Moving Heavy Furniture on Carpet

Can Heavy Furniture Damage The Carpet?

Yes, heavy furniture can damage carpet overtime by creating divots (small indentations) in the fibers of the carpet. Sometimes these dents are removable, and sometimes they are not; it depends on how long the furniture has been in the same place. Furniture can also damage a carpet by ripping the fibers out of the carpet’s padding causing them to fray.

Disassemble large items

If you have a furniture piece that can be disassembled into smaller pieces, disassemble it first and then begin moving it. Put the screws, bolts, and nuts safely in a plastic bag so that you can easily re-assemble the furniture.


On Wood Floors

When moving heavy furniture on wood floors, one of the additional problems is avoiding scratches on your floor. This goes for traditional solid wood flooring, as well as engineered wood and laminate.

Always remember: never drag furniture across a wooden floor. It is likely to scratch the floor and could also damage your furniture by putting strain on the joints.

Soft Sliders

This method is appropriate for a range of hard surface floors, such as wood floors, vinyl or tiles.

Sliders slot under furniture legs to reduce friction between the item of furniture and the floor. It can then slide along the surface of the wood floor, making it much easier to move it across the room.

When using sliders on hard floors and wood floors, be sure that they have a soft surface. Hard surface sliders are only appropriate for use on carpets; they’ll scratch and damage wooden floors.

Place the sliders underneath the points where the furniture comes into contact with the floor.

You can buy sliders, or alternatively make your own from items such as carpet offcuts or old, slightly flat cushions.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are wrapped around items of furniture during a move. This both protects the furniture itself and your floors from any damage. It’s great if you’re planning on lifting the furniture as it protects surfaces if the item is dropped or put down for a rest.

Clear the pathway

Make sure that the pathway is clear before moving the items. This will allow you to see the path clearly and also prevent any tripping hazards.

Also, lay down a liner on the floor to prevent it from scuffing or damaging. You may use a roll-out plastic liner or moving blankets. And, always wear closed-toed non-slip shoes to avoid accidents.

Why Removing Dust From Behind Furniture is Important

It is essential to keep your house free from dust especially if you or any member of your household suffers from allergies. Dust mites like to feed on dead skin, and their droppings cause irritation and allergic reactions for less tolerant people.

The best way to avoid the symptoms dust mites can cause is to keep your house free from dust. This can be done by regular vacuum cleaning and by having hypoallergenic bedding that is washed frequently. Hoovering the carpets and cleaning the floor around furniture is not an issue.

Not surprisingly, most dust particles settle behind beds, chests of drawers, sofas and wardrobes. Those are the places that most people do not clean often. The reason being the hassle of moving furniture. The home-cleaning task is usually performed by one person, so moving heavy furniture is even more difficult.

How Much Weight Can Furniture Sliders Hold?

Furniture sliders can typically hold anywhere from 1200 to 1600 lb of weight, depending on the brand. So if you’re moving furniture that’s heavier than that, you’ll need to use several sliders to lessen the load on each slider.

Bonus: Tips Tricks For Moving Heavy Furniture

How do you move heavy furniture downstairs?

There are several ways to approach this. One way is to enlist the help of a hand-truck designed for stairs. Securely strap your belongings on the hand-truck and then tilt it back so that it is balancing on its two wheels. Slowly move it down one step at a time. You can do the same going up the stairs, but you will walk backward, pulling the truck step by step. Get some friends or family to help spot you and ensure your safety.

Instead of a hand-truck, some people prefer to do

Instead of a hand-truck, some people prefer to do this trick using a blanket. With the help of a friend or two, simply place the item on an oversized blanket and then use the corners of the blanket as handles to hoist the object up or down the stairs.

So, you can move furniture down the stairs. But how do you move heavy furniture up stairs? You’re not going to go at this one alone, so round up a friend to help. Let’s say you’re moving a desk. Hold onto the top of the desk and stand one or two steps further up the stairs than your friend and have your friend hold the bottom of the desk. You will slowly walk backward up the stairs as your friend guides you. Try to keep your furniture balanced and as upright as possible.

Carpet is another common nemesis when it comes to moving. If you’re wondering how to move heavy furniture on carpet, start with the carpet sliders we mentioned above. These sliders are usually thick rubber or plastic that you can place directly under your furniture and use to slide your items across the carpet. But if you don’t have any handy, plastic container lids or cardboard will do the trick, too.

Up Stairs

Moving heavy furniture up stairs can be one of the trickiest things to achieve safely as stairs provide additional hazards. Read our tips for moving items up stairs.

Get Help

Moving heavy furniture up or down stairs will always require two people. It can be dangerous as slips have greater potential to cause harm than on a flat surface, so having an extra person can help to balance the weight and make it much safer.

This also applies to items that are light, but large in size, like bed frames, as well as items that are small but heavy.

Hold High And Low

The aim of this method is to balance the weight of the furniture.

Tilt the furniture so the person leading up the stairs carries from the highest point of the item. For example, with a desk they would hold the underneath of the desk top. The person following behind should hold the lowest point of the item, such as where it would normally meet the floor. In the example of the desk, they would hold the bottom bar between the desk legs as this is the closest stable point to the floor. Be sure that your hold on the item is always stable and secure.

Step 2. Take Off Your Mattress and Vacuum Seal It

After you have removed the bedding and pillows, remove the mattress. If you can, pack the mattress in a vacuum bag to protect it from dirt, stains, and physical damage. To move the mattress, fold it in half and tighten it with a strap. This makes it easier to carry. If you’re moving the mattress on your own and need some tips on how to do it safely, check out this article from Amerisleep, a mattress manufacturer. Read our tips and tricks to roll up a mattress topper because the methods can also be used to pack a mattress. Additionally, you’ll find more useful tips in our article should you fold a mattress in half to move it too.

Tip 2: Dress the Part

Next, when figuring out how to move heavy furniture safely, take a close look at your wardrobe. To start, you’re going to have a hard time moving heavy objects if you’re not wearing the proper shoes. Flip-flops and high heels are a big no-no. Choose closed-toed shoes (in case you drop something on your foot!) with a non-slip grip at the bottom. As for your clothing, wear light, loose, and breathable tops and bottoms—you don’t want to split the fabric if your clothes are too tight!

Moving Heavy Furniture On Hardwood Floors

It’s extremely important to prevent your hardwood floors from scratching during the relocation. Therefore, duly note that furniture sliders can still leave scratches in your hardwood floors. Instead, use a moving dolly with special rubber wheels designed for wood floors. Moving heavy furniture on hardwood floors is a difficult task, but everything’s possible if you take your time and follow these tips.

Moving Heavy Furniture Upstairs

Moving heavy pieces of furniture by yourself is extremely challenging, let alone moving them upstairs. Beyond the weight, shapes and sizes of the pieces become most important. In this case, the best way to move heavy furniture upstairs is to remove some parts of the furniture piece (if possible).


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