Spotify deleted my iTunes playlists!

Why Has All My Music Disappeared from Apple Music?

Your music may have disappeared from Apple Music following iOS 14 update, signing out of iTunes, and expired Apple Music Subscription. These problems can be fixed in various ways, read on to find out.


Expired Apple Music Subscription

This is another reason why music may disappear from Apple Music. When Apple Music expires, all music downloaded from the subscription will stop playing. Eventually, these songs will be removed from the device if the subscription is not renewed.

The same happens when trial period is over. All songs associated with Apple Music wont play and music, albums, and playlists that you added to your personal library will be removed.

Recover music files from the Previous iTunes Libraries folder

1. Turn off iTunes in the Cloud

2. Quit iTunes. Go to the iTunes folder that contains the iTunes library files:

Mac: From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, choose Go > Home > Music > iTunes > Previous iTunes Libraries. Windows: Navigate to \Users\username\Music\iTunes\Previous iTunes Libraries.

Hopefully, there is at least one document in there with the file extension .itl and a date *prior* to when you updated your iTunes. If you find such a thing, then continue the steps.

3. Rename the files iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Music Library.xml (just add “corrupted” to the beginning of the file name, or something like that). 

4. Now rename the previous version to iTunes Library.itl, drag it into the main iTunes folder and restart the iTunes app. 

If all goes well, you will see all your missing playlists and songs in iTunes. And, if you are given the option to use iTunes in the Cloud, just say No — this seems to be where these problems are coming from.

Mobile Management

Fix Android Issues

Part 3: How to Recover iTunes Songs from Old iTunes Music Library

If you happen to save old iTunes music library file (an XML file) in a different place on your computer, you could also directly recover iTunes playlist from old iTunes music library directly. The operation is easy and simple to be done.

Check the below steps to learn the detailed operation.

1. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes first

2. Quit iTunes.

3. Find the iTunes folder on your computer hard drive. If you are a Windows user, check C:\Users\username\Music\iTunes by default. If you are using a Mac computer, go to “Go > Home” from the menu bar. Then go to Music folder and then iTunes folder.

4. In the target iTunes media folder, locate the file named as “iTunes Music Library.xml” and drag it to your desktop.

5. Re-launch iTunes. Before anything, go to the File > Library > Import Playlist.

6. Locate the “iTunes Music Library.xml” on your desktop and select it.

7. Select OK. iTunes will automatically recreate your lost playlists.

This process should magically restore your iTunes library to an earlier state before it was accidentally removed. If you fail to find the iTunes Music Librart.xml, this way is not available for you.

Part 3. Ultimate Way to Prevent Apple Music Playlists from Being Deleted

If you cannot fix the Apple Music playlists gone issue, there’s a reliable way that can help you keep all Apple Music playlists in your library permanently without being deleted again. And you can back them up at a safe place like your computer, CD, or USB Drive.

In this way, all you need is a smart app called ViWizard Apple Music Converter, a 3rd-party Apple Music converter. It can encode the protected Apple Music files to MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, WAV, and other common formats. Except for the Apple Music songs, iTunes audios and Audible books can be converted with this tool as well. Once the music is converted, you’ll be able to keep all the songs and playlists in the Apple Music library forever, even if you unsubscribe from the service later.

Why Choose ViWizard Apple Music Converter? Completely remove DRM from Apple Music & iTunes music Convert Apple Music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B Convert Audible, iTunes audiobooks and non-DRM audios Keep 100% lossless quality and all ID3 tags 2,000,000+ Downloads Download Download

You may follow these steps to start converting Apple Music with ViWizard Apple Music Converter by tapping the Download button.

Step 1 Import Apple Music to ViWizard

Launch ViWizard Apple Music Converter on the deskt

Launch ViWizard Apple Music Converter on the desktop after completing the installation. Then drag and drop the Apple Music offline tracks to the program’s main interface. You can also add the songs by clicking "+" button at the top center.

Step 2 Choose Output Format

Once the Apple Music songs are loaded into ViWizar

Once the Apple Music songs are loaded into ViWizard, you should go to the bottom left corner and click "Format" panel to set output format and audio parameters. It fully supports output format as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A and M4B. Choose the one you like and move on.

Step 3 Convert Apple Music to Common Format

Click the "Convert" button to let it beg

Click the "Convert" button to let it begin converting Apple Music songs to DRM-free formats. Then you can keep all these converted Apple Music playlists on any device as you like and will never lose again.


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