Secret Santa Ideas for him

Man Mug

Many men would love to have this great man mug as a gift! It shows you may have noticed they have some great DIY skills or not as the case may be.

Miracle Muscle Building Soap

Most men will try anything to enlarge their muscles, why not give them a helping hand with this Miracle soap (It actually makes their muscles grow, well you could make them believe it).

Cartoons to Cheer Up a Grumpy Old Git

This little book is an ideal way to cheer up your grumpy bugger as it takes you through the funny and damn right silly happenings of life. Each page in covered in a doodle style drawings and comments that is sure to crack up your old man. Warning: this may cause involuntary giggling, loss of bladder control and or spraying beer through teeth.


Let your friends, family and colleagues know exactly where they stand with the ICK Mug! Featuring a D-shaped handle which means the mug spells a rather insulting word, this funny mug will bring a touch of humour to your brew time

Hate It Facebook Stamp

You LOVE IT or you HATE IT! Express your opinion with three new stamps from Jordan Muthenthaler. For letters from the IRS, your boss or the ex-girlfriend, there is a racy version.

You can stamp your authority on your cat, your friends or the food at the in-laws with this ‘Hate It’ stamp


How to Have a Successful Secret Santa With Family

The key to successful Secret Santa family gift-giving is creating a plan from the start.

The main things you will want to determine is the following:

  • Gift budget
  • Who is joining in
  • Who is excluded i.e. children/anyone not yet working
  • How you will draw
  • When you will give gifts if not Christmas day
  • If you will reveal who gave what or keep it a secret after

4. A Quizzical Secret Santa Name Picker Idea

Host a trivia or game night that doubles as a Secret Santa name selection party. Choose an intriguing topic, like a favorite movie franchise, a genre of music, a sports team—anything that is loved by your participating family and friends. Then, make a full deck of 52 trivia cards. Each card should have a question on one side that you’ll read out loud. Separately, write each participant’s name on its own piece of paper, fold it up, and number it.

At the party, read the trivia cards out loud to your group. Whenever someone answers a question correctly, they get to collect that card. Once all the questions have been asked and answered, everyone can count how many cards they’ve collected. The person with the most cards gets the piece of paper with the highest number on it, the person with the second most cards gets the second highest number, etc. If anyone didn’t collect any cards during the course of the game, you can distribute the leftover numbers at random.

Choose the Duration of Your Secret Santa Game

Do you want your game to last one week? Two weeks? Here are some suggestions.

Option 1

The gift drawing game begins on the first work day after Thanksgiving break. Participants secretly exchange small gifts two times a week until the last work day before Christmas or until the staff Christmas party. (Keep daily Secret Santa gifts under 5 dollars.) A final larger gift ($15-25) is exchanged on the last day or at the party. The Secret Santa matches are revealed at this time.

Option 2

The game begins two weeks before Christmas break. Participants secretly exchange small gifts three times a week until the last work day before Christmas or until the staff Christmas party.  A final larger gift of $15-25 is exchanged on the last day or at the party. The matches are revealed at this time.

Option 3

The game begins on the last 5-day work week before Christmas. Gifts of $5-10 are exchanged every single day. A final larger gift of $15-25 is exchanged on the last day or at the staff Christmas party. The matches are revealed at this time.

Obviously, every school, office, and organization runs differently. These are only suggestions based on a typical school schedule. You can modify as needed.

Now that you have the method of execution (online Secret Santa organizer vs. paper Secret Santa survey) and the duration of the game determined, the bookkeeper is ready to communicate with potential participants.

Draw Names online – How does it work?

Draw names online in a few simple steps: enter the names, add exclusions and group details, send the invitations and draw names. No more risk of drawing yourself, or drawing the same person twice, and no slips of paper to lose. You can even buy your presents online right after the draw. Draw Names Online

Do you want to draw names without sending an email to everyone? Then send your invitations through WhatsApp, Text Message or Facebook Messenger.


Figuring out how to do a secret Santa online may seem complicated, but the virtual gift exchanges are actually very easy to execute. All you need is set a budget and date, collect recommendations, match participants using a name picker or generator, mail gifts, and then enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

These online holiday activities help remote team members connect and learn more about each other’s interests and preferences and enable dispersed teams to enjoy holiday fun from afar.

Next, check out our list of the best work from home gifts and this one with luxury corporate gift ideas.

We also have a list of fun Christmas icebreaker games.

Planning a Secret Santa gift exchange? Play the Secret Santa game!

Traditionally, Secret Santa is played as a gift exchange through a draw, typically by drawing names out of a hat. Today, there are other ways of playing the classic Secret Santa game and new variations like White Elephant and Yankee Swap.

Classic Secret Santa game This is the mostly widely played version of the Secret Santa gift exchange. A group comes together, everyone writes down their name on a piece of paper, and each participant draws a random name out of a hat. You are the Secret Santa for the person you draw. Next you write down a gift suggestion or two on a wish list and your Secret Santa chooses a gift for you from that list. Of course, you don’t have to do it all with papers and hats anymore, you can do a draw and create wish lists easily online using a Secret Santa generator! The fun part of the classic Secret Santa game is keeping a secret and, of course, being surprised by a gift! White Elephant game What is White Elephant? It’s a popular version of the classic Secret Santa game, but with an extra twist! The term refers to something that’s more trouble than it’s worth, so in the white elephant game, people bring wrapped unlabeled gag gifts. Participants take turns unwrapping the silly gifts and trying to steal them from each other. Check out the White Elephant rules. Yankee Swap game This version of the Secret Santa game has rules like those of white elephant in that each participant brings a wrapped unmarked gift. The difference is that Yankee Swap gifts are supposed to be more useful or practical in nature. The silly rules still make this version of the Secret Santa gift exchange a lot of fun!


For my family last year, we trialled something a little different since it can be hard to get all of us in the one place at one time. We used a Secret Santa generator for families, aimed at making Secret Santa draws easier. 

I added everyone’s emails into the list and ran the draw and each person got an email with their person. The website we used was free, called Draw Names.

The other cool feature of doing it this way is that the website allows you to create rules for each person too.

My sister wanted to get her adult kids each a gift still, so she did not want to draw any of them. I always get my husband a gift, so I didn’t want to draw him out.

We were able to set it up so we could exclude these people in the draw. No redraws needed!

The other cool thing about that website is that it lets you add wishlist items or anonymously request ideas from your gift recipient.

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