How to turn off recommended for you from youtube

Pause Watch History or Use YouTube Incognito Mode

Introduced in 2018, YouTube’s “Incognito” mode works on both smartphones and on computers, but the method is a little different for each. Essentially, this feature will stop YouTube from tracking what you watch, which will in turn stop it from pushing channels to your homescreen.

To do this on a PC, click the three-lined menu icon at the top left -> History. Then on the right side, click “Pause Watch History” and “Pause” again. You’ll need to come back to this screen to turn your watch history back on again.

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On smartphones, click your profile picture at the top right, then “Settings -> History & privacy” and tap the “Pause watch history” slider.


Option 2: Clear your browser’s cache and delete all stored cookies

As stated above, while you are not signed in, YouTube relies heavily on your browser’s cache and the cookies it stores to provide your YouTube homepage with recommended videos. Another way that you can use to delete recommended videos from your YouTube homepage while not signed in – a way that applies to all browsers – is to simply clear your browser’s cache and delete all stored cookies. For example, to clear cache and cookies on Firefox, you need to:

  1. Click on the hamburger menu button in the top-right corner of the window.
  2. Click on Options.
  3. Click on Privacy in the left pane.
  4. Click on clear your recent history in the right pane under the History
    Clicking on “History”
  5. Open the dropdown menu in front of the Time range to clear in the pop-up and click on everything.
    Clicking on “All Time” as the Time Range
  6. Expand the Details section and make sure that Cookies and Cache are checked.
  7. Click on Clear Now.

Note: Also, clear the cache on your Mac if you are using the traditional Safari browser.

Block Channels by Going to About Section

If you wish to block a YouTube channel, simply go to the Channel’s page and hit the About tab. Here you will find the “Flag” icon, which you need to press in order to begin the blocking process. After pressing the “Flag” icon, a drop-down list will appear, from which you need to select the “Block user” option.

Notably, a warning message will show up explaining to you that blocking that particular YouTube channel will prevent them from commenting on any of your videos. Simply, press the “Submit” button.

How to Hide a Specific Video From Appearing in Recommended Videos on YouTube

Whether you are using the YouTube app on Android, iOS, or web in a computer’s browser, the same methods work on all platforms.

1: Play a video you want to watch on the app or website.

2: When YouTube recommends videos, tap/click on the respective three-dotted menu icon.

3: Select the Not interested option from the menu.

The video will be removed immediately.

The video will be removed immediately.

However, some browser extensions give you more options and flexibility. The aforementioned method lets you block a specific video, and you have to do that manually for each video on the website. In other words, it is a temporary or not so practical solution. That is when you can start using a browser extension for better convenience.

Option 4: Use the YouTube Options Browser Extension

This option is pretty nifty since you can use it to get rid of the recommended videos section on your YouTube homepage entirely! To get rid of video recommendations using this option, you need to download the YouTube Options browser extension, install it, integrate it into your browser, navigate to its settings and enable Hide video suggestions in the Appearance section. Unfortunately, the YouTube Options browser extension, although it has a free trial, is a $1.99/month subscription and is currently only available for Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. On the bright side, YouTube Options is useful for doing a lot more than simply getting rid of the recommended videos section on your YouTube homepage!

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