How To Unfollow Everyone On TikTok? Best Tips & Tricks To Use

How To Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once #Gauntlet Method [2019]

Looking for a Guide to “Mass Unfollow on Instagram“. Then you are in the right place. It’s something that many people struggle with. nobody interested in clicking the unfollow button each time for this process. Yes, there is a simple way to fix the issue[We call it Gauntlet Method]. In this article, you’ll learn exactly “How To Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once

First of all, I must say the thought behind this post. Some days ago my friend called me and told me”Hey man can you help me” and I replied to him “What’s the problem?”. The issue he told me was – How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram that is not following me.

Yeah I know it’s not a single person’s problem. it’s the reason many of you are here. and it’s not an impossible thing also. You will get a solution to Unfollow everyone who isn’t following you on Instagram after this Post is over.

In this post I will cover:-

  • Instagram Follow/Unfollow Limits.
  • How to Unfollow Everyone without getting banned.
  • Unfollow Everyone who doesn’t follow you back:)
  • Apps to do Mass Unfollow on Instagram.

Let’s get Started!

Instagram Follow/Unfollow Limits

Instagram Limits
Instagram Limits

Before getting on to “Gauntlet Method” it is important to know about Limits set by Instagram for the Follow & Unfollow activity. There are limits for other activities on Instagram (commenting, like, DM,..etc). But we are only covering about Follow/Unfollow Limits since this post is around those activities only.

First thing is to know that there is no Universal limit. It varies from people to people. Because it depends on some factors such as Account’s Age, No. of followers, Account activities…etc. and they have their own Algorithms to calculate the Limit.

According to Insta, to protect from spam Instagram doesn’t allow users to follow people more than 7.5k.

Concerning hourly limits, We understand that New accounts that follow more than 20 users in an hour will face some issues. and for accounts that are active for years can follow/unfollow 50 users in an hour without any problems. As we said depending on some factors it can vary a little bit.

Regarding Daily limits, we came to know that it’s between 100-200 for new accounts and a maximum of 300-400 allowed for Old active accounts. But our advice is to play within the limits. Do only 20% less than this mentioned amounts according to your Account status (Ex: is safe to follow up to 160 per day for New Accounts).

Who should you unfollow?

It’s important to unfollow the right people on Instagram.

If you unfollow the wrong people (e.g. people that have been consistently liking your posts), it will negatively affect your engagement rate as they might unfollow you back.

Instead of unfollowing everyone on Instagram, you should only unfollow those who negatively affect your account.

The first type of people you should unfollow is inactive people. Those are the ones that no longer post on Instagram.

Moreover, if they are a mutual follower, they’ll not interact with your posts.

If that’s the case, the best thing you can do is to not only unfollow, but to remove them as a follower as well.

To remove someone as a follower, go to your list of followers, search for their username, and tap on ‘Remove’.

The second type of people you should unfollow are those who overpost. People who overpost will flood your feed unnecessarily.

If you’re following too many people who overpost, you might miss the posts from others that you care about.

In other words, it’ll be harder to stay updated with the posts on your feed.

If you’ve been consistently liking everyone’s posts on your feed, people who overpost will make it more challenging.

Your best bet is to either mute or unfollow those people.


How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram Trick #4 – FollowLiker

FollowLiker is another advanced tool that not only automates your follow/unfollow activity, but your likes as well.

Users can deliver a set of automated likes to a certain user or a customized list of photos. “Liking” is another popular growth method among Instagrammers; as this gets your name in their notifications.

Courtesy of FollowLiker.

Courtesy of FollowLiker.

On the flipside, FollowLiker also lets you auto-unlike photos after a set timeframe.

For follow activity, the app lets you mass-follow a competitor’s audience, specific users discussing a topic (filtered through keywords or hashtags), or a custom list set by you. Unfollow options include auto-unfollowing those who don’t follow back after a set time, and whitelisting users you wish to keep following.

Courtesy of FollowLiker.

Courtesy of FollowLiker.

Thankfully, both their “like” and “follow” tools let you limit your activity, preventing you from getting flagged as spam.

