Is it possible to utilize Kindle Lending library on an iOS (non-Kindle users)?

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  1. DanielDaniel says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks as though, if you are a subscriber to Kindle Unlimited, you do not get any of the extra perks, such as KOLL or Prime Reading. I’m maxed on my ten books in KU at the moment and even though I’m logged in to KOLL on my Kindle, if I try to add a book, it wants me to return one of my KU books first.

    • NathanNathan says

      I hadn’t thought about that before but yeah if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited the Kindle-related Prime benefits are basically useless since all that content is available in KU.

  2. cccc says

    I wish I’d looked at this sooner – it looks like several books I’ve had on hold for a while are available here, even the latest Expanse book Persopolis Rising. I’m also having long waits for Louise Penny books – most of my libraries only have 1 copy – good to know I have another option…


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How to Borrow a Kindle Book

To be able to borrow books for free, you must own a Kindle and be a member of Amazon Prime. The service does not work with Kindle apps. You borrow a book from your Kindle, you can’t borrow it from the website and send it to your Kindle.

To borrow a book, go to your Kindle, and press Menu => Shop in Kindle Store. Under Browse, click on See All and scroll down to Kindle Owners Lending Library.

Fire tablet

It is a lot harder to explain where to find the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library on the Fire tablets due to the significant menu changes Amazon made with each major firmware update, but if you keep looking you will find it.

Turn on your Fire tablet, then navigate to the Books menu, and select the option to visit the Kindle Store.

The next step is to open the menu and select the option for KOLL, but the location of that menu varies from one Fire tablet to the next.

On my mother’s really old Kindle Fire 8.9, the menu was on the front page of the Kindle Store along the right edge of the screen – I just had to scroll down to find it.

But on my late model Fire tablet, I had to swipe my finger from the left edge of the screen to open the menu, and then scroll down to find the option for KOLL.

Where do you find the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library on your Fire tablet?

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