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Proof Is In The Pizza

We all love pizza. While we may disagree on how we like it (pineapple and thin crust!) we can all understand the desire to eat it for comfort food. Well, it turns out this partner knew this as well as anyone.


We have to admire how much they know their spouse to predict what they would want in times like this. Maybe it isn’t the first time they broke up? Who knows. We hope they enjoy their dinner and move on.


Not What We Thought

If you’re going to communicate with acronyms, it’s important to both make sure you’re using the right ones. Or, at the very least, you are both defining them in the same way! For this unlucky couple, there was an awkward moment.


Surely, one member thought that ‘ILY’ means ‘I Love You’, whereas the other thought it meant ‘I’m Leaving You’. We’ve never heard of the latter description, so let’s hope this was just a joke between these two. What do you think ILY means?

43. Using your weakness against know


Discussing what you shared with them with their friends, they have known a lot about you, they’re aware of your flaws and can easily use them against you.

They awake sad memories you wouldn’t want to remember and they end up making you feel unhappy and depressed all the time.

47. Searching for relationship help online


Searching for free relationship counselling online is common to people who want to break up with you.

They may not know how to talk to you about this, so they have decided to create a fake profile or use anonymous profiles to complain on different relationship websites and forums, seeking for suggestions or advice from members who have little or no idea about you.

Shes A Bit Mental

Point blank – is she crazy? This can happen a lot, particularly when the girl is really attractive. Men will tolerate a remarkably large amount from a girl, just because she is hot. Is she nuts, insanely possessive, completely irresponsible, etc.? Well, are these signs of your dream girl?

When to Have a Breakup

When you start feeling indifferent about your significant other, consider the red flags, and don’t just gloss over them. This article is more about dating than marriage, so do keep that in mind. (Marriage is more complicated to end.)

  1. If you no longer are getting sufficient time together or have no plans of when you’ll work things through — this isn’t a good sign. You may have been great together, and then one or the other of you had to move for a job. At this point, you should look into whether you have a sustainable relationship or not. Even if someone is long-distance, they should be able to give you time whether texting, video chat, phone calls, letters. Do something.
  2. When you feel more jealous and agitated than romanced and intimate. You shouldn’t be getting upset if they express their attraction for John Stamos or Jennifer Lawrence because their interest in you is overflowing. If it’s like a desert and their eyes are somewhere else — you may want to cut the cord. And not just on your cable subscription.
  3. When you feel like you are in a desert and can’t get any air, that’s not a good sign for a relationship.
  4. When you start stalking them on social media and find things that raise questions and concerns left and right.
  5. If you’re not able to see each other, one of you keeps giving excuses as to why you can’t see each other, or if it seems like they were abducted by aliens and are not the same person anymore.
  6. There’s no enthusiasm or excitement to see you. They’ve let the love run dry. They’ve let the mood run dry. You just feel dry.
  7. You’d rather spend time with your friends over your boyfriend. And that’s daily.
  8. You don’t see a future with the person.
  9. You never talk about a future with the person.
  10. They are emotionally hoarding their exes. Rather than letting them go, they keep having suspicious conversations with them.
  11. They refuse to let you see their family.
  12. They make fun of you and are a constant source of negativity around you. You prefer time by yourself.
  13. You’re dating a couch potato who does nothing but watch TV, falls short on rent, and complains about anything and everything without considering how they can grow as an individual.
  14. The two of you have way too opposite of habits that clash horrifically — such as one of you smokes, one of you doesn’t.
  15. Your girlfriend has no respect for you; she makes fun of everything you hold near and dear. She doesn’t seem to care about learning more about you besides having make-out sessions.
  16. The two of you don’t know how to talk. At all. Ever.
  17. You feel a great deal of distance when you’re out on a dinner date. You feel like the conversation doesn’t flow, and it is like cracking a high security safe.
  18. You have been dating for a while but don’t know basic things about each other like past relationships, his job, her college degree, and the names of her cats.
  19. You find yourself in better company with someone else and would rather be with them.
  20. Your partner is more distracting than helpful in letting you solve problems in your work life, your family life, your personal life.
  21. You felt jilted when they said goodbye, and you knew you wouldn’t be seeing them for a long time to come.
  22. You’ve fantasized about breaking up, and it brings you joy.
  23. You feel like it’s not going to hurt that much to break up with her — and you’ll feel liberated afterward.
  24. You can’t see yourself ever kissing the person.
  25. You hold grudges over petty things.
  26. You both have too much on your plates and are in the very early stages of your careers. Moving is likely for the both of you and to faraway cities.
  27. You can’t remember the last time you genuinely thought they were attractive.
  28. You don’t feel secure; you don’t feel safe; you don’t feel protected; you feel used.
  29. Neither of you bother to text, call, or pursue communication because it feels like a chore.
  30. You lost interest months ago and hoped things would change, but they haven’t. You just don’t know what to say.
  31. If you’re already seeing someone new, but you just haven’t broken the news to your partner. Also, you’re the worst. Stop doing that.
  32. You’re severely allergic to their pets.
  33. He reminds you too much of your dad.

When you're unhappy in a relationship, you should really address that. Don't ignore those feelings.

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