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Affordable Cost

Clearly, even the most expensive pepper sprays are far cheaper than a handgun.

If you want a cost-effective self-defense weapon it’s hard to beat.

Fewer Regulations

Yes, pepper spray does have some legal restrictions (based on strength and delivery). But still far fewer than most firearms.

Many locations prohibit firearms (college campuses, national parks, shopping centers, etc.). But these “safe zones” don’t have the same bans.

Plus, pepper spray is simpler to travel with across city or state boundaries.

Where firearm laws (and even knife laws) frequently change from locale to locale.

Easy Concealment

Pepper sprays are generally smaller and lighter than firearms. Even lighter than the smallest and lightest handguns (such as S&W Airweight and Kel-Tec).

Making them easier to carry while working out, running, or even walking the dog.

And some of the most compact pepper sprays are small enough to hang on a self-defense keychain.

Note: These mini pepper sprays tend to have very short spray durations…

A Non-Lethal Weapon

Pepper spray is extremely irritating and painful – but not fatal.

It also has a much lower chance of injuring a bystander, which makes it safer to use in a crowd.


Yes, you CAN make your own pepper spray. But it’s highly unlikely you’ll make it as powerful or as good at delivery as commercial brands.

But if you still want to pursue making your own – read our step-by-step article.

What We Do

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How does pepper spray work?

We’ll keep the science simple here. If you’ve worked with jalapeños before (or any hot pepper for that matter), at some point you’ve likely touched your eyes after handling them. As you know, it causes an unpleasant burning sensation in your eyes. And that’s putting it mildly. The hotter peppers can have the same effect on your skin, even when you are wearing protective gloves. It’s the capsaicin in the pepper that causes these reactions.

Now imagine a liquid containing 500 times the heat of a jalapeño being sprayed on your face. That’s pepper spray. Yeah, it works really well as a deterrent.

Capsaicin is the chemical that delivers the heat in chili peppers, and simply put: it’s an irritant to human beings and many animals. High levels of capsaicin can cause burning sensations, pain, numbness, eye-watering, and more. When it hits the eyes, the inflammation that occurs forces the eyes to close, causing temporary blindness in the process.

But the effects are typically short-lived and have no lasting effects. This is why pepper spray is so effective and popular. It slowly wears off. So if you are being attacked by a person or an animal (like a bear while hiking for instance), it can give you the time you need to escape and get help. It’s a smart investment for women, the elderly, campers, hikers, runners, bikers, and anyone else who have concerns over safety.

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