Mix Pancake Batter into Your Omelet the IHOP Way Recipe

Why are IHOP omelets made out of pancakes?

While most of us like a side of pancakes with our eggs, what we should have been eating all along is some pancakes in our eggs. Or, more specifically, pancake batter mixed in with our eggs before they’re cooked up into omelets. This is what IHOP does with their omelets, and it’s why their recipe turns out so fluffy.


Tips Tricks

Make sure never to overmix your batter if you want airy and light pancakes. Use minimal strokes to combine the dry and wet ingredients until it is smooth. It is okay to have some lumps.

You will be able to flip the pancake easily in a nonstick griddle or pan. Never over grease. Also, ensure that the griddle or pan is adequately hot before you place the batter on it. Pancakes will cook the best on medium to low heat. The inside will be fluffy, while its outside will be beautifully brown.

Remember, never to press down or pat your pancake while it is cooking. You may end up having a too dense, heavy pancake, instead of an airy and light texture.

Some non-stick spray

I’m not going to tell you which one to get, but there’s one brand — rhymes with Sam — that has a picture of pancakes on the bottle. Seems like a safe choice to use.  

Tasty Toppings for Your Pancakes

There is a wide range of toppings you could add to your pancakes. They are so versatile that whether you pair them with a sweet, fruity, or savory topping, they will still taste amazing. Here are some of the best toppings I can think of:

  • Berries. Whether it’s blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries, their citrus taste will complement the sweetness of the pancakes nicely.
  • Nuts. Pecans or walnuts add a nutty, crunchy, and healthy twist to this filling dish.
  • Here’s another perfect combination: pancakes and bananas! Top your sweet and soft pancakes with yet another sweet and soft ingredient to enhance its flavor.
  • Chocolate chips. Great for kids and kids-at-heart. The warm, rich, and gooey chocolate chunks create another flavorful layer to your breakfast!
  • If you want some spice with your pancakes, add a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, or allspice to the batter.  
  • For a healthier version, add a few scoops of oats and flax seeds to the mix.
  • And last but not least, you can’t go wrong with the classic combo of pancakes and maple syrup.

Pro-tip when adding toppings: If you want an even distribution of toppings, don’t put them in the batter, as this will only cause them to sink to the bottom of the bowl. Instead, add them after you pour the batter onto the skillet. 

The right oil matters

There are many different oils out there, but you definitely don’t want to use anything but vegetable oil. You need something that’s neutral in flavor — so that knocks olive, sesame, and peanut out — and something that has a high enough smoke point that we don’t have to worry about it burning and causing funky flavors. Vegetable oil is practically made for baking. There’s a school of thought that you can go with something in the “vegetable” family here; corn, safflower, sunflower… don’t. Just stick with the good ole vegetable oil. We’ll need a quarter of a cup.  

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