon (on the top-right side of the software interface).

3. A menu will appear from the right side. Then, you need to click Settings to continue.

4. On the next interface, you need to go to Protection > Core Shields.

5. Scroll down to the Configure shield settings section and switch to Mail Shield.

6. Find the Add a signature to the end of sent emails It is selected by default. You need to uncheck it.

7. Click Close to close the current interface.

8. Close Avast.

9. Restart your web browser.

10. Go to your email box. Then, sign out and re-sign into your email account. You can write an email and check whether the Avast email signature is removed successfully.

This is the easy method to turn off Avast Email Signature from your email box.

Do I have to pay any cost for searching on Howtolinks to find How To Turn Off Avast Email Signature?

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These were three simple steps to disable the Avast Email Signature. These are not very difficult points, and anyone with basic computer skills can follow them to save themselves from the free advertisement. It might not take away anything from you, but it’s often unwanted.

We hope this content would’ve been helpful to you. If you still have any unresolved issues regarding Avast, check out our other posts and solutions for common Avast problems.

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