Steam update allows background downloading while playing a game

Per game option

You can now tell Steam to continue downloading updates/games while playing games from your games’ properties. Note that this setting is not available for non-steam games, which will always use the global setting.

Downloads automatically pause when launching a game – Steam

If you wish to bypass this feature, press Alt+Tab (or Command+Tab for Mac users) to minimize the game and return to the Steam client. Under the Library tab, select Downloads from the drop-down menu and click the "Resume All" button. This will have all downloads continue downloading.

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Make Steam Download Faster by Changing Download Settings

Steam attempts to select the download server nearest to your location automatically. However, the closest server might not be the fastest in some cases, so the download server chosen by Steam automatically might not always be ideal.

A server a bit farther away could be faster if your local server is more congested especially when you encounter high-traffic events like big seasonal sales and huge game launches. Considering that, we recommend to select a less-congested server for Steam download temporarily instead.

The following is the tutorial for you on how to make Steam download faster by changing download settings to select another faster server.

Step 1: Log into your Steam account to enter the main interface.

Step 2: Click on Steam in the top menu bar and choose Settings option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: In the Settings window, click Downloads tab. In the Downloads interface, select the closest download server from the drop-down menu of Download Region. Besides, make sure that the Limit bandwidth of Steam download has been set as No limit. Finally, click OK button to save the change.

In this way, the download speed on Steam should be faster than that with the original congested download server. You can restart your Steam to see whether the download speed has been improved after changing the setting.

Note: Steam provides a web page that shows you Steam download stats. You can have a look at the amount of download activity happening in different regions, including a global traffic map of Steam, the different download bandwidth and speed of certain country or state.

How to Download Steam Games to Your PC From Your Phone

 · If you have a product key from a physical game or a website that sells Steam keys, you can now even activate these while away from Steam. Head to the Activate a Product on Steam web page and provide the CD key or product code.

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