FollowLiker’s other features include the ability to automate direct messages, comments, and photo searches.

With their wide selection of flexible tools, the app sadly comes at a price. Their cheapest plan goes for $57.99 as a one-time payment, plus $5.99 monthly after your first month of use.

Install Viper4Android without Root

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The conventional way of unfollowing everyone on Instagram

1. Sign in to Instagram and then press the “Profile” button.

2. Press the “following” box that displays the number of people you’re following on Instagram.

3. Press the green “Following” button next to the first person on the list to stop following that person. Make sure the button becomes a blue Follow button.

4. Repeat the previous step for up to 200 people that Instagram displays in the list.

5. Sign out of Instagram or continue to use it but don’t follow or unfollow anyone. Wait about an hour and then repeat the previous steps to unfollow another 200 people until you’ve unfollowed everyone on your list.

As obviously noted the above process is tedious and frankly, nerve-wracking, don’t worry we have a simpler method

How to Follow/Unfollow Someone on Instagram

Before we dive into how to unfollow everyone on Instagram, let’s cover the basics.

Following someone on the platform is as simple as visiting their profile and tapping the large, blue button labelled “Follow”.

Courtesy of gothic_box (Instagram account).

Courtesy of gothic_box (Instagram account).

The “Follow” button can also appear next to one’s username above their post (provided you aren’t following them already).

Courtesy of gothic_box (Instagram account).

Courtesy of gothic_box (Instagram account).

To unfollow someone, open up your “Following” list. Tap the “Following” button next to the user you wish to unfollow. This immediately removes them from your “Following” list without notifying them.

And that’s all there is to it! With how easy

And that’s all there is to it! With how easy following/unfollowing is on Instagram, it’s clear to see why many use it in their growth strategy. With that out of the way, let’s explore the common tactics of mass-unfollowing users on Instagram.

How To Unfollow Everyone On TikTok?

Now that it’s clear that you cannot possibly use bots who do unfollow everyone on TikTok but it can end up with a shadowban on your account. Also, you cannot manually unfollow each and everyone in your following list. Therefore, we have found apps for you that will unfollow everyone on TikTok. However, these apps will not unfollow in one go. Instead, they will do the unfollowing after intervals of time. 

Disclaimer: We do not endorse the credibility of these third-party apps. They will work, however, TikTok’s terms and service conditions might or might not get your account shadowbanned. So, use them at your own risk.  

1. FuelTok

FuelTok claims to be an app that does not mess up with TikTok’s algorithm. It merely unfollows at specific intervals of time so that the algorithm does not find it suspicious. Moreover, it has many other features. You can visit their website to find out more about their methodology. 

2. Jarvee

Jarvee is a social media automation software and is genuinely trusted by its users. It provides services for Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok.  

Get their free trial and check out how to unfollow everyone on TikTok after timely intervals. 

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Unfollow a select group of people

In this section, you’re going to decide on the users you DO NOT intend to unfollow. You’re going to achieve this by placing their user names in a WHITELIST.

You may also wish not to unfollow users that have interacted with your content. This will help keep your engagement going.

Just make sure to check the two boxes that say ‘do not unfollow likers‘ and ‘do not unfollow commenters

Under USER FILTERS, there’s an option to use the WHITELIST. Make sure you have it checked and place the user names of the users you’d like to continue following.

Once this is done, you can now toggle the STATUS button to start the process.

Wrapping Up

I hope now you learned how to unfollow everyone on TikTok. It is not actually possible to unfollow all from your following list at once. You can either do it manually. But, TikTok also doesn’t allow it after unfollowing up to 200 accounts. Trying the apps is the best option that you have got. 

If you know of any other methods to unfollow everyone on TikTok, then please share them with our readers by commenting below. Moreover, you can also comment if you liked this article. 

Do not forget to share it with your friends and family members. There’s always someone who’s obsessed with posting videos on TikTok. Sending this article will definitely be helpful to them.

Have a great day and keep visiting Path of EX. 


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