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Advice For Parents: Throw Away The Piggy Bank!

National Teach A Child To Save Day Should Include A Trip To The BankNational Teach a Child to Save Day is Friday, April 11 and  Founder/CEO Gregg Murset has one piece of advice for parents really interested in teaching their kids about saving money – throw away the piggy bank and open a savings account at the bank. Banking is a pivotal part of the global society we live in, yet more American kids have tablets (49%) and computers (55%) than have bank accounts (45%), according to the recently announced study from T. Rowe Price. While piggy banks

When It Comes To Chores, Says Moms Need A Break

Study Shows Moms Spend 18 Hours A Week Working Around The HouseAccording to the latest American Time Use Survey, mothers are spending an average of 18 hours a week on chores around the house on top of the 21 hours of work in the office each week. The survey supports something that has been basically commonplace since the beginning of time – mothers carry the burden of a busy household. With Mother’s Day on Sunday, maybe it’s finally time to make a change and get the kids involved in some household jobs in order to give mom a well-deserved break. “I know in the past the traditional family

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Benefits of Using a To-Do List

However, there are many advantages working from a to-do list:

  • You have clarity on what you need to get done.
  • You will feel less stressed because all your ‘to do’s are on paper and out of your mind.
  • It helps you to prioritize your actions.
  • You don’t overlook so many tasks and forget anything.
  • You feel more organized.
  • It helps you with planning.

